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    Late night eats

    I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner but Akasaka has great sushi as well as other Japanese dishes and is open till 2am. It's across the street from 24 Hour Fitness off of Kapiolani, kind of tucked away behind those adult entertainment places.
  2. Ms. Meliss

    Business Luncheon Locations?

    Just wanted to thank everyone again for the great suggestions. I believe we found a location!
  3. Ms. Meliss

    Business Luncheon Locations?

    Thank you for your great suggestions. I will certianly look into some of these locations. It's proving to be more difficult than I thought. Interesting that most of the aforementioned locations with private or semi-private rooms are Chinese. I am open to this but am afraid the rest of the group may not be. Something along the lines of Sam Choy's BL&C menu might be more agreeable for some. I am not familiar with Buffet 100 but will look it up. If anyone else has any additional suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ms. Meliss

    Business Luncheon Locations?

    Can anyone suggest restaurants that might be good locations for a weekly business luncheon? I prefer that the location has a private room that will accommodate approximately 20 people or so. Also should be fairly casual, price ranging from $10-$15 or less, have decent parking, and central location in town (trying to avoid having to go as far as Kahala or Mapunapuna, etc. but those areas are not totally out of the question). Thanks!
  5. Ms. Meliss

    Thai Food in Hawaii

    Thanks for the tip. I've been wanting to try Bangkok Thai for some time now, glad to hear it's good!
  6. Ms. Meliss

    Beard Papa's Cream Puffs

    When will they be back at Shirokiya? Any ideas?
  7. Ms. Meliss

    King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread

    Thickly sliced and sauteed in butter till crisp on both sides topped with vanilla ice cream and honey or fresh fruit. Also like it as gooey bread pudding with coconut syrup or hard sauce. YUMMM! Okay, I also like eating it straight out of the package (for some reason it tastes better when you tear as opposed to slicing)
  8. Ms. Meliss


    I think you are correct. Sujiko, now I know what it's called. This has to be it and now that I think about it, I do believe sake was involved! Thank you. I can't wait to try this!
  9. Ms. Meliss

    What Do You Crave?

    Do you have a Whole Foods near by? I used to buy the pineapple from there when I lived in CO and I gotta say, they were amazingly sweet and jucy (better than some I buy here). Worth satisfying the craving if you're willing to pay for it! Hi Lone Star. I know EXACTLY what you mean. One of my best friends in CO was from Texas. The foundation of our relationship was built eating at a place called "On The Border". Queso (with homemade tortillas), cheesey fajitas, and huge blended strawberry swirl margaritas from one of those mixer thingies! Took me long time to get over it when I moved back here and everytime I go back it's a priority! skchai - Thanks for the restaurant tip. I love that journal. Hopefully I'll have time to read through some of those. It's so me! I'm analytical about everything (although I often like to make up my own theories)!
  10. Ms. Meliss

    What Do You Crave?

    Really? I can't believe it! Why do you think that is? The price, the process, is it just not that popular? In my mind (cloudy as it may be) I consider this to be a local favorite, no? Now I'm going to start craving it. Let me know if you do. I'd love to try that!
  11. Ms. Meliss


    As a kid, I loved eating Ikura (salmon roe) particularly on hot rice. I remember my grandparents preparing it with miso and possibly some other things that I'm not aware of. I believe the process involved marinating the Ikura in the miso/miso mixture for a relatively long period of time, possibly a few days to a week or so? It was one of those instances where I'd ask if I could eat it everyday (driving my grandmother nuts I'm sure) and it seemed like forever from the time the Ikura arrived at the house to when I could actually slurp it up over hot rice. Anyway, after it was marinated it was strained and rinsed using a cheese cloth and then we'd eat it. Pretty simple but I never learned how to do it and I'm wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about and could help me out with 1)what it's called and 2)how to make it!
  12. Ms. Meliss

    What Do You Crave?

    I don't know if I"m really supposed to post 3 separate replies in a row! Is that bad gullet etiquette? Oh well. Anyway, I feel for you. There's nothing worse than a sudden craving while your're stuck at work with crackers! This is the story of my life (I work on a college campus) but usually it's crackers and a protien bar or shake. Blahhh! I used to get that Cadburry thing when I was a kid. I tried some not too long ago and haven't craved them since. I think someone should do some scientific studies on "Cravings Across the Human Life Span or "Growth, Development and Cravings". Really, isn't it funny how a year ago you couldn't get enough of something and now you barely remember what it tasted like?
  13. Ms. Meliss

    What Do You Crave?

    Wow! Thats amazing! I think my craving would be gone after about 7th or 8th hour. I'm more of a periodic long-term craver myself (I think the APA classifies it as something different, ha, ha) but will need to eat a lot of it right away and fast, then won't crave it again for a week or two when the viscious cycle repeats itself again!
  14. Ms. Meliss

    What Do You Crave?

    Sorry, but in my life I just have constant cravings (I bought the k.d. lang production just for the title; the genius of the work was a bonus). Three kids in school. Debt over my neck. College and wedding expenses looming. So we could talk about everything under the sun. Bluefin Chu-toro. Hairy crab from Hokkaido. Bison filet. Chiu Chow goose. I hear you! I know, I just started to think about kumomoto oysters yesterday and the mandoo from Sis Kitchen which I guess I'll never have again! Although I don't share your love for ox-tail stew (sorry). Maybe it's cause I was raised on my grandmother's and any other is just not as satisfying. But I would imagine you can get ox-tail stew at many places. I Feel like more people I know prefer the soup instead...hummm now you got me thinking stew...like tripe mmmmm! It can't be as difficult as finding good Mexican maybe someone else will be kind enough to help you out. Happy Hunting!
  15. Ms. Meliss

    kabocha(Japanese pumpkin)

    Thanks for the helpful info!