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  1. Sorry to say, but everyone that is saying go for it is lying. Unless you want to go work at a little dive diner and serve eggs all day long you are to old.
  2. A creme fraich ice cream is always a hit with the crowds at the restaurant I work at. Keller has a good recipie in the french laundry cook book
  3. I am partial to the birkenstock clogs and a gel pad. They are big and you can wiggle your toes. try red wings for more support and comfort, they custom fit the shoe to your foot, they rock
  4. i've eaten at every restaurant on the las vegas strip and experienced plenty of highs and lows. if u need any suggestions let me know. ← Michael MInas at the belagio should not be missed
  5. Joel Bussjaeger

    Pork Belly

    I would put it in a basic brine for 24 hours, then coat the entire belly with brown sugar, salt & peper. let sit for another 24 hours in the fridge and then bake it at a low heat 200 for 8-10 hours, scrape off the sugar mix and there it is in all its beauty, the glorious pig ready to eat!
  6. Joel Bussjaeger

    Onion Confit

    A good dip for ruffles is to take the onion confit, goat cheese, thyme, creme fresh, black pepper and mix that up. it blows french onion dip out of the water
  7. Joel Bussjaeger

    Onion Confit

    Both woodburner Me too -- equal amounts of butter and olive oil. ← I prefer to start my onions in an olive oil canola blend. I finish the onions with butter & a hint of malt vinegar (2-4 drops) at the end. This helps deglaze the pan and adds a richness to the onions. I also only use a little salt and pepper. If you cook the onions slowly enough you should not need any sugar to sweeten the confit.
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