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  1. I loved this show and it's wackiness. I have tried to find dvd's with the series, but haven't been able to locate them. If anyone has them, or knows where to get them please let me know. Thanks. bob@lightwireinc.com
  2. Lord you all have had a good time with Edna's food. I wish I could have enjoyed the dinner with you. I think I stuffed myself with her wonderful food (and a lot of wine, as well..it was included!!) at Cafe Nicholson twice a week back in the day (as my daughter's call 'my time.' Now it's all about big bucks in NYC in 'the scene'... When Edna was cooking, it was .. do you want chicken or beef...and let the lady do her work...with some Spanish wine and her wonderful food, we were all happy and went often. And, then the waiter brought the little chocolate souffle, broke a hole in the top, filled it with unsweetened whipped cream, and left us to our pleasure. Then a walk home, or perhaps, a ride home in the special Rolls.. Who remembers that? Ah, back in the day...and my daughter's think I don't have a clue!!
  3. You are 'right on'...and i love your quotes... thanks bob
  4. Right On!! I was there for 4 days..and ate at Acme everyday...sat at the counter..hollywood broadway is one fine oysterman..did i mention that three of four times before..ate three dozen on the half-shell everyday...my wife, a fabulous austrian from vienna, never stayed far behind..i like the way the oysterman cuts under, flips the oyster in the shell and removes any little bits and pieces, without losing the brine..just take them down without any embellisments..good stuff..worth the short wait..the line is longer than the wait.. I certainly agree with Sara about the rockefeller chowder..forget it...i really only liked the raw, on the half shell..and, I'm Still Standing... I really like to eat Oyster's Rockefeller at 'the source'... bob
  5. I also, Marlena. Was spielst Du? bob
  6. I really liked Herbsaint.. bob
  7. I am investigating Gullah Food, Sources, Cooks and Restaurant's.. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Bob
  8. Thanks, Melissa. I heard Jesse sold the place and wasn't sure it was still open. Thanks very much for the information. Bob
  9. Thanks, Brooks.. Yes, I talked to Willie Mae's great granddaughter (a very beautiful and professional young lady) when I was in New Orleans and have also had an e-mail from JohnT about the situation. Bob
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