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  1. I loved this show and it's wackiness. I have tried to find dvd's with the series, but haven't been able to locate them. If anyone has them, or knows where to get them please let me know. Thanks. bob@lightwireinc.com
  2. Lord you all have had a good time with Edna's food. I wish I could have enjoyed the dinner with you. I think I stuffed myself with her wonderful food (and a lot of wine, as well..it was included!!) at Cafe Nicholson twice a week back in the day (as my daughter's call 'my time.' Now it's all about big bucks in NYC in 'the scene'... When Edna was cooking, it was .. do you want chicken or beef...and let the lady do her work...with some Spanish wine and her wonderful food, we were all happy and went often. And, then the waiter brought the little chocolate souffle, broke a hole in the top, filled it with unsweetened whipped cream, and left us to our pleasure. Then a walk home, or perhaps, a ride home in the special Rolls.. Who remembers that? Ah, back in the day...and my daughter's think I don't have a clue!!
  3. You are 'right on'...and i love your quotes... thanks bob
  4. Right On!! I was there for 4 days..and ate at Acme everyday...sat at the counter..hollywood broadway is one fine oysterman..did i mention that three of four times before..ate three dozen on the half-shell everyday...my wife, a fabulous austrian from vienna, never stayed far behind..i like the way the oysterman cuts under, flips the oyster in the shell and removes any little bits and pieces, without losing the brine..just take them down without any embellisments..good stuff..worth the short wait..the line is longer than the wait.. I certainly agree with Sara about the rockefeller chowder..forget it...i really only liked the raw, on the half shell..and, I'm Still Standing... I really like to eat Oyster's Rockefeller at 'the source'... bob
  5. I also, Marlena. Was spielst Du? bob
  6. I really liked Herbsaint.. bob
  7. I am investigating Gullah Food, Sources, Cooks and Restaurant's.. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Bob
  8. Thanks, Melissa. I heard Jesse sold the place and wasn't sure it was still open. Thanks very much for the information. Bob
  9. Thanks, Brooks.. Yes, I talked to Willie Mae's great granddaughter (a very beautiful and professional young lady) when I was in New Orleans and have also had an e-mail from JohnT about the situation. Bob
  10. Bandregg, Lord have mercy, this is some great information...I have to read this book..I have been using Alan Davidson's & AJ McClane's seafood books for years, but this is new for me. I like it and it makes sense. Thanks. Bob
  11. Does anyone know the status of Ultimate Restaurant on St. Helena Island..used to be owned by a very cool fellow named Jesse Gantt. I am going to do some Low Country touring (meaning - stuffing myself) and want to know the must not miss places. Please feel free to tell me if I'm in the wrong place for this. Thanks. Bob
  12. According to her son, the "mold guy" is currently working on that problem. After he is through, then they could begin reconstruction. So, there's really no time estimate at this point. ← Thanks, Rachel. Do you hear anything about Willie Mae's.. I heard that the Camellia Grill may be taken over by the city..tax problems, or some such. Thank you again, so much, for your great (and mouth-watering) reporting. bob
  13. Our first meal in New Orleans was at Casamento's -- after missing their last night of the season last year, Jason wasn't taking any chances at not eating their fried oysters! We sampled quite a bit of their menu, pics on Jason's blog. When we arrived around 7:30, there was a line out the door. We waited about 35 minutes for a table, but it was well worth the wait. First of all, Miss Leah Chase of Dooky Chase fame was on line just in front of us, with her son and daughter-in-law. We were both excited about meeting her, and Jason interviewed her (podcast to come on his blog). While Jason talked with Miss Chase, I chatted with a lovely lady named Jeanne (rhymes with lawn), who pointed us towards Ms. Mae's to get a drink, cheap beer, wine, and cocktails, while waiting on the sidewalk. Once we made it in the door, Jeanne's husband brought Jason over to the raw bar, where you can eat some while you wait for a table and the main event (fried seafood). He had a few, I chatted some more, and soon it was our turn to sit. We were seated in the larger back dining room, but apparently the prized seats are the ones in front along the wall -- I guess so you can see and be seen. Someone on line commented that Casamento's is the "new" Galatoire's. In fact, one woman walked up and walked right in, we tried to point out the line to her, she said, she's already got a table inside. People waiting in line for others? Sounds like Galatoire's to me! Like I said, we ordered about half the menu, including fried oysters, fried crab fingers, fried shrimp, french fries, fried soft shell crab, and Gumbo (no, it wasn't fried, unless you count the roux). What can I say? Everything is impeccably fried in pots on the stove. The french fries have a great potatoey flavor, but they are not particularly crisp, I don't think they are fried twice, but they're good anyway, several people on line said not to miss them. The shrimp were excellent and we really enjoyed the crab fingers. The gumbo was dark and rich, while not being too heavy or thick. It was full of meat, crab, and tiny shrimp, excellent first gumbo of the trip. Jason and I were of two minds in regard to the fried oysters. He loved them, I thought they were too hard and crunchy and a little chewy inside. I like oysters lightly coated and just cooked a pointe. But the quality of the product was obviously there. The soft shell crab was our dessert, sweet, crisp, juicy, and full of meat. Mmm. Today we're going to tour an Asian market and get some Vietnamese food with Todd Price. See you later. ← Rachel you are talking my language. I just managed to sneak in under the wire to get to Casamento's before they closed for Mardi Gras. In fact, CJ was kind enough to carry on an e-mail conversation with me before we got down to tell me the tricks of getting in before the floats lined up. I agree with you, a really fine eating place. Did Ms. Chase say when they are going to reopen? I hope! Thanks for the great information and detail.. bob
  14. The way I eat and to have a meal reputed to be better than Besh, I would need to get a cab...and graciously spend the 100. ← You know, it's funny. I wouldn't say that it was better than August, it's entirely in a different kind of league-not skill wise as they are all up on their chops in the extreme, but in thought and attitude. Both places are awesome. They are making food, as is John, that they consider to be really interesting and happily, and they hope that others do to. Even if others were not interested, they would likely be making it anyway, somewhere. The place is, truly, an experience and one that you aren't likely to forget soon. It's a Louisiana restaurant, run by natives, but they are doing things on another plane and I hope that they keep doing it for a very long time. I love the place-if that's not clear already . ← I can tell you, this psycho fat man needs no more encouragement than the review's you and Sara have given Longbranch..but, thank God, taste is subjective otherwise if it ain't that good I would be psychotic indeed. Now let me get to my caviar that came in tonight from some farm raised sturgeon in Ca...shut up Dean, it's in lieu of Longbranch .. And now to Abita Springs...and thanks for the wonderful recommendation's.. bob
  15. The way I eat and to have a meal reputed to be better than Besh, I would need to get a cab...and graciously spend the 100. ← instead of taking a cab, just rent a limo for the trip. ← Of course, my plan exactly...just did not want to seem more ostentatious than I am already known to be..
  16. The way I eat and to have a meal reputed to be better than Besh, I would need to get a cab...and graciously spend the 100.
  17. The husband speaketh: My appetizer at August was stellar: P&J Oysters (3 ways): crispy fried with Louisiana caviar (fish roe) "ranch dressing;" pepper seared with country ham and truffle spoon bread; horseradish crusted. The rest of the meal was very good. The meal at Longbranch was spectacular. One of the best I've had in the past year. For an appetizer, I ordered the Blue Crab Stuffed Tomato, Creole Remoulade, Avocado Mousse. But my wife's appetizer stole the show: Salt Cured Foie Gras, Louisiana Strawberry Jam, Warm Country Biscuit. Allison and Slade's foie gras is the finest I've ever eaten. For an entree, I ordered the Smoked Pepper Dusted Filet of Beef, Parsley Potato Confit, Shallot Sauce. Perfectly cooked, lean, delicious. And the desserts--also made in house--were wonderful. ← ← Well, I cannot wait to get to Longbranch, as well as, to the many other places I was forced to miss durning the wonderful Mardi Gras madness. I had never seen the wild Mardi Gras before and as an old guy interested more in food and wine at this stage of my life, I won't be going back to that again. As for the dinner at August, I don't think I ordered anything, I just left it up to the kitchen to do their thing for me and every single thing was spectacular. To quote one of my favorite wine writer's, which will certainly date me ...the great Edmund Penning Roswell when questioned about a wine he waxed poetically about , by a reader who said she didn't agree with him - simply replied, "Madam, on the night it was right!" bob
  18. Oh my Lord, Tim... This is a wonderful description..After my rather locked down trip during Mardi Gras.(.oh well, Dr. J brought the house down, as usual - and, ah the aroma)..I realize from you and Sara..that I really must go quickly back.. That bruschetta blows me away..and Sara giving Longbranch and up above August..well, thanks...I am starving, but then I live in Raleigh (I know Deano, we have a couple...shut up)
  19. Sara, Thanks for the great news...Now I have about a dozen reasons to get back down in a few weeks. I will have to have dinner at Longbranch and August to do my own comparison, but I am really excited when you give a full notch better than August. It must be fabulous. I just didn't have a car because of Mardi Gras it just wouldn't do. But I left Drago's, Longbranch and a few other places undone.. Thanks, Sara. bob
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