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  1. I've just very quickly gone through this thread so I may have missed it but has a date been chosen? I'd love to do this one.
  2. Reservations made at Barn Diva! Looks great. I'll check out the other recommendations. Thanks!
  3. I'm going to be staying in Mendocino for a couple of nights and one night in Healdsburg. What are my dining options in Mendocino? No real parameters. I'm up for anything that's good.
  4. I made the Caribean Pork Shoulder on Sunday, we've warmed it up once for a second dinner and now I have about a third of it leftover. I was thinking about shredding it and turning it into sandwiches. Any ideas on how to jazz this up?
  5. Going to be wandering around the PH area today. Any good places for a casual lunch that is open on Sunday?
  6. I will definitely look into all of your recommendations. I have already ordered The Country Cooking of Ireland from Amazon. I don't know why but it isn't available anywhere here and I can't get it from Amazon until August or Sept. My thoughts are that I'll host a dinner with my fellow travellers using his recipes. I'm sharing your thoughts so far and everyone is getting excited at the options you've suggested. I will keep you posted as the itinerary develops.
  7. These places sound great Corinna and I will look through the Antrim thread also. We'll be spending at least 3 days in that area because we have relatives there that most of us have never met. Still in the beginning processes of choosing a route but I (as the biggest food lover) will be in charge of restaurants/pubs and our route can be greatly influenced by the outcome of my findings. There are a few skeptics in the group that think that Ireland doesn't have good food but having cooked for years from my Cafe Paradiso and Ballymaloe books, I'm more aware of the phenomenal food products and g
  8. I hope you realize I was kidding about the "wrong side" thing. That was strictly tongue in cheek. I agree that it would be so much easier for us to drive ourselves but frankly, we're a little nervous so we're still working on finding a driver. I'm not really working on that aspect of the trip but the person who is is having a hard time finding someone who is okay with just being the driver and letting us plan the trip.
  9. Planning a trip with family to visit relatives in Antrim. I don't have the whole itinerary yet but I know we will also be headed to the SE area of Ireland. So far, I know that I want to go to Cafe Paradiso in Cork and I'd like to go to Ballymaloe but I don't know of any restaurants in the Antrim area. Any places in those two (very general) areas that I just shouldn't miss? Of course, the biggest obstacle right now is how do a bunch of Americans figure out where to hire a guide who will drive us around on the wrong side of the road?
  10. I am definitely going to hire a cab to take us to and from our hotel to El Bulli. I don't want to worry about the drive home. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks. Well, that's the second time I've heard about Rafa so I may have to visit. I'm staying in Cadaques. How far is Roses from Cadaque?
  12. Can Roca looks wonderful. I just put it on the list. I'm pretty sure this will be my only trip to this part of the world so I may as well take the opportunity to eat at the best places! Thanks the rec.
  13. I'm nearing retirement and I've wondered what I should do with my spare time when I have no job to go to. I've watched some of the young women at my office who are at the lower end of the pay scale either eating garbage from the vending machines or constantly coming back with greasy hamburgers to mindlessly swallow in the remaining 10 minutes of their lunch hour. When I've had friendly conversation with them about food, I find out that this is the way they also feed their children. They tell me they have no time to fix dinner. I've begun to think that what I should do with those retirement
  14. Well, I didn't get hardly any responses for restaurants in the Costa Brava area and I'm not getting very far with my own search. Starting to make me wonder if I should spend as much time there as I planned. Of course, the natural beauty of the area is certainly undeniable.
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