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  1. The nomination voting is open; register, sign in, and vote here. Also as you can see, things should be a little more exciting now that they have seperated some of the states into a new category under "The Great Lakes". Now that Chicago is out of the way...maybe Kansas City will have an opportunity For some reason I can't find the deadline for the nominations
  2. Yes, in fact, it's my favorite ice cream shop in Kansas City. I especially like the carrot cake ice cream. Although, it's been dissapointing for me with the lack of gelaterias in the city, I've been able to fix my cravings with ice cream and frozen custard at places like; Murray's and even Sheridan's! Gotta love the Razzle Dazzle.
  3. no more prix fixe, eh? Well, the prices still seem to be great for what it is. I'll have to check out the new menu style when I get a chance.
  4. Is there a good possibility that Michelin will make it's travels to Chicago? To me, it just sounds about right...no other city comes to my mind as far as restaurants go besides Vegas and Atlanta. Congrats to Avenues! The experience is just amazing there.
  5. That explains why I always thought it had a watery ..texture/taste. You really notice it once it melts a little bit. Thanks for the tip U.E.!
  6. If it's just made in a large establishment then it's probably the same quality that you've had. It's definitely not the best gelato I've had, I'm not even sure if it's true gelato. Maybe it's just a fancy name for store bought ice cream but I did like it for what it was. Speaking of Gelato, does anyone have any reccomendations for the tasty treat? I've been to Balsano's (which moved from westport to the plaza) before the move.. and I found it to be okay but that's all I've had in KC sadly.
  7. My friend and I stopped in on a Friday night where it we barely got a table but didn't have to wait. It's funny though, you walk in and you're thinking the hostes is about to take you to your table but then they kind of put you on the spot by making you order before you sit down. (note: there was a big menu sign behind the hostess stand, so that's just me being blind) I ordered the Margherita and my friend had the Pepperoni-Sausage. There could have been a little more basil but other than that, I felt it was a solid pizza. Also, a bit over priced like many others have expressed. I was excited to see Gelato on display, my friend had the Tahitian Vanilla Bean and I had the Banana Walnut Gelato. His was alright, mine was very tasty. Im not an expert on whats homemade and not but I do know what I like. (I hope it was housemade!) The gelato was elastic, smooth, and the banana-walnut flavor was very tasty. Probably a good place for kids too..there's an open kitchen and the noise is pretty high. The place is nice and I'd come back again if I don't have any other dining options...maybe for lunch. Although, it's just hard to pay $12(ish) for pizza like that. I'd like to see it at something close to $9. The pizza at Whole Foods Market is what I've been endulging in lately.. especially the "Chicken Scallopini" and the Grilled Vegetable purchased by the slice (2 for $5). But I don't know when I'll be coming back...while not looking my friend left a "call me " note on my reciept as a present for our server. Not so funny..
  8. Thanks for the post! It's hard to get friends who are not so much into food as we all think they should be into places that serve good cooking. A place like this sounds like a great location for novice eaters. Although, it sounds like a place I'd like to try out personally as well. Not saying this is a place for novice eaters only or that I'm some profession eater myself
  9. I went for Sunday Brunch when my sister was visiting at the end of September. I had heard wonderful things, but was quite underwhelmed. Reading the KC Magazine review, I believe the reviewer was fair. The service was pretty much non-existent... we had to go searching for a server to get water and drink refills (on a very hot day). The food was so-so... not particularly memorable, nothing unforgiveable. The menu board did not reflect what was actually offered, and when this was pointed out, a server was incredulous until she saw it herself. I'll try it again at least once, perhaps for dinner... ← I just went in and it seems like we are all having a similar experience. I do think I'll go in for dinner another time though. The service was ridiculously terrible but to be more specific, I have my thoughts on my experience on the blog.
  10. Thanks for the link U.E. I just posted a comment on that topic to continue the discussion there and stay on topic with Lauren Chapin here.
  11. I've never actually been inside the Kemper Art Museum and nor have I been to Cafe Sebastienne. With that being said I still want to dine there even with the One Star review from KC Magazine. (This also brings another point, I think the magazine should have an Annual Restaurant Issue, if they don't already) One thing I liked about Denver's 5280 Magazine did a Restaurant Issue about every 6 months and the one part about it would be a section on restaurants that need a kick in the butt. So all I could think is that hopefully the staff over there takes that as a motivation piece.. which in return hopefully makes my future experience better. I definitely think this is what the City needs...and.. I know I've said this plenty of times before but with stricter ratings and reviews, it pushes people to strive for better. With people striving for better, the final product becomes better which is better for the consumer. When the consumers are getting better products, meaning dining experiences then their expectations get higher and that again pushes restaurants into striving for better. So instead of booing Cafe Sebastienne for a disappointing review, I'll go in and try it myself to see what G.E. Fellrath's definition of "good" means. Hopefully with the review, I'll be getting a better experience than s/he (not sure what the G.E. stands for) did. Has anyone made a recent visit?
  12. I feel the same way...both reviews have similiar experiences but for some reason she makes excuses to give out four stars. For instance, saying the food is off key when she's not in the kitchen but when she's there it's great. So based on that she gives them a four star rating, the best you can get on her scale.
  13. I Just read G.E. Fellrath's one Star Review on Cafe Sebastienne. Finally! Someone who's telling it how it is! The review actually makes sense and is completely fair to the restaurant and to the readers. It's a nice breathe of fresh air to see KC Magazine give it a one star instead of Lauren Chapin giving out Four Stars like it's candy. Also, it says 2012 but Im assuming Lauren Chapin's review was in 2002. If so, is this her most recent review of Cafe Sebastienne?
  14. Just noticed that Room39 is offering Sweetbreads for Dinner... the menu online says its served as lightly breaded and seared with Tuffle Mashed Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, and a Brandy Cream Sauce priced at $21.
  15. Yes, I suprisingly found the article on KC Magazine's website.
  16. Just saw that Kansas City Magazine in the October Issue has given 4 STARS to bluestem. Also to note, a rather well written article (watch out Lauren Chapin!) but that's a different thread. I haven't been reading the last few issues...just wondering does anyone know if they do reviews on a monthly basis?
  17. That would really be nice....and I definitely agree about the classes not being so in depth. It's more of an entertainment factor I guess.
  18. Thankyou for the heads up! .. What a great opportunity to eat Michele Richard's cooking. I think its more of a "watch us cook" deal but the ones with the food for kids classes, I'd imagine those are more hands on atleast for the little ones.
  19. The Bully Porter is great but .... Im the biggest fan of Mike and Debbie's Asian Braised Short Ribs, sometimes paired with wide egg noodles. Very meaty, sweet, spicy, and fragrant all at the same time. I've been dying to have the Pork Croquettes again... the ones made with the pigs' head and all of its gelatiness glory.
  20. Does Gourmet Magazine do this every year? From past subscriptions I've only noticed their "Restaurant Edition" that came in once in a while (probably yearly?).
  21. I remember hearing a lady (a claimed foodie as well) who wouldn't stop expressing herself over the fact that the menu looked so great and that she couldn't make up her mind on what to get.... If I ever go again with the same menu I would probably choose from the braised short ribs, Kobe Sirloin, Wild Boar, or the Florida Pompano with Summer Truffles. The list just goes on... As for next summer, I hope they bring back the Wonton Wrapped Halibut with Spicy Crab Butter, Japanese Yam Puree, Red Pepper Sauce, and summer squash noodles with Su Miso. I haven't seen had that since the summer of 03'.
  22. I requested to choose my courses, so that's why I didn't really have a traditional Meat course.
  23. A rather busy Wednesday night it was at 40 Sardines, as I enjoyed the Five Course Chef's Tasting Menu. With the weather changing, I took advantage of the outdoors by sitting on the patio. Everything on the current menu sounds great and bold in it's own respect. 1st Course: Grilled Sardines, Orange, Arugula, Grilled Flat Bread. My "must have" when I eat at 40 Sardines. So good on a sunny day. With my meal I also had a glass of A to Z Pinot Gris, Oregon. I had once tried the Pinot Noir of A-Z but wasn't all that impressed. I find the Pinot Gris to be much more pleasing. 2nd Course: Sauteed Gnocchi, Wild Mushrooms, Parmesan, Fresh Basil. Very rich with the light demi sauce. 3rd Course: Seared Foie Gras, Peaches, Peach-Tamarind Sauce, Nuts. I think I've always had the seared foie everytime I come, this time it was served with lightly cooked peaches (that were good enough to not even need any cooking). Ben, my server recommended the Sauternes..Castelneau Du Suduiraut, Bordeaux, France. Just like he said...goes like peanut butter and jelly. 4th Course: Pan Seared Grouper, Creamy Grits, Crispy Grits, Swiss Chard. Im a big fan of white grits and to have in two different preparations just makes things better. The swiss chard was spot on perfect with the dish. 5th Course: Blackberry Peach Crisp, House Made Vanilla Ice Cream, Blackberry Coulis. Out of all the times I've eaten here, I think this has got to be one of the top choices for dessert. The baked dough on the outside was soft and buttery (not like a dry piece of cardboard). With this I had a Rosa Regale, Brachetto D'Aqui from Banfi in Italy. I always like when you get something from a winery you've visited in the past. The Herb Garden along the outdoor seating still looks to be alive and well.
  24. I would try a variety of star rated restaurants (by Lauren Chapin). Try either Le Fou Frog or SO Redux for the 4 star experience. Then try bluestem or Starker's Reserve for 3.5 stars and then see Brio Tuscan Grille for a 3 star status in dining. I think you'll see why so many concerns.
  25. Went in for lunch ($15 + $3.95 for Blackberry Sage Iced Tea) at the Chef's Bar this time. The food was spot on delicious and the service was warming as usual. One of the cook's gave me a bowl of their famous Fried Green Beans with some sort of garlic Aioli (it was green). Fried Green Beans- Very tasty and addicting. I guess you get this as a complimentary dish if you sit at the bar.. I noticed everyone got one at the bar. (Priced at $5) 1st Course: Duck Confit Cranberry Raviolis, Rosemary Cider Broth, and Shoestring Sweet Potatoes. This was a very tasty broth, the ravioli pasta was okay, and the filling was great. I was glad that it came with a spoon so I could enjoy the flavorful broth. 2nd Course: Mustard Glazed Halibut with Sweet Potato Corn Hash and Red Eye Gravy. The halibut was delicious, the glaze and the sear on this fish was very nice. The red eye gravy was nice but of course doesn't compare with BigCountry's Red Eye Gravy! Although it was very pleasing to have a spicy and sweet contrast from the mixture and the fish. 3rd Course: Lemon Creme Brulee, Belgium Poppyseed Waffle, and Mascerated Berries. This dessert was a lot better than the last visit...by far. The warm waffle with the cold berry mixture was perfect and I usually don't like ordering creme brulee but I figured if I am ever going to, this would be the place I'd do it. It had a nice hard crisp shell and the lemon custard was soft, smooth, and flavorful. Oh and the bread was actually pretty nice this time around as well... looks like they made a few minor adjustments. The Chef's bar is fun, Chef Dalzell seems to be a nice guy and down to earth as well as the back of the house/front of the house staff members. The servers have been very personable and not just acting like robots. It's great when you can actually have a real conversation with your server without having them go back into the kitchen to ask questions. Both times I've had an enjoyable time in the dining room and the chef's bar. Pictures are on the blog and my Picasa account
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