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    Cooking Stocks

    *Sigh* So many purists...
  2. Many cooking publications like Cooks Illustrated have discussions of using canned vs. homemade stocks in cooking. I have been using stock bases like Minor's Beef Base and Knorr's Ultimate chicken base, with good success. Do others use these? Why are they not often discussed in cooking publications? They are so easy to use -- just boil water and add the right quantity -- that they make it a pleasure to prepare soups and stews and pan sauces that call for large quantities of stock. Do others use these bases or are there known downsides? Thanks.
  3. Meisterbrau from a keg at frat parties. It had the foreshadowing aromatic smell of vomit.
  4. Forgot to add, that I have a friend who is a chef, who swears by his rotisserie cooker, like the ones sold on TV infomercials. He says the chicken is hard to beat by any other home roasting preparation.
  5. Given how much spoiled food I seem to throw away, and how many hunks 'a meat sit irreparably freezer burned in my freezer, I've always been partial to the FOOD SAVER
  6. eatingmike

    wine selection

    Another good food & wine pairing website....
  7. A bit more specific, but a fantastic reference on Italian wine, is "Vino Italiano" by Bastianich and Lynch. The book covers every region in Italy, including a discussion of the food culture of each region and how it is inextricably linked with the regional wines. Also included are recipes from Mario hisself, the undisputed king of Italian TV chefs.
  8. Hmmmm...looks suspiciously like a FUNNEL to me.
  9. eatingmike

    2000 Port

    Last night at a tasting, I sampled the 2000 Port Vintage, it was from Warre's, and I had an interesting talk with the rep. He said that it was really tasting well, even so young, just barely bottled, so it was a great buy etc. etc. etc. But then I questioned him a bit more because if its drinkable now, it might not stand the test of time that truly great Port vintages are known for. He agreed but still said it was an outstanding vintage and would be a great investment by the case. It's being sold on futures now and will completely sell out leaving none for the shelves.
  10. I love White Rioja because it carries wonderful memories of my trip to Spain, eating tapas, and enjoying this really refreshing, lemony, chilled wine... But as far as being a good "food" wine, I don't care for this one too much because it is so very soft, and is easily clobbered by most flavors... Now don't get me wrong, for a refreshing glass of wine after work or on the patio on a warm summer evening this is a great choice...
  11. Some of my Napa/Sonoma favorities. Apologies for repeats, I cut/pasted from an email I recently sent to someone with recommendations... As far as wineries, I like to visit mostly smaller, off-the-beaten path, boutique kinds of places, because of the people we meet. For them wine is a labor of love and they usually produce smaller quantities of high-quality wine.... Napa: Dutch Henry, Goosecross, Regusci, Chappelet, Sullivan, Vincent Arroyo, Chateau Montelena (gorgeous grounds), Sawyer, Graeser (very eccentric and funny owner), Vander Heyden (crazy dutchman but hilarious), Praeger Port Works (delicious if you like port wines), RMS is a brandy producer which has an outstanding tour as well. For sparking wines, try Domaine Chandon, Domaine Carneros, S. Anderson, and Frank Family Vineyards. Sonoma (which I am less familiar with): Kunde, David Coffaro (tiny place, phone first, superb wines), Amphora (tiny place, phone first), Preston, Pezzi King
  12. I really like buying wine from my local CostCo. The selection might be limited, but they sure cover a broad price range (sub-$10 to $100+), and from what I have seen, purchased, and researched, they carry wines that are almost always of high quality, whether in varietal character at the lower price points, or prestige and heritage at the higher price points. The storage point is valid but the local wine superstores merchandise the same way, and given how fast CostCo moves all their inventory, I don't think it's really a concern... Obviously I'm a happy CostCo wine customer (and usually poorer after a visit)...
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