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  1. ok my new favourite old favourite place to drink is the marine club on a friday pm or any pm. just nice to be away from anything called or calling itself a lounge. 3Wc
  2. Last year i went to nootka island with some fools who left our cooking pots below the high-tide line. The water came up when we were sleeping and our pots and their bowls floated away. This was the first night. We pulled mussels off the rocks at different levels and different sizes - it was about mid-to-low-tide. We baked them on hot rocks from the fire. Ready in 30 seconds. The smallest were the nicest. i'm still alive. I think if you just use common sense you will be fine - don't pull off the higher up gnarly-ass ones that sit in the sun all day, and don't harvest off the tires in the dock at False Creek. The next day i made cous-cous in a Suntory whiskey bottle that washed over from Japan- "For relaxing times its'Suntory time". Tune in next week when i wrestle bears for blueberries to make a refreshing coulis. 3WC
  3. I've always wanted a place with a trap door just inside the front door. And a dungeon.
  4. ok- i'm gonna try and beat shelora to the answer(s) to some of these... -in cook st. village, as andrew mentioned, there is a food court (half a block towards the water from mocha house and around the corner) - the Thai is passable but not stellar (British Woman and Thai man - they serve satay with skippy tasting peanut sauce and white toasted bread- damn British people). The Ethiopian is very reasonable and good and the people are really sweet. Cook St. needs to be filtered through the "i am in Victoria, there is no place like home" (click heels) disclaimer. With one exception: The food court has a Cafe Fantastico! -My friend and I wanted to be that dynamic Victoria duo which printed their own money in Cook St Village... it is just begging for a good restaurant. -There are two places named Demitasse and have different owners. I prefer the one in Oak Bay, but the downtown location is decent and a nice room. I boycott John's for personal reasons. -The Moka House on Saltspring is neither hip nor funky. -Howie drives me bonkers. 3WC
  5. Adventurous like they let you eat while riding horseback and wrestling alligators?
  6. Barb sold the bakery probably just after you were there. (The name is the same, at least for now.) Yeah, it is too bad - but they kinda ran it into the ground - 8 million staff, high rent. Most of the same bakers are there and, as far as i'm aware, they are baking the same stuff. Barb employed like all of the island's youth and strays, so it is pretty sad - but she needs a holiday. As for Wildfire - they used to do a version of HCB's. More like heathen buns - no crosses. Nice spice combinations and fresh organic evrything inside. Pass the butter. 3WC
  7. Like evrything, HCB's are best when baked with quality ingredients: dried fruit/nuts/zest/spices. Most bakeries will use the old currents/raisins/nuts/spices that come from their wholesaler. Most wholesale spices and fruit - no surprise here - have been sitting awhile. Walnuts that taste like dust are a good example. The HCB's at Barb's Buns on Saltspring used to be very good - but I'm not sure if they are a priority with the new owners. 3WC
  8. The Elbow Room (a place i've never been) just to speak straight to a few customers. But they go there expecting to catch shit so maybe it wouldn't be so great. The Heather or any place that proudly calls itself working class. Vinoteca - the restaurant at Zanatta vineyard in Cowichan - to work and giggle in the kitchen with Fatima and Arata. And walk off with an armload of Damasco. 3WC
  9. Busboy at the Brock House Restaurant (1987). Nasty. 3WC
  10. Santa Fe Cafe - I just tried "The Ordinary" for the first time the other day and it was very good. But that room took a turn for the worse as far as decor. Raku Kushiyaki (Sp?)- on 10th. The Archimedes - ok, i know this place was a bar and this should be posted elsewhere. But i miss the Archimedes, its one type of beer, its cigarettes sold in singles for those of us who 'just smoke when drinking', and the one and only bartender, Rose. The 'Alibi Room' is a sorry replacement. "The Mom and Pop Mexican Place on Commercial whose name escapes me" - Friendly people and nice tamales. Nuff Nice-Ness- Commercial 3WC
  11. Mirjana is born in Israel, raised in Croatia, schooled in London, and had restaurants in TO, then Saltspring (Pomodori), then Vancouver (Pomodori) b4 settling into the Dragon Alley location. Most would describe it as 'Mediterranean Cuisine'. I think, but am not sure, she'd call it the same. Menu usually runs three items (while supplies last) for $12ea. (Although i think someone said it is 15 now?) Roasted beet and yam canneloni in cream sauce is a staple and closest to permanent menu item. This description is weak - but gives you an idea. I don't need to say how good it is cuz that has been done elsewhere. Maple braised duck comes around too. Only espresso, only bottled water or from the tap. Famous chocolate pate. i know i sound like an agent now so i'll leave it alone. Breakfast in Victoria revolves around underachievers IMO. Hence the welcome locals have given MO:LE. There is also a dearth of patios that get sun - so i sympathize with the comment about not wanting to be in the dark alley when the sun shows in Feb. It seems that good food in Victoria is in the shade. 3WC
  12. Dangerous but good question. If we all show up with our books, my favourite places - or rather, their owners - might get a bit choked...
  13. The "bread lady" on ss is Heather. She sells in the saturday market (which isn't happening yet). Her bread is also sold at a place in Ganges called "Admirals" - it's a fish store/deli - and also at "Natureworks" (the 'health-food' store). As for hundreds or thousands of flowers blooming - i'm sorry to have sounded so elitist about the bread in Vanc. 3wc
  14. I'm trying to get my shit together to be baking by next spring in VCR. The only bread i've enjoyed in Vanc is the Ciabatta at MIX. Maybe cuz it's so malty - and that is a novelty to me. I can't say much for Ecco cuz i just don't know what to try (diplomatic answer). I was last at Wild Fire in Victoria for 3yrs. Damn, I said it. 3WC
  15. We just chimed in last week but i'll say it again. Cucina at #10 Dragon Alley is quiet and truly the best lunch in the city IMO. MO:LE on Pandora is the up and coming breakfast spot. I'd try it over anything. everything else in my opinion is pretty standard. (Paprika, Brio, and Brasserie notwithstanding). 3WC
  16. I hate to be a hater. Being a baker myself, i have to say that the mix and terra only pass cuz vancouver is vancouver for bread. Both these bakeries cut serious corners to produce their bread and while i will not argue that their bread is good, i would qualify that it is good until someone comes around and blows them out of the water with the real good s%*t. When i was working, the Mix used to laugh at us cuz we did it the old way - slow food for real, organic everything, wood fire etc. I'm happy that they are doing well and bread in this city is getting better, but i wince too, hoping someday to bake you the good good stuff. 3WC
  17. No argument here. The places i mentioned have the same issues. I think because of the volume your establishment enjoys you have the option of affording the three baristas and their friendly comp/policing. They can also keep up with the millions of people coming through your doors. All the places i mentioned staff less and when they get slammed have to suffer through it. Often resulting in some 'underattended' shots . As you know, some places get around this bc its easier to pass off a less than perfect shot under twenty ounces of steamed, flavoured milk. Others by assuming the customer can't tell the difference. (oh i hate that). To be honest, when i pass on an artigiano coffee - it is more often cuz i want to sit in a different room. You guys have already made it. Good luck with the roasting. 3WC
  18. Thanks for the info on black cat and freshness, vin. I appreciate the theory that Artigiano's ascribes to - ie. throwing out as much as they serve to get the perfect shot. I just find that its on the person working that day to put the theory to praxis.
  19. Beer at the Portuguese Club. There might be a wine list, I'd love to see somebody ask to see it. Anybody tried "Rime" (new food, drink, music venue) yet? 3WC
  20. Anybody have any thoughts on Prado or Lupos? Prado: I've been twice. And i think the room is beautiful and minimalist. High ceilings, big windows, exposed brick, hardwood etc. But i'll drink espresso in the shed if it is good. My espresso and my espresso macchiato were average [this is unfair, they were better than avrg.but look around]. The shots pulled - like almost everywhere in the city - are too blond and overextracted. They are serving Black Cat Coffee too. Maybe it is not as fresh - hey its from Chicago. They have the slick Marzocco machine and the automatic grinder-doser-tamper thing that drives me bonkers. (it wasn't busy). The steamed milk was dry - if you like it that way, good- but i don't. I'll go again because they are better than most, and the room is nicer than most. Lupos: A place that gets sizing (to me) right. Espressos that are on the restrtto/short side, nice milk texture on macchiatos and caps. The shot was blond, but short enough not to be bitter and dead. My friend ordered a cappucino which was served in a 12 oz. cup. I thought this was a mistake or something. Maybe i'm ignorant. Made me wonder if the barista we had the day before would pour it differently... which leads me to say that consistency is something that eludes almost all of the coffee places i've tried. I like Alistair's policy of tossing out the subpar shot . Cafe O is good for this too, you will wait until the espresso is satisfactory (to the baristi). 3WC
  21. Curious about your link. Is it a suggestion not to ski at Sun Peaks? ←
  22. enjoy your holiday, enjoy the food! My only suggestion (clickety) http://www.geocities.com/spabc123/ 3WC
  23. I think Mr. Vikram Vij has got to the point, in this town, where he could sell just about anything and most of us would marvel at his warm hospitality. I think he is just a smart, smart business head. Rangoli is more proof. I think a lot of us just want to look into his lovely eyes and see his pressed togethr hands and feel recognized. Without any comment on the sincerity of his gesture, i've never seen anybody comment on the possibility that he just seems to know what many of us want him to perform. I agree with Sam that Vij's, especially on a friday or saturday pm, is pretty pretentious. It is south granville. I have also found the servers to be a little too false, cold and skinny. [bring me the servers who know about the food beyond what they have memorized.] It is south granville. But evrytime i walk away from that place i'm always like, 'damn, that man is smart'. 3WC
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