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  1. Irving's on Rte 10 in Livingston IS the new Katz's, hot dogs & all! ← If you are going to Irving's -- the hot dog is an appetizer or a side dish to the hand-cut pastrami sandwich (yes, ala Katz's), LOL. Eric
  2. The Bicycle Club (Englewood Cliffs) -- excellent burgers, nice place, good food. It's been a "regular" spot to many locals for many years. Right next door, The Assembly (might be a bit "schmancy" -- but that can often be a relative term, LOL. Cassie's is a good choice as well (down the hill, E. Palisade, make a left on Dean, I think). Also, on Sylvan Avenue (9W) is The Cliffs Steakhouse. Some might call it schmancy but I don't think so. Eric
  3. Great advice -- thanks. OK -- so let's change direction . . . what's the best brand, style, material, etc. to buy in the most often used size/range? Thanks again. Eric
  4. Thank you. As far as individual pieces now, basically we have just an inventory of things purchased over time -- grill pans, skillets, large fry, medium, small, etc. Pots, I don't get involved with, LOL. There's just two of us now but we often cook for leftovers, dinner parties, etc. I am having trouble trying to find a set, so I thought going the individual route would be even harder, LOL. I just figured that a high-quality, top notch set would not only get used over time, but would also be very appreciative. If it's missing something, no problem, I can get a piece to supplement. If it has something that doesn't get used, again, no problem. Thank you again. Eric
  5. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. So, I am looking to get a high-quality set of pots/pans/cookware for my beautiful and incredible bride. She loves cooking, trying new things/recipes, etc. and has bought a few individual pieces in the last few years. I've asked her what she likes, dislikes, etc. and get nothing, LOL. I've asked her what's high-quality, the best, etc. and also nothing. She just doesn't really know and that's fine. So I wanted to ask here. Like I said, I'd like to buy something high quality, that will last, etc. and if it looks good too -- great. What do you think? Thank you very much in advance. Eric
  6. Different likes and dislikes. If you are in Lyndhurst and you are on a hot dog tour, you can't not go to Rutt's -- unless of course you've been there before and just hate it. Of all the great hot dog joints in NJ, I've never went to one that I completely disliked. I've liked some better than others (Callahan's better than Hiram's just for example), but I've never totally disliked or hated one of them. You like beef and hate port, or the other way around, and so on and so on. Anyway, great thread. Eric
  7. I spend about a week and a half in Orlando in late January. I've been going there for a couple of years now (for a conference) and once or twice at other times on business. I try to avoid Disney (at least the park(s) per se). Not that it's reflective of the restaurants, but more so of what I like, dislike, etc. I went to the Emeril's (inside the park) last year. The food was good (nice flavor). Not great, but good as in just good. However, there were other issues for me. First, it was an incredibly long walk to the restaurant (from the parking lot). That may not bother you, so go for it. The place seemed a little "assembly line" to me, impersonal, etc. The tables, at least the ones around me, were a bit close togther which opened up a few other issues as well. After eating in Emeril's in NO, I didn't walk away from this one as a fan -- and I was a big fan after my visits in NO. Anyway, on the top of my "must go to" places is Christini's. Like I said in my previous post -- top notch in every respect. This year I was introduced to RenGetsu. Excellent -- every fish in the sushi, sashimi, and other dishes as well, was very fresh, high quality and full of flavor. I also had an excellent meal at The Capital Grille. I am not a "chain" kind of guy, but I have always enjoyed the various locations I have visted. Another excellent time, and meal, was at Bice. There are several others as well. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for, your likes, dislikes, etc. Eric
  8. A bit north of SoBe is one of my favorites -- The Forge. I also like A Fish Called Avalon (haven't been there in about a year plus). I spend a couple of weeks a year there and have always had enjoyable meals. Although I am not a "chain" guy, the Smith & Wollensky is in my rotation. There's another place that a friend took me too -- Italian flair, small, husband and wife operation -- very nice. I'll have to get the name. Good luck and enjoy. Eric
  9. Got it. Frankie & Johnnie's is "very" good, with "very" being a relative term. I do not know if the Hoboken location has a private room. Many people rave about the place. I am a big-time steak-guy, and personally, I think it's good. Above average, but not rave-worthy IMO. But that's the thing about tastes, LOL. I've also heard good things about Blue from much more than one person, but I haven't personally been there yet. Why not look at at something that is centrally located, between the two, etc.? Eric
  10. Hoboken or Montclair? That's a interesting geographical shift there, LOL. How married to those two areas are you? Unfortunately, I can't be of much help there. I've been to many restaurants in Hoboken, however, I have no idea if they have private room facilities. Eric
  11. I am sorry to say that I do not know Wondee's. So, I can't speak to that aspect. What's the deal on Wondee's? Also, are we talking about Wild Ginger in Englewood? Eric
  12. Thank you all very much. I've got a couple of reservations set already -- Christini's (I really like this place), Capital Grille, and a friend of mine picked another place (he hasn't told me yet). I've got some great suggestions here -- and thank you again! Eric
  13. Interesting comments and appreciated -- thank you. This place is around the corner from my office. A group of went there once and I am sorry to say it wasn't memorable. That's not meant as an insult however. Anyway, when it re-opened as Cross Roads it started to attrach a nice lunch crowd from the office buildings nearby. It was a scaled down diner type place, more than a luncheonette, just a nice basic restaurant (a lunch place that also tried getting a dinner crowd). It was doing well and had some followers. We used to wonder what happened to the tea house that was there. After a while, the place changed though. The hot open turkey I used to get was not as good, some of the other sandwiches as well. The quality of the food slipped and then the place closed. I was glad to see something new there and will have to make sure I get there for lunch soon. Thanks again. Eric
  14. ELA

    top 11 aol

    As was Xaviar's (at Piermont). Yes, I saw the list. I didn't think that much of it, although the Gary Danko inclusion makes all the sense to me. Top notch restaurant IMO, and widely respected and accepted as one of the best. Tastes, likes, dislikes, etc. are like ice cream and Baskin Robbins has what? 33 flavors and counting, LOL. I enjoy reading "lists" but put very little credibility in them. First, I take it with a grain of salt, depending on where and who it's coming from. Second, if I can surmise some opinions coming from the person who wrote the review, and there is something I can really get my arms around, then it might help me. However, who knows the reviewer's tastes, likes, dislikes, etc. compared to mine. This list, coming from AOL, I'll pass, LOL. Eric
  15. If you haven't already, try Ron Zacapa Centenario. Eric
  16. I'd like to get some opinions on the best steakhouse, best sushi, and perhaps a couple of Italian restaurants -- besides Christini's. I would probably go for steak more than once, and the same with sushi. What about Norman's (Ritz Carlton)? Thank you. Eric
  17. Anything else? Thanks for the heads up. What else is worth going to in Orlando? There has to be some great local places -- thank you again. Eric
  18. All great info -- thank you very much. Eric
  19. You're the third person who recommended Amari to me lately. What exactly is it -- is that the brand name? Thanks. Eric
  20. Tell me about Sazerac -- thanks! Eric
  21. Thanks. I don't know about others, but I find these shows fascinating. Even not being in the market for re-doing my kitchen, seeing what's new and exciting can be a catlyst for wanting to re-do it. Eric
  22. I hadn't had this rum in quite some time and just had some again today. I am sorry to say I forgot how much I enjoyed this rum. Any other fans here? Is it easily accessible? US? Northeast? As I have been for years, I am still drinking my favorite (next to the real deal Matusalem, LOL) -- Ron Zacapa Centenario. I also like HC7 -- not a super premium, but I've always liked it. Your favorites? Thanks. Eric
  23. I've always enjoyed a nice cognac or port with my cigar. Depends on what I've had to eat, mood, environment, and many other factors. Aside from the single malt, cognac, armagnac, port, and the traditional drinks -- specifically, what's your favorite? I have been a long time fan of "43" (Quarenta y Tres). Lately, I've been looking for something else, and have wanted to "broaden my horizons" so to speak. I tried "Tia Maria" -- it was good, I could see myself ordering it again. I also had something, which I think is discontinued -- it was "Sambuca Caffe" -- very good. What's your favorite after dinner, liqures, etc.??? Thank you. Eric
  24. I've seen this show before, and others like it -- and I've always enjoyed it. Anyway, I am watching right now -- really neat stuff! So, while I am sure this is an "industry only" function and you have to be "in the biz" to get in, are there any of these that are open to the public? Something like the "Auto Show" or an equivalent? The "Auto Show" is open to the public and gets a monster turnout -- is there anything like that for Kitchens/Baths, Home Renovations, etc.??? Thank you. Eric
  25. ELA

    obnoxious diners

    This is a great strategy and reminds me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm from last season where Larry David was seated next to a very loud person gabbing into his bluetooth headset (I hate those people with all that is in my soul)....... Larry started having a very loud conversation into his imaginary bluetooth to annoy the guy and the comedy ensued. ← I've seen several people do that -- and it's getting more and more mainstream in today's society. BTW, are you a member at CF? The handle looks familiar. Eric
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