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  1. Jason - if you are here in North Jersey, let me know. I can probably help you out. Eric
  2. Jason - with the info posted above, could I find them in the locator, or should I just call the importer? THanks. Eric
  3. Jason - I was looking for some alternatives sources, but couldn't seem to find this rum in the rum locator. Am I missing something? Plantation? Thanks Eric
  4. Ed - I hope you received my e-mail. My supply is OK now, but I hesitate in letting it run low, as lately it really couldn't be replaced. One of my liquor clients/friends found the last case in the US, sitting in a warehouse. I got that one and was real happy, as everybody else had been out for a long time. I think it's beginning to look positive for this rum Eric
  5. Is this rum somewhat easily available or considered to be more difficult to find? Please post a tasting review when you try it. Thanks Jason. Eric
  6. I've been hearing about this rum quite a bit lately. Can anybody give me the details on this, perhaps a tasting review? Is it difficult to find? Any advice? Thanks in advance. Eric
  7. Jason - I have a bunch of recipies. I'll dig them up and get them to you. I'll be away for about 2-3 weeks, so as soon as I get back, I'll get to work on finding them. I just had one (actually several) at a small Cuban cafe in Hoboken, NJ. THere is a large Cuban population in various parts of Hudson COunty NJ (Jersey City, West New York, Hoboken, Union CIty, etc). This guy did it the classic traditional way. He said his grandfather taught him. Real Sugar Cane juice too. Somewhat crushed mint leaves, and I had an awesome Cuban cigar that I took from the bottom of one of my humidors. It was a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona from 1996. An awesome evening. Eric
  8. ELA

    Appleton 21

    Very true Ed - about the BS. I have found it, and as soon as I get back from my next trip, I am going to order a few bottles. I'll probably then order a case to have around. Eric
  9. Thanks for the info Ed. I'll start my 'searching' ASAP. Eric
  10. Ed - I just heard today about the new importer. Where is Southern based out of? Also, this rum was neveron the 'list' in NY as far as I have been told. Thanks for the updates. Eric
  11. ELA

    Appleton 21

    found it !!! Actually, a shop in NY that I found on the rum locator told me that it is not imported into the US. ANother rum locator shop told me it is "illegal" to have here in the US. Some nonsense about it not being an import item. I never heard such a thing. A cuban rum, of course I understand, but Appleton??? Eric
  12. Jason - oh do I know. I was thinking of an alternate source or destination. I have offices in Canada, and a corporate apt. there. The last bottle I had, I left there. Has anybody seen the HC 15 in any of the islands? The HC7 I still have aas a friend of mine brought me several bottles from Canada. Eric
  13. If anyone can find Havana Club 15, at a somewhat reasonable price, please let me know. Maybe we can work something out. Thank you very much. Eric
  14. I was just told that this rum, Appleton 21 year old, is not imported to the United States. Is this true? I thought I had seen it around. Has anyone seen it? If so, could anyone help me get a bottle or more? Maybe we can trade, or I'll just buy it? Thank you. Eric
  15. To continue - First, rumor has it that the distillery's production systems are somewhat antiquated, and not modernized. Thus, they would run out of one of the aged/blended runs, and would have to halt production. Also, I heard that shippments were erratic and not accurate. The distillery really did not "market" or promote this rum and neither did the importer. Thus supply was somewhat "irregular". Here in the US, the rum was not easily available. There were a few places that carried it, a couple in Cal., Ill., and Fla. Others too. However, since it is no longer being imported, the suplly is zero. I spoke with the former importer, they checked and no one has any of it laying around. Even my supply is extremely low ( a little joke). Shoot me an e-mail and maybe I can help you. Eric
  16. In a nutshell, the US importer for Ron Z has dropped the product from their line(s). There are numerous reasons, and even more stories as to why. Apparently, communication with the manufacturer was difficult as to shipping, production quantity, etc. I had heard from a friend of mine (who was ancillarily involved) that because Ron Z is a blend of aged rums, during production, several problems usually arose.
  17. Jason - the US importer was actually based out of Florida. California may have had a distributor, who handled this rum. If you'd like, I can check for you as the (now former) importer is an aquaintence of mine. Shoot me an e-mail. Eric
  18. Ed - are you referrring to the HC 15? or the more readily available (and much cheaper HC7)? THanks. Eric
  19. Hello everyone. I am glad to be hear at the new Ministry of Rum BB. So - has anyone seen Havana Club 15 around, and if so at what price? I did find it in Germany at about 趐 US. My last bottle I found In Canada and I think that was around 贄 to 贝, but I really don't remember and that was a long time ago. Anybody seen it around? Thanks Eric
  20. I really didn't think it was that expensive. Is that a US based price, or are we talking about an overseas price? Reason I ask is that a friend of mine recently saw Havana Club 15 in Canada for around 贶 US. I have been told that it's somewhere in the neighborhood of โ to ๛ in Cuba, and my thought was that it would in fact be around 贶 in Canada (when and if available). I thought the Pyrat Cask 23 wasn't that expensive (meaning 跌). So - US or overseas price? Eric
  21. Jason - how are you? I am not sure if you and others saw my post at the old BB about the Ron Zacapa. In a nutshell, the US importer has dropped this product from their importing. There are numerous reasons as to why, but allegedly, there were some issues with production runs, sporatic avalability, and sometimes difficult communication. If you want more details, shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you the scoop. Eric
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