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  1. A gorgeous omelet indeed! I find it odd that none of the other breakfast regulars have piped up with their admiration... perhaps they're all just stunned. Your omelet is a thing of beauty... keep up the good work!
  2. There may be some interesting aboriginal food offerings up in Whistler... check out this link from the Georgia Straight. Of particular interest may be the Squamish Lil'Wat Cultural Centre and also what the Four Seasons is doing at their bistro, Fifty Two 80.
  3. While not a tasting menu per se and not featuring rabbit.... I was at a dinner this past weekend that included: OCTOBER 18 DINNER MENU MIXED OLIVES WARMED GOAT BRIE WITH PESTO CHICKEN LIVER CROSTINI MUSHROOM PATE PRAWNS IN COCONUT MASALA - from vij’s cookbook CHICKEN SATAY BITES MOROCCAN LAMB STEW - with dates and apricots COUSCOUS BIB LETTUCE AND ENDIVE WITH VINAIGRETTE STILTON CHEESECAKE WITH RHUBARB COMPOTE The chicken liver crostini was outstanding.... perhaps this would work with rabbit livers Mushroom pate also offered an assortment of mushrooms in which you could incorporate your oyster mushrooms... These were are wine pairings (sparklings with the appetizer bites, reds with the main course and the Moscato with dessert) 1. Veuve du Vernay french brut sparkling wine 2. Moet & Chandon french brut imperial champagne 3. Yarrabank cuvee 2001 Devaux Yering australian sparkling wine 4. Dominio de Ugarte spanich Rioja Reserva 2003 5. Les Alcusses 2005 spanish red wine 6. Gianpiero Marrone 2007 Sole d'Oro Moscato d'Asti italian sparkling wine Edit to add: now that I've looked at your previous dinner I see that I am way, way of course with my suggestions..... l look forward to seeing what you come up with :-)
  4. Very neighbourly of you, OG! I'd probably want to diss Araxi too if I worked at the restaurant that often played second fiddle to it. ← OG has been nothing but up front about where he works and he has lived and worked in Whistler for a long time. I’d say that qualifies him to make fair comment on what places are preferable to eat at. Not to mention his extremely generous offer to Sobaicecream of the first dozen oysters being on him… not something everyone would do and something he has done before. Pretty damn hospitable and generous imnsho. So why diss him? What's up with that?
  5. I think I have that exact same toaster, those bagels look suspiciously like ones from Solly's, and I think you can buy most of those ingredients in North America... but heck, what do I know. Snowangel says a long flight.... but, from where?
  6. Not exactly personal chef services but perhaps something like this might fit the bill…. Oops... I linked through without reviewing their website.... they used to do private meals... doesn't look like they do so anymore. Sorry!
  7. Wow... that looks delicious! And, upon perusing the site the menu at Rare looks pretty damn fine as well. In fact, I think they are the two most interesting menus of the bunch...
  8. Not sure where Owen bought his but you can find one here ... they are cheap and have multiple uses.... Loving this blog btw... you both have a real knack for evoking a sense of place.
  9. The company mentioned in the NS Outlook article is Tarragon Foods, owned by Andrea Gray-Grant (of North Van, not West Van). ← and low and behold, you can buy these pickles right down on GI at Edible British Columbia Personally, I'm a fan of Big Don's pickles from the farmer's markets.
  10. I've purchased the Luxardo Brand at Qzina in Toronto. There is a Qzina in Vancouver, so I suspect you could purchase it there too. ← well.. a wee google search turns up this: http://www.bcliquorstores.com/en/products/397950 but if you truly can't find what you are looking for give me a call.. I have the fancy pants stuff and I’ll never use it all no matter how many black forest cakes I bake (not many)
  11. I meant unsweetened cocoa mix. TIA ← Saw this at Choices yesterday. It's not cheap mind you ($14.99 / can) but it may be worth a try.
  12. And just what kind of grass are you talking about....LOL ← I've fortunately weaned myself off the Saltspring Vineyards wines long ago. All that hemp culture on the island really permeates the vines. I have no tolerance for the regional/seasonal hippy-shack, green-grass taste. I prefer tobacco any day. Memo - when vacationing in Cuba, my bottom line is a tan mark ← Garry Oaks Vineyard has a blurb about Salt Spring's terroir here. Strangely enough, no mention of hemp.
  13. Never heard of one.. perhaps there is an untapped market for you...........
  14. Interesting... I have heard good things about their chocolates.. but.. I have to say the batch of truffles I picked up at Edible BC on Granville Island were less than stellar. Not sure if this was a bad batch, or just something I was not used to. Very strange texture, hard on the outside and somewhat marshmallowy in the middle. Ultimately, the texture seemed artificial and was not pleasing. Perhaps, just not to my taste, but at $27 a box, I'd think long and hard about buying them again. On another note, a friend of mine swears by their chocolate bars..... perhaps that is the better bet.
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