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  1. Okay, me and the wifey will be there for four nights, to include the big party. We've never been there before, and money is no object (within reason). Looking for suggestions , opinions, and descriptions!! Thanks!
  2. We've been using those lemons alot. I just zested one yesterday for my lamb chop herb rub for tonights Easter Feast. They do have a great flavor. Kind of like a cross between a lemon and a grapefruit. Happy Easter!!
  3. Lots of cools stuff Today: Butter Lettuce; Baby Spinach; Baby Swiss Chard; Thai Eggplant; Fiddlehead Ferns; Okra; Red and Green Peppers; Japanese Cucumbers; Leeks; Green Onions; Shallots; Tomatoes of various size and color; Fresh Turmeric; Fresh Italian Oregano; Rambutan; Bananas. We also got some Akamai Oat Cakes, and a bowl of Portuguese Bean Soup. Stopped at Kokua Market for their grand reopening today as well. Pretty interesting new deli section.
  4. Kara was packing up when we arrived, so we missed her this week. Where did you find the cauliflower? We've been looking for it but haven't seen it!
  5. Update: The big wave tomatoes are back, got some yellow cherries and some regular beefsteak kind, as well as some fresh Mozzarella. Also got Thai eggplant, red skin potatoes, cilantro, Italian parsley, green onions, broccoli, red and green peppers, some awesome jalapeños, thyme, zucchini, Japanese cucumbers, red leaf and romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, limes, Meyer and Lisbon lemons, fresh eggs, bananas, strawberries, and papayas. We were hungry so we got some Thai food from the nice couple who sells flowers and authentic Thai stuff, then we got a beignet. Got some cookin' to do this week!!
  6. Ahh, nostalgia. When I was growing up, Christmas Eve was spent by the entire extended family at my paternal grandparents, and the main course was pirogies. My grandmother would make two types, potato and cheese; and sauerkraut. The only condiment for these little pillows of deliciousness, was the topic of this thread. She would let the butter simmer slowly, and the result was a sweet caramelization without any burned or bitter taste. Nowadays, my grandparents have passed on, and my aunts and uncles now make the pirogies, however although they are great, they aren't the same. I too have made batches using the family recipe, but they are only a mere shadow of my grandmother's masterpieces. So brown your butter, but do it slowly. As far as I'm concerned, you're carrying on a great family tradition!!!
  7. Kiawe Grill is still the shiznikky. Had the Angus burger with bacon and cheese (and the electric shock paddles.) Some of my co-workers have been saying that their quality has been going downhill, but I don't see it. Still rocks as far as I'm concerned....a superior burger. Baale has awesome hot and sour soup. New Soba noodle place on Beachwalk is great. Been to the new Yard House about four times. Great beer selection and the food is pretty good for a chain. There's a new Katsu place opening on Beachwalk soon. Saw them doing the remodeling a few days ago. best pizza on the island still comes from my oven.....
  8. Shad roe, wrapped in bacon and broiled to perfection....with an icy cold Natty Boh.
  9. #129...The Lost Boys? One of the kids fed raw garlic disguised as grated parmesan to the guy courting his mom to see his reaction. Turns out he really was the vampire.
  10. They carry a pretty impressive array of Globals at the Williams and Sonoma at the Ala Moana mall, but you may have to start selling your plasma to afford them. I've got two, a 10 inch chef's knife and a huge 14 inch pig sticker, and I love them both. They're fully molded handle and blade and keep a great edge (and they're made in Japan), but some people don't like their balance. Hope this helps, Happy hunting!!
  11. Tried the new Indian place at the Discovery Center on Ala Moana Blvd. More fare for the tourists. Food wasn't bad, but it was expensive and the naan was extra. I'll probably stick with the place across from Star Mkt over near University and King.
  12. I like Tokkuri Tei on Kapahulu (in the same strip mall as Dave's ice cream and Pappa John's pizza) and a new place on Ena Road in Waikiki, Chiba-Ken I think. As far as noodles, there's a pretty good place in the downstairs foodcourt near Kalakaua and Royal Hawaiian, but the name escapes me. The noodle place at the second floor of the Ewa end of the McCully Shopping center is really good too. Haven't been on the island long enough to be a truly familiar with other places, but I like the quality and the liberal pour with the Sake at Tokkuri Tei and Chiba-Ken. My two Yen.
  13. We got some of the Ho's farms tomatoes this week too. They had some good looking Japanese cucumbers, but we'd already bought some. We also got a bunch of herbs, some Thai eggplant, and some wing beans (!). Afterward, we had lunch at Soy to the World up in Manoa, but I have to say I was tempted by that burger and steak joint next to Taco Bell....I'll have to make a special trip up there for lunch one of these days. Also got some good Meyer lemons and some fresh bay leaves. Trying to figure out this weeks menu for dinners since we've got a friend coming in from the mainland. Good thing she likes to eat!! We're also partial to the NS Portuguese sausage over the Kukui Sausage Company. Almost forgot...we finally checked out Tamura's in Kaimuki. Awesome selection of gourmet stuff. Bought some spicy anchovies and fresh mozzarella...bring on the pizza!
  14. I would eat your dogs' food....with a cold Longboard Lager, and I wouldn't even have to be that hungry! Sounds like you had a good take too!!! I'd buy some plants myself, but I travel quite a bit and I'm sure I'd find some sad brown sticks where my parsley used to be when I came back from a trip. Sometimes when the cherry tomatoes look really good, I buy a crapload, and oven dry them overnight. Just slice the little buggers in half, toss 'em in olive oil, sprinkle wit da local kine salt, and set the oven to the lowest setting. put them on a cookie sheet face-up, and roast 'em overnight. You're house will smell like Italy in the morning, and they keep for about a week in the fridge (although they've never lasted that long in our house) As for the tofu, you can go straight to the source at the Manoa shopping center. They've got take-out food too, like wraps and really good desserts. If you're up that way, you should give it a look.
  15. Yeah, the greens are amazing there. We got some spicy curly cress last week...made great salads. I love the way the Oat Cake folks try to push the samples on us, even though we buy some every week...nothin' like free grub on a Saturday morning!! Just finished off some long beans, eggplant, and broccoli along with some tofu from Soy to the World in a stir fry this evening. STTW is a new tofu and soymilk "factory" (it's a storefront with a modest, and by all accounts, impeccably clean production facility in the back) in Manoa that makes all of their products in house, and you can really taste the difference in quality. Staff is really friendly too. Has anyone noticed that Italian Parsley is much easier to find lately? It grows like a weed on the mainland, but it seems to be seasonal here. Has anyone noticed this as well? I asked someone at KCC once, and was curtly told that Hawaii has mostly "Asian culture." Not really an answer, because parsley is pretty easy to grow. Maybe she just meant that there isn't much of a market here...and that most people prefer "Chinese Parsley" (cilantro). Any thoughts?
  16. I second that. A fried egg is nice too, if you're planning some heavy duty cardio the next day.
  17. Suzy, Great photos in your blog!! I remember checking it out around the holidays. I've been meaning to check out some of the other farmer's markets on the island, but so far I've only been to the KCC, the Manoa shopping center, and the one downtown on Tuesday(?). My wife and I always say that we're going to take photos and post them, but we get overtaken by events and it never happens. Maybe we'll get up early and check out Mililani one of these days!! BTW, are you involved in the local Slow Foods movement?
  18. Oh, forgot to mention the submarine rolls from Bale. It's a local Vietnamese fast food chain that also bakes awesome bread. I'm caramelizing some onions right now to add to steak sandwiches using the rolls, then me and my wife are headin' to the beach for a picnic. The steak is from North Shore Cattle Company, (Chimichurri filets) and is leftover from a dinner party we did last week. We've checked out the honey products, and we usually buy our honey there. Great flavor from the local flowers. We haven't bought any of their beeswax stuff, but it all looks pretty cool.
  19. We've been doing most of our veggie shopping there pretty exclusively for the last year, and it never gets old. If any of you're going to visit Oahu, or live here and have never experienced the market, I'd give it a try. There's been a big increase in the amount of vendors, even over just the last few months, and everything is grown on the islands! Started with an iced Thai coffee, extra shot Bought: Italian Parsley Mixed Greens Mixed Berry Tomatoes Hydroponic Lettuce Swiss Chard (red) Japanese Cucumber Red and Green Peppers Cilantro Small Globe Eggplant Mandarin Oranges Tangerines Apple Bananas Brocolli Organic Limes Got some local made Oat Cakes too. I like 'em for breakfast during the week. Didn't sample any of the food vendors stuff this week because me and the wife were out late and hit an all night Korean place at about midnight. Not real hungry this morning. Check out their site!! KCC Farmer's Market
  20. COOL!! (no pun intended) I never thought of the freezer! As soon as we get rid of the gallon of turkey stock I made while I watched the playoffs this weekend, we'll have enough space in the freezer to put the spice rack in suspended animation for a few days. Just like a spicy Dr. Evil!!! We have a good supply of Portuguese bay leaves in the pantry already, and I'm thinking that "the babies were thrown in with the bathwater" if you know what I mean. Because of the way we stored everything, I think the critters probably came with the spices, so the bay wouldn't have made a difference in our tightly sealed canisters. Mahalo everyone!!! Tkrup
  21. Aloha and Happy New Year to everyone. I need some advice from my fellow residents of Hawaii regarding their method of storage for certain spices such as paprika and chile powder. We've been living here for almost one year, and on three occasions I found some sort of strange and other-worldly cobweb style things....growing in my paprika!!! We keep everything tightly sealed in jars, and don't have any "cleanliness issues" except for the occasional condo cockroach. It happened again last night, and to punctuate the event the Mrs. found some small dark things in our chile de arbol powder. Upon further inspection, the things were moving. Has anyone had similar experience with such spice-loving interlopers? We're considering buying one of those large vacuum sealable containers and using it to store our spice jars. We don't keep spices for an inordinate amount of time, and usually only buy small quantities from the bulk sections of Down to Earth or Kokua markets, but we do buy lots of exotic stuff because we cook many different types of cuisine. Any help or advice would be appreciated BTW, the blog looks great Suzy!! Kudos for the Herculean effort over the holidays.
  22. Tkrup

    gift ideas?

    Just a quick update for the few who posted ideas. First of all, thanks!! I wound up buying him a T-Shirt from a place here in Hawaii called Crazyshirts. It's dyed with beer, and carries the Kona Brewing Company Firerock Ale logo and art. It's pretty cool. I'll probably bring him some Kona Brewing Company beers as well so he can try what's been sustaining me since I moved to the island. Happy Holidays everyone!!
  23. Tkrup

    gift ideas?

    Does your friend homebrew? Do they have a home kegorator? Do they enjoy going to beer tasting events? Do you know their favorite brand/style of beer? ← He used to homebrew...and in really large batches, however nowadays he's so busy with brewing at work that its pretty much fallen by the wayside He built a large kegorator complete with four taps and a handpump...so that's kind of out of the running for gifts as well. He likes tasting events, but hosts brewers dinners (he's won multiple awards, so he's a little jaded) He's really into Belgians and uber-hoppy Northwestern style ales, but he has no problem appreciating pretty much any style of beer. I hope you're beginning to see the depth of my problem here. Thanks!!!
  24. Tkrup

    gift ideas?

    I've got a good friend who is the head brewer at a brewpub, and I'm looking for gift ideas from folks who probably know better. I'm looking for neat gadget ideas or esoteric ingredients for brews, but any ideas will help since I'm kinda stumped here. Thanks!!!
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