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  1. Yes, he was one of the two who was in the bus crash, the other was Jorge Herrera.
  2. Hi, I have one extra ticket for 41degrees in Barcelona for 14 December at 8:30pm. The restaurant, Albert Adria's place, only seats 16 people per night and the experience is supposed to be incredible. I'd love to have someone join me. http://www.41grados.es/index.php#/faq Thanks!
  3. I'm flying tomorrow am, will be in the air and unavailable until about 1pm, leave me a message here or at nine one seven three four five three zero seven two.
  4. These are still available and I'm open to discussion. Thanks!
  5. If that $10 will make a difference, sure. This is among the lowest priced seatings available at Alinea--under $200 per head before tax and tip.
  6. Thanks. The section on unusual cravings is particularly of interest.
  7. I apologise if this is inappropriate, but I have a 6-top for Alinea on 31 October that I need to let go of at face value. (1685 including transfer fee). Please let me know if you're interested or feel free to pass along. Thanks! Host Note: Click here for the terms under which this is posted on the eGullet forums
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