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  1. JAbrams72

    Magnus Lindgren RIP

    Yes, he was one of the two who was in the bus crash, the other was Jorge Herrera.
  2. Hi, I have one extra ticket for 41degrees in Barcelona for 14 December at 8:30pm. The restaurant, Albert Adria's place, only seats 16 people per night and the experience is supposed to be incredible. I'd love to have someone join me. http://www.41grados.es/index.php#/faq Thanks!
  3. JAbrams72

    Alinea Tickets 31 October

    I'm flying tomorrow am, will be in the air and unavailable until about 1pm, leave me a message here or at nine one seven three four five three zero seven two.
  4. JAbrams72

    Alinea Tickets 31 October

    These are still available and I'm open to discussion. Thanks!
  5. JAbrams72

    Alinea Tickets 31 October

    If that $10 will make a difference, sure. This is among the lowest priced seatings available at Alinea--under $200 per head before tax and tip.
  6. Thanks. The section on unusual cravings is particularly of interest.
  7. I apologise if this is inappropriate, but I have a 6-top for Alinea on 31 October that I need to let go of at face value. (1685 including transfer fee). Please let me know if you're interested or feel free to pass along. Thanks! Host Note: Click here for the terms under which this is posted on the eGullet forums