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  1. I think this is it... Carnitas Queretaro 1451 North Zaragoza Road El Paso, TX 79936
  2. I apologize if my spelling is off, but I found a wonderful, and quite 'cheap' place several years back called 'Carnitas' (this is what my employees referred to it as but remember the name was more complex, Carnitas Quintaros?) If you ask someone where the 'Pink Pig' is, that will get you there.. It is right off I-10 not far from Americas. I remember that the Tripinas were to die for.. I ate there at least four times in the week I was there and I was never disappointed.. I apologize I am vague in the name as it has been several years.. I'll do some research and find some more info for you...
  3. Small Town Tour- Best: A small B&B in Jefferson called the Stillwater Inn. 4 star dining with a price similar to chain restaurants. There is something about a small town restaurant where people actually care about the food. Worst: Without question it was The Mansion on the Hill in Tyler. I don't know why this rates so high but it was so awful, I swore off steak for a month to get the bad taste out of my mouth. One could get a much better steak at Outback, and save $150 on the meal.
  4. Whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on, I make a sandwich loaded with Horseradish (or Wasibi), Onions, and Raw Garlic slices. I usually feel better within an hour. I haven't taken a sick day in 10 years and I never get a flu shot. I attribute it to my 'cure.'
  5. Damn you!! I just lost a perfectly good 5 minutes that I won’t get back… I hear Dewberry also has a site, but his requires a monthly paid membership. ← How do you like his catering menu? All wraps, all the time..
  6. Prepare to die laughing.. Andrew has his own website: http://www.andrewbonito.com/ All I can say is this is one of the worst cases of narcissism I've ever seen..
  7. If everyone is going to focus on looks, I would submit Food Network's culinary producer who has camios in a lot of the programs and is the instructor in 50% (it seems) of FoodTV.com's instructional videos- Jill Novatt. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/kitchen_ex...2307144,00.html I always thought she was really cute.
  8. ..and if anyone is interested, here is where Autumn is cooking now according to that article: http://www.chefjasonwilson.com/
  9. Here is a link to the article that ken T mentioned: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/233194_underfire20.html
  10. Welcome to eG Sara. Congrats on being in the finals. I hope this helped your career. As you can tell by the comments here, you had a lot of fans. As for 'decomposed'.. don't worry about it.. My wife is a professional classical singer and uses that term to describe modern art-styled music. She laughed when she heard that because she didn't think of decomposed in the 'rotting' style but in the musical composition style.. As the joke goes.. old musicians don't die, they just decompose.
  11. I hate to disagree, but... just like any job interview, personality plays a lot in the selection process. A manager not only has to account for your technical competencies but also your fit in the team you are being hired. I don’t feel ripped in the least.. I trust what Michael has said regarding she did cook the best food and had the best leadership skills. He was, after all, right there. I would take his word any day over how the perceptions caused by a video editor. How do we know all the others didn't also have problems with time or following directions but the editors chose not to show that?
  12. Do they mean the average cost of an *actual* Martini, or are they using martini as another word for cocktail?? Judging by the other prices, my guess is they meant to put $11.53 :) ← Maybe this is due to the exchange rate and we are seeing the USD equilivent?
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