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  1. I would suggest staying in the airport.. It's expensive to take a taxi and not really worth it. I would not suggest going downtown because there might be traffic. Everything local is average. I would suggest you either eat at Wolfgang Pucks in the airport or at the Billy Goat Tavern. The Billy Goat is a branch of Chicago's restaurant associated with there baseball teams curse. It later received attention on the Cheeseburger Cheeseburger skit on SNL. However, the food is not as good as the original Tavern. Though you are eating average food, you didnt have to kill yourself to get it. Airports have bars and bookstores for a reason.
  2. The grocery in the chelsea market has a good selection of shrooms.. They had hen of woods the other day but they were rehydrated soggy messes.
  3. figs


    I purchased a whole piece of tuna bottarga at Chelsea Market.. I also bought mullet roe. Thank you. Tonight might be the wrong night to play around with it as my guests are coming from Italy.
  4. figs


    I purchased some from the Chelsea Market the other day. I am a good cook and make my own pasta. Anyone have any really wonderful suggestions.
  5. I have found a place that has good bouillabaisse as your question asks but, not the best. Your title is very confusing? I will check and report back!
  6. This thread seems like such an infomercial.. I will give it a shot though.
  7. I am going to one of the 9 course dinners there. It definitely is byob with no corkage fee?
  8. Does anyone know if Starwich has considered coming back?
  9. figs


    I watched only minutes of this show last night. I was shocked at how bad the contestants were. They all looked like they screwed up the collard green, scallop dish. No excuse for their piss poor efforts.
  10. That made me laugh out loud.
  11. The colorful language. And my spanglish. Beeps and bells are normally good.
  12. NY TIMES Article talking about underground restaurants with a mention of NY BITE CLUB The Anti-Restaurant
  13. figs

    Little Owl

    Has anyone been here recently?
  14. I live in Manhattan but, any butcher would have bones for sale.. I have seen marrow bones in grocery stores advertised for dogs and about a dollar a pound.
  15. Hi Jesikka, Thanks for the great write up. I've been meaning to get back to Bite Club but haven't managed to get around to it yet. Did you or any of your friends take pictures? I'd love to see that pear foie dish! Thanks!
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