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  1. I've always been a fan of the Evening Star. a local restaurant that I think produces very good food without the pretention if you will. Great spot, I'll have to make it back there soon.
  2. I find the entire menu really brilliant. Lobster, fantastic. Tuna, devine. Wine list, criminally cheap. Nothing on that list would make me cringe price wise. It's the one list in the city where I have no problems ordering anything because I know it's priced extrememly fair as compaired to shelf prices in stores.
  3. Tanqueria el Poblano over off Lee Highway. As the weather heat's up this place has become my home away from home for a couple Tecate's and some tacos.
  4. My brother had the Paella at Cieba last week which he absolutely raved about, it looked awesome.
  5. I used to enjoy this chat before it turned into a snivelling complaint forum more about dining etiquette rather than the DC dining scene. Everybody's a critic. I can't stand to even read it anymore.
  6. continuing the Blue Fish theme. I love smoked Blue Fish, great stuff.
  7. Holly- Great picture. I'll probably see Bet is a few weeks when I go home so I'll tell her there is a cult following out here on e-gullet. Lobstermans Warf in E. Boothbay has a good one as well and since my Dad's office is almost next door in the summer many of them get cosumed. So one day we are there and order a couple of fish sandwiches. Apparently one of the dishwashers caught a mackerel off the deck and so they brought us our sandwiches but my dads was still moving since they just slaped the mackerel between two buns and served it to him... wicked funny!
  8. Agreed Grinzig ist verboten but my brother and I went mid week, off season, and didn't run into a soul. We also went to some out of the way places that don't get much foot traffic. Ended up sitting at one place with the owner for 2 hours while my brother talked and translated I drank and nodded politely.
  9. Last time I was in Vienna I stumbled my way through some Heurigen which are ultimately local family run wineries that got swallowed up by the city during it's expansiton. Wonderful spots where you feel like your sitting in someones garden drinking the most god aweful white blend that seems like a cross of sav blanc, chardonnay, and crab apples but I digress the food is fantastic at each place and really a great spot to while away a day in Vienna.
  10. Joe- I have to agree Demel has become a bit of a tourist trap and the Sacher Torte is not that good. Next time your in Vienna go to Zum Knuckuck. Small, historic, and excellet food. There is a great wine bar next door which Karl (the owner) runs as well. It's right down by Stephansdome off Kartner Strasse. Here is the web site. http://www.kuckuck.cc/engeschichte.php
  11. That depends, are you filthy rich? I agree with Fun Johnny. The wine list at Mendocino is great and at half price I suggest a bottle of the Sine Qua Non Whispering E. I had it a couple weeks ago and it was insanely GOOD!
  12. Mendocino is a great choice my second would be Little Fountain Cafe. My question is why stop at Pearls why not go all the way.....Diamonds are Forever. Congrats and have fun.
  13. Slow service huh? Sounds like a Vienna coffehouse to me. I'll have to try the place out. How was the coffee?
  14. Bad day at work = Great meal at Mendocino. I pulled a 2001 Siduri Pisoni Pinot Noirfrom the cellar, then my brother and I ventured down to Mendocino. In addition to the Siduri, and since it was such a bad day we ordered up a bottle of Sine Qua Non Whispering E which was absolutley fantastic. As we decanted the Siduri an appetizer of Wild Salmon Coubiac with black trumpet mushrooms arrived for myself. fantatically rich and perfectly cooked salmon, crispy philo dough and earthy trumpets. My brother had the house made wild boar sausage which he proclaimed stunning and quite large for an appetizer. With the large Udon type noodles if your looking to make a meal out of Apps I suggest this. We both had the rack of lamb with the celery root and parsip gratain and Fiddleheads. The lamb was perfectly cooked with big eye's and very well seasoned, just how I like my lamb. The gratain was awesome, good celery flavor but not overpowering, while the parsnip was just sweet enough. I finished with the Two Blues, one from VT and one from ??? can't remember but they were both delectable. Great meal.
  15. Maine. But if that's not an option I ususally go to Whole Pay Check and I really want to try Wegmans but on a weekend you can't get within 100 yards of the place.
  16. Ding Ding Ding...tell him what he's won Johnny!
  17. Absolutely. "It's not tipping I believe in....it's over tipping. I should write this down, gimme your pen." Vinnie -- My Blue Heaven.
  18. Hey all I'm coming home (Boothbay) for about 48 hours next weekend and doing dinner with the parents in Portland Thursday night. What's new and a must try. I've done the following to death so I'm looking for something new and good. Hugo's Walter's Street & Co Forestreet Back Bay Grill Thanks in advance.
  19. I read this issue cover to cover on my trip home yesterday. Fantastic stuff. There is also supposedly a fantastic cheese shop in Charlottesvile? I can't remember the name but I'm tempted to take a road trip....
  20. MMMMM...Snark. It's kind of like the Mini Burger, it's everywhere but only some people do it really well.
  21. This thread has been a very good meating of the minds. ← It's rare someone that someone has a beef about reservation policies.
  22. Thanks much. I'm always looking for a place to tuck into some Bistro food when it's nasty outside and all you want to do is open a bottle of burgundy and eat some cassoulet, and snails.
  23. Perfect. My dad alway's told me, "My house my rules, you don't like it live somewhere else." I could point out the corollary here but your all smart people. Oh yeah. Michael if I promise to get off in 90 minutes can I ride on the roller coaster too?
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