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  1. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to eat at the East Coast Grill in Inman Square if I were you.
  2. I'll add a plug for my uncle's restaurant in Waitsfield called The Den. laid back, locals, great food.
  3. Personally the best local meats I think come from Wolf Neck Farm which you can sometimes find at the local grocery store, but also try the Portland Market as well.
  4. cnn.com has proclaimed Red's Eats the best lobster roll in New England if not the world.......Uggghhh here we go again. If you think the lines are long now!!!
  5. Growing up in Boothbay ME a lobster roll was cold lobster a little mayo and lemon on whatever rolls/bread was in the house, but typically it was a sandwich bun. The one constant was the toasting that bread with a bit of butter in a pan. Now when we eat lobster there is just nothing left to make a sandwich with the next day, even if we buy an extra with every intention of making sandwiches out of it.
  6. Me too. ← Mark apologies if our group was a bit loud last night as you could probably tell by the number of bottles on the table we were feeling no pain. We tried using the dump bucket but you just can't dump an 86 Forman! Here is the list if you were wondering. All these worked really well with the meal except for the sausage dish which was apparently too spicy for the wines we had. Alphonse Mellot 2001 Sancerre Edmond Kistler 2002 Chardonnay McCrea Vineyard Jo Pithon 2003 Savennieres La Croix Picot Henri Gouges 2002 Nuits-St.-Georges 1er Les Pruliers Planeta 2002 Syrah Casanova di Neri 1995 Brunello di Montalcino Paitin 2002 Barbaresco Corino 1993 Barolo Bernabe Navarro 2003 Leva Daniel Alicante Valsacro Dioro 2001 Rioja J & D Selection Forman 1986 Cabernet Ch. Meyney 1986 St. Estephe Warres 1994 LBV Port
  7. I had an off the charts meal at Komi last night! The amuse of dates stuffed with marscapone cheese were absolutely spectacular. We were really dissapointed when our lovely server wasn't able to procure for us another plate even if we were willing to pay. My first course consisted of tempura fried squash blossums filled with riccotta. Included on the plate were a ramesco sauce, a beef carpaccio of sort, some lightly par boiled fava beans, and lightly roasted olives. Really well put together I'm impressed at how the flavors of each really stood out and I like the relatively little saucing. Next course was the sea urchin rissoto. If you are a uni fan run don't walk to KOMI for this course. There is a nice size portion of ultra fresh uni placed on top of the rissoto which was made with lobster stock. The Uni makes this risotto jump off the plate with a rich creamy brine essence that is un-mistakeable. Fantastic. Then came the smoked and spit roasted suckling pig served with a polenta of sorts and small brussel sprouts. This worked so well together. The smoke was deep and rich the portion which reminded me of an osso bucco was so tender and falling off the bone, perfectly cooked and in need of nothing else. This was not sauced either and I was really happy with that since the pork was soooo flavorful. Finally the fresh made doughnuts with chocolate (and something else) marscapone topping out of this world. This was my first KOMI experiance but I'll definetly be back soon. It was a little warm in there once the place filled up and got a bit loud as well but all in all just a wonderfull meal.
  8. Yes but have you had all your shots?
  9. I believe I have Don. And I assume it was Chef Hartzner because someone referred to him as Michael and he certainly wasn't the Michael I know. Food was absolutely stellar. However I called the private number to make that reservation so does that mean I get shunned now?
  10. Fred

    Rum Drinks

    exactly...a mount gay & tonic is nothing without the lime!
  11. Fred

    Rum Drinks

    It may be simple but Mount Gay and Tonic has been my standby for years. I'm also a big fan of the Dark & Stormy (Gosslings Black Rum and Ginger Beer). Or a good Myers & Pineapple alway's hits the mark. If I'm on Tortola then it's a Number III Pain Killer at Pussers.
  12. Thanks. We'll probably hit Simpsons Seafood on the way home. I'm looking forward to some Black Back Flounder and a few dozen Shipyard IPA's
  13. Good to hear Johnny since I'm headed home to E. Boothbay this weekend.
  14. I had a fantastic meal at Bistro Bis last Firday. Chef Burrell is really rocking that kitchen. Other than that I'd go to Palena or KOMI.
  15. I tried mixing with Fresca this weekend and wasn't that impressed with the results. I used Milagro Silver, a half lime (juiced) and Fresca. It was too sweet for me, so I mixed in some ruby red grapefruit juice and splashed a little fresca on top for fiz and it was much better.
  16. This reminds me of a drink from Killer Cocktails, the Paloma, which uses grapefruit soda instead of the grapefruit juice, and includes a pinch of salt in the drink. It's great, as well. ← Interesting, any clue how one procures grapefruit soda or even makes it themselves? Would it just be a simple combination of soda water and grapefruit juice?
  17. Finished off the last of my Don Julio Anjeo last night so it's off to ABC to go shopping sounds like the Milagro is a good bet.
  18. Hi all, thought I'd share this. Lately it's been oppresively hot here in VA so I've taken a liking to the following tequila drink which I think I first saw made on NapaStyle on the Fine Living Network. It's the perfect thing in hot weather: 2oz of Anjeo Tequila (I'm using Herradura or Don Julio, Silver tequila would work too) The juice of half a lime (I use a whole one if there isn't a ton of juice) Then fill the rest of the glass with Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. Really refreshing. Cheers
  19. MMMMmmmmm....Whispering E. It just got better and better as it warmed up and opened up. Good times.
  20. If you want to talk wine and join in on the DC Cru Offline festivities, go to www.vinocellar.com Scroll down to the offline section and look for the DC Cru outings we have many and they are a blast.
  21. I don't have an answer to your question but that is the best moniker I've ever seen!!!
  22. Ray's was simply stellar as usual last night. Scallops were so fantastic, best thing to happen to a scallop ever. My blue devil rocked. My mom who isn't a big meat eater ordered the grilled scampi and that looked just really good. Our waiter Moe was the best, personable, efficient, funny. Great times per ususal......and Michael wasn't in the kitchen. Whoever is working the fire there is doing an unbelievable job.
  23. I hear ya Mark. I always bring my own but when I make it to Citronelle your in charge man. I'm really looking forward to that. Last night I brought a fantastic 02 Rivers-Marie Summa Vineyard Old Vines Pinot to Zola. First of Thomas Brown's new label well done. The wine was better than the meal.
  24. I very often check with Open Table which will tell you and if the restaurant isn't on open table I call and ask policy because even though a restaurant may allow corkage they may not alow you to open a bottle on thier list etc. so I ask those question over the phone when making the reservation.
  25. That time of year isn't it. I'm sure my friends at Great Eastern Mussel Farms are going out of their minds right now.
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