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  1. - Cookies by George has just opened. - Indica is papered up and will become something called "ReaL", serving "Urban Chinese Specialty", no idea what that means.
  2. Yes, Shota used to serve dim sum at night as well.
  3. The building that used to house Monsoon and the old Soma is now "caffe barney". The "south" part (the old Soma), subtitled "coffee", is now open; while the "north" part (Monsoon), subtitled "food and drink", is not.
  4. The Golden Szechuan On West Broadway (and Burrard) is closed. When did that happen?
  5. "Japone" (8269 Oak St) is closed. It's now "Applause Japanese Restaurant".
  6. Desi Downtown at the old Ambrozia site on Denman has finally opened.
  7. Saw a sign of Splitz Grill (from Whistler) openning on Main St (near 26th).
  8. I don't think the Modern Club is open for lunch anyway. No loss.
  9. Well, it's here. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot opened earlier this month in Lansdowne opposite Gingeri. Walked by last week on our way to Gingeri for lunch. Very quiet. Apparently, they already have three locations in the Scarborough/Thornhill area, one in Montreal, and one in California as mentioned.
  10. There's a dessert stall in the food court in Aberdeen Centre. I think it's called Tim's or something. It's the one closest to the Fairchild offices. They make those "Chinese Waffles" (Gai Dan Tsai or "Little Chicken Eggs") and other sweet Hong Kong and Macau snacks like "Egg Rolls" and those thick Almond cookies, I think. Not sure about mooncakes. Maybe you can try Maxim's in Chinatown. Or even T&T. They may sell the mini-versions year-round with or without the egg-yolk centres as "Chinese Chess Cakes".
  11. Sounds like Cardero's.......... or Lift? Thanks Karen, I should probably just ask my dad. I'm sure he'll be able to give me more details. ←
  12. Marbleslab Creamery openning soon in the space where El Patio was supposed to move in on Denman (at Davie).
  13. Openning next to the Noodle Box on W. 4th: "Cheesecake 101 - Gourmet Outlet". No idea what it is.
  14. Excellent chocie! My favourite is the Uovo Napolitano and the yogurt granola cup. The coffee is good too.
  15. Before our favourite Bahn Mi place on Kingsway (and Clark, I think) called Kent was turned into a Dosa Palace about 9 months ago, they used to serve cane juice freshly squeezed to order with the the exact machine as described. I would not be surprised if other Vietnamese Bahn Mi places along Kingsway or surrounding area serve similar treats.
  16. The "giant" lobsters were on sale for $9.99/lb this past weekend.
  17. Sushikan (Aberdeen Centre, Richmond) is closed and will be re-opened under new management on March 1, 2007.
  18. Azia (990 Smithe) is open. The menu looks quite heavy on the Chinese side.
  19. Kei's Dining Bar (formerly "Umami") on Davie @ Seymour is closed and will be re-opened as "Mango's Fusion Restaurant".
  20. Going into the Hooters space on Robson will be a Japanese restaurant called "Ebisu".
  21. Isn't Aquafina just purifed (by filtering and reverse osmosis etc) tap water? Wouldn't it be even "softer" than our local tap water since almost all the dissolved solids are removed from it?
  22. It's just a maki roll place with the usual selections, mostly for take-out. They do make them fresh on the spot though; so no pre-made refrigirated stuff sitting around. They are open until like 2 am or something, to feed the bar crowd I guess. I'm much more curious about "Sonomama Sushi and Grill" (I guess the "Grill" part refers to robata) around the same stretch of Granville on the opposite side of the street. High ceilings and nice decor. Looks like someone spent quite a bit of money on it.
  23. It's called "Jonker Street - Simply Malaysian", on Pacific Blvd right next to the Liquor Store.
  24. You can get the "Little Fat Lamb" hot pot soup bases at T & T.
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