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  1. Why, baklava of course.
  2. If you have a designated driver a must do is the rum runner at the Tiki bar in Islamorada. I know, I know touristy sophmoric but, man it's a ritual for many. Manny & Isa's in Islamorada has good cuban food, I especially like the minty house dressing good roast pork, and a true key lime pie with limes grown in their own garden. I'm more familiar with the upper keys. Drop a line if you have more questions.
  3. Toni10

    Yellowfin tuna steaks

    Jin, Once you eat tuna salad made from filets, it sure is hard to go back to the canned version. No shame in that. My husband is a fishes for sport. We eat tuna only two ways raw and in tuna salad.
  4. I only remember the butter which she browned, garlic and dried spices. There was no feta. She served them peel and eat style. Thanks for the help.
  5. My love for cooking came from a elderly Greek woman who made the most incredible shrimp dish. They were cooked in their shell, with loads of butter, garlic and spices. Help!
  6. Where will you be staying in St Thomas and will you have a car?
  7. I've had some pretty impressive lobsters in the British Virgins. They roast them in sand pits on the beach. Simplicity at it;s best. The Pain Killers don't hurt either.
  8. Anyone have any suggestions for dining in Indianapolis? I will be there for Grand Prix in September. Thanks for your help all suggestions appreciated!
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