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  1. goat cheese marinated in oil? If the botulism doesn't get you the arterial sclerosis might.
  2. ok, i started this post because I had a question to ask, but I think WebMD has answered it. It's pretty stark so I thought I would share. Background - I wanted to make a garlic in oil preserve, basically to flavour my oil. I put cloves cut in two into an oil bottle, filled and put it on my fridge. When I went back a week later and opened the bottle, all sorts of bubbles started coming out. I thought something might be up at that point and have been afraid to try it before I checked out if it would kill me. turns out it probably would... clipped from: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/6/1680_53320.htm
  3. McDonald's Arctic Orange Shakes nothing better in the summer... can still taste them
  4. seems like the blade is the biggest thing for people... does anyone even look at the handle when they're shopping? I'd think it was at least as important for the overall impression a knife leaves with you.
  5. ok, so for your needs, what distinguishes a good cleaver from a bad? You see two lying on a table, how would you choose?
  6. Ok, i know people have a LOT to say about knives. Everyone has an opinion, right or wrong, often based on a lot of hearsay of equally questionable validity. So, forgetting everything you've ever heard, read in a magazine, been told by a friend of a friend, or overheard in a bar... what do you REALLY value in a good knife? I know that I can pick up a rusty wood handled knife and have just as good a cutting experience as as with a hyper expensive japanese folded steel taper ground blade, assuming they meet my personal requirements for a good knife. I like my knives sharp (obviously), light, small handled with a hard grip, maneuverable and with fairly strong tapers toward the tip to allow detail work on a long blade. so what makes it or breaks it for you? What's your favourite knife and why? And again, i'm not looking for quotes from magazines about Molybdinum-Vanadium alloys and sharpening angles... all hocus pocus aside please. (of course unless you work for CATRA).
  7. do have a image of exactly what you're talking about? I received a 'chitarra' for christmas for making pasta, it sounds like what you are talking about (and chitarra is it. for guitar), but this is made of wood and cost about $100 ordered from italy. I didn't know if these were common or not.
  8. hi, thanks for the welcome! :) I was indeed referring to the cork topper. Sounds like it's something a little hard to find! I guess I'll hit the auction sites. Thanks for the help all.
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