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  1. Thanks! Will do when I go over to visit art studios/gallerys!
  2. I'm on the Eastside. I cook at home far more than I go out these days, but some fresh inspriation is welcomed. If there's a sweet little cantina in Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah, Woodinville, Duvall, Carnation, Fall City... I'd make a trip for it. Guess I'm looking for rural/farm fresh type meals! My toritillas from masa harina were ok, but not inspiring. I don't think I'm up for grinding my own masa. Thanks for your ideas.
  3. Native Texan here, eating more economically (ie, that giant bag of beans from Costco!) now refering to her Rick Bayless book, needs FRESH MASA for the best homemade tortillas! Any chance someone can tell me where to get fresh Masa? I drove to Woodinville yesterday for supplies at a small Mexican grocery. Masa Harina worked ok for my first shot at making my own tortillas. I didn't see any thread about Mexican food up here (saw the thread on tacos in North Portland/Gresham/Vancouver, WA), so I'm hoping there are some jewels to be discovered closer to Seattle. Anyone?
  4. Thank you Torakris! I'm pleased to be here. I'll wait impatiently for springtime, and will look for seeds meantime, and maybe pick up some rosemary and mint, and parsely if I'm lucky, too. I have started some little guys from Kobocha seeds, knowing that squash plants are the very easiest to get going. While the Kobocha are still in season, I'm saving more seeds from the best tasting to plant after winter. I haven't really looked for commercial seeds. Are they easy enough to find in the neighborhood shops? Another thought: The "Market Guide" brochure I picked up in Tsukiji shows wholesale flower markets at Itabashi, Kita-Adachi, Kasai, Ota, and Setagaya. Have you explored any of these for living (rather than cut) plants? Might be interesting....
  5. My question does not exactly fit your criteria (I am not outside Japan), so please forgive me. I would like to start an herb garden in containers, and I need some advice on where to buy very young plants here in Tokyo. My neighborhood nursery does not carry shiso, for example. Is there a wholesale market for plants here in Tokyo? Any direction you can send me will help. Thanks.
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