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  1. Hi Pao Pao,

    I believe that there is a logical reason why certain societies have considered humanely(passion & compassion amongst other criteria) the fundamental import of food & dining. Those people who can explain through criticism & understanding but also love of their place(as that is what cuisine IS)may have subjective tastes but share a commonality of purpose. I believe it really helps to explain what depth of understanding there really is for food in other societies, & perhaps there are ways of improving the system around us, but in fact for the improvement of communities around us. I think i hold a romantic notion of a time that has passed, but i would for one support any movement in this direction.

    I dont believe that the idea of using set criteria when evaluating a dining experience was being promoted as mandatory, again i would like to see how other people judge the food that they consume, fascinated actually :wink:

    Soap Operas are also shared across many societies(not sure that a correlation exists here:Food/soaps!) I think the most important thing is try to be honest but i guess that etiquette can get in the way(aswell as trying to make money!) So Pao Pao, i think i'm with you on allowing people to write what they want, i just want what they want to be what i want........fair enough no?

  2. THanks Badiane, your weekend sounds like a good idea! Yet the bloody weather could decide to play along. How were the strawbs?? I am chomping at the bit to get out to the countryside, it's funny because i am also looking to make some jams! could you tell me a little about the artisan bread bakers. Damn if only i could find my own Policeman's Box ,it would simplify things................IMHO Tom Baker was the best!

  3. I prefer all white, with no collar.

    From Duncan's photo it seems like alot of sauce on the plate, does this trend run thro' all his dishes?? I think the brits like lots of sauce especially when it's gooood! I have worked for french guys who tend to hold off a little. Would love to try his food, DEM seems like the chef's chef type


  4. Andrew,

    I hope you will have the balls when you eventually start writing your blag/blog or whatever for Westender to highlight such misappropriations perpetrated by restaurants, more business patsies are not required. You could actually be doing a public service, & get paid for it(free meals not included :wink: ,afterall it would be difficult to remain impartial) I wish you good luck & hope for plenty of criticism, when/if warranted.

    Cheers Sean


  5. Paula,

    Rather than allude to the possiblity that GR had something to do with the unfortunate death of one of his chef's perhaps you should stick to topics you have knowledge of- like Le Gavroche(ad nauseum)

    HK is fine, perhaps it provides a more realistic representation of the demands of fine dining than many other food shows, not an easy job is it! :shock::shock:

  6. Fads i would like to see disappear:

    Restaurant reviews that basically tell you where the place is & it's opening hours, critique where necessary & lets see more food criticism(If you want people to consider what they are consuming then i think it would be valid if this starts with the guys/gals who are being paid to say as much!)

    Fresh frozen- like Spock used to say "this is not logical Jim" This seems to me to be a way of concealing the fact that ever dwindling resources & economic considerations rule the food chain. Fish should be fresh- not frozen. Market delivery mechanisms need to be more efficient & consumers need to support them, yes even if that means paying more! Perhaps ecological damage will have to be more tightly regulated in order that the evening meal doesn't become another episode of FearFactor. It's the preventative approach to our wellbeing as opposed to medicinal cure.

    The propensity among some consumers who take the BurgerKing approach to dining & have it their way! (a useful consideration would be to imagine a full dining room with everybody "customizing", but of course a responsibilty is required from the chef to allow diners to have confidence in his/her abilities to cook!)

    Organic growers who just grow carrots, leeks, beans etc. Over centuries farmers, gardeners & cooks have worked to establish their very own set of genetically engineered (But in a good way) crops based on criteria which considers taste, yield, climate, soil etc. We are being told to believe that progress today means that seed has been genetically altered to ensure that it cannot be germinated without the necessary 'key'(also resistant to isanely powerful agri-chemicals used in their production, we should genetically engineer people this way to better avoid genocides of the future eh!) provided by our friendly local multi-national agribusiness. The old way was not so bad, afterall the organic way aint nothing new ,even in Sir Albert Howard's day! The idea that GM food is a panacea to world hunger is a damn lie...(the secret is in the soil) Thank goodness for seed savers. OOps ranting a little, i guess i don't mind using a name for a vegetable, fruit because i understand that somebody worked hard & indeed invested some thought & in instances no small measure of creativity.

    Just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg!

  7. cubiluaris, Ducky,

    You raise an interesting point! I was travelling around Sardinia last summer, what is evident is the water is wonderfully clear & abundant with fish(Just like San Sebastian in Spain). The fishing boats are small & need only fish for a proportion of the day, they return & their DIVERSE catch is immediately in the market. Once the day's catch is sold THAT is it. Simple, respectful.

    Obviously such a situation benefits from the proximity of the resource to the market, however i believe that the fishing/consumer practices enable this situation to sustain. In Europe as in N. America a distinct pressure exists on fish resources, perhaps moreso as consumption, certainly in med. societies, is probably higher however the emphasis seems more fitted to providing fresh fish daily.

    I was at a certain crab/lobster establishment on Granville Island last week & asked them how long they kept their product in the tanks. At the time of asking the crowded tanks had sustained them for 3 weeks(without being fed, which results in them feeding on each other!) & undoubtedly would still remain for a while longer. I think economics has a huge role, certainly for fishermen, in supporting such practices & believe the consumer can help to determine a better managed model....bottom line being YOU GOTTA PAY MORE IF YOU WANT YOUR FISH FRESH!! I wonder historically how previous fishing practices have affected our resources today.....& the impact of other forms of industry...& why is it not possible to process our waste before it is flushed into the ocean!! Hell we have marine mammals/fish swimming around that can be legaaly defined as toxic waste!!!

    And just to get back on topic, cubilularis can you expand on the Wick dinner, its funny because i'm also moving away from overprepared food BUT simple is the hardest thing to achieve!

  8. Zoe,

    St Pierre is of course St Peter(the fisherman), believed to have left his thumbprint on the fish that we know as John Dory(who probably left a pint of blood on the fish whilst prepping the spiny little bastard!). I have seen the DVD L'invention du cuisine, with Bras & Gagnaire, their is probably a thread somewhere on the matter, i enjoyed it alot.

    Pim, me thinks you have alot of reviewing to catch up on, must be terrible...eat, eat.....eat....eat some more! Do you prefer French provincial or French metropolitan?

  9. Keith,

    Certainly insanely high restaurant prices were contributing to the trend(fad assumes short term, & gastropubs are now firmly entrenched) in the U.K. but also breweries were offloading country pubs that were of perceived low value or simply unprofitable in order to improve margins in a tough competitive market, especially so with shareholders to satisfy! During this period a number of highly experienced chefs, with incredible resumes, were looking to start their own thing but without the resources required for the kind of restaurants they had experience in, so a convenient coincidence. Indeed the example of gastropub has been around for ages, especially on the continent (perhaps country inn would be more apt), Franco Taruschio at the Walnut tree inn is a good example & more recently Andrew Pern at the Star in Harome(Yorkshire). The best examples exhibit what positive directions British food/chefs are taking, emphasising in an honest way the best of local & seasonal produce. The money goes into the food, which suits me just fine. It is especially enjoyable to pick-up a craft real ale from somebody who knows about it(Beer geek), you dont have to tip, & doesn't have gelled spiky hair(I go to eat & drink, if it is good that is reward enough, i can do without the expense of eye-candy especially if it compromises food/drink quality).

    I would love to see this fad over here more. :cool:

  10. Funny,

    Tojo is the only one to have done any mise! Andre Durbach needs to be locked up. Somebody should give Gord an Apple & peeler. However the big question is where are all the commis bitches to peel the spuds anyway??

  11. BC pub grub is poor! Where are the pork scratchings? But i would say that, i'm a retard after all. Paul i did a stint at Lettonie, sad to see the demise of that place. Hope you had the opportunity to enjoy. Oh the ashtrays are larger because you don't have to empty them as frequently as smaller ones, just as you don't have to tip some retard who gets your order wrong...but nice jugs!

  12. Jamie,

    Daniel Pauly, head honcho of the fisheries programme at UBC,

    would be an informative inclusion on your guest list. A recent documentary viewed on a Seattle network looked into fisheries management, with astute commentary from Pauly. Aquaculture must be part of a solution but with emphasis on sustainable practices, Pauly highlights the growing & significant contribution of shellfish aquaculture(an increasingly important segment of BC fisheries economy). In Spain Bluefin Tuna stocks are being managed, however their carniverous nature requires huge amounts of fish input for precious little output(albeit tasty) thus not an entirely sustainable resource. China, unsurprisingly, is a leader in land based fish aquaculture with such species as Tilapia(herbivore's so require no fish matter) proving to be an important food source but also it fair share of environmental impacts.

    I think that their is a false assumption that the Government is concerned with accurately assessing fish stocks, resources are being cut. In BC the lLiberals have forgiven hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines to Salmon farms who have broken laws & indeed returned fines that had already been paid. An aggressive policy of the same party has increased the number of licences to further Salmon farming, seemingly without fear of punishment & carte blanche to adopt questinable practices. Oh & blatantly unaware of the impact to wild marine life, recent reports display how ignorant we are of the numbers,ecology & lifestyle of our fish resources & flippant disregard governments display can only compound this.

    I find it interesting that people question the validity of those that fear for the levels of our fish resources here in BC. Yes fishermen just love to go further & further away just so they can prop up the poor ailing oil economy of Alberta. The evidence exists in various quarters.

    I could go on, but it takes too long to type....i'll give it a rest

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