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    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    mickey's ice...stanky. worst malt liquor ever: steel reserves 211. the originalrat's piss. also bad: elephant beer. also: anybody try that alcoholic spring water? i think it was called dna or something; terrible stuff. oh and i'm not a fan of old style either.
  2. mike_r

    Anti BBQ Ribs

    i've had great success (as well as great flavor) by placing the ribs on a rack over a sheet tray (if that's all you have) or a deeper roasting pan, then filling the bottom of the pan with beer--i've used yuengling, but prefer guinness with a little apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar--and then wrapping the whole shebang really tightly in foil, then into a 250 oven for two to three hours. let cool slightly, then onto the grill and hit it with your sauce. mmm-mmm. oh when making sauce--tamarind is a must. shiitakes are very nice too.
  3. thanks ronnie, i feel right at home here already i didn't see that episode of check please! but i did see the food network special talking about moto and trio (also featured, i have no idea why, was tizi melloul, where i used to work) anyhow, i've heard a lot of criticism about this sort of cuisine since i first ate there and really became aware of this new world of cooking. My first meal there was wonderful, and i left quite full, quite satisfied, and more than a little drunk (the wine tasting menu is brilliant, but lengthy anyhow, if y'all haven't been, do go; and if you can, try to arrange a stage position for a day or two; extremely educational and a real treat.
  4. i agree. i haven't eaten at moto in a few months now, but as i have heard much about the new concepts appearing here i will have to make room for it in the ol budget again my hat's off to homaru and company
  5. i could be wrong but i think the really expensive pots are generally made of two or more layers of material sandwiched together for more even heat distribution...this could be why. but i agree, the cost of good cookware can be a lottle silly sometimes.
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