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  1. I haven't been able to recreate my grandmother's lockshen and cheese and I've been trying for close to 30 years. I wonder if there was sour cream in it. I also think she may have baked it because the noodles were sometimes a little crispy. I'd love to try a traditional recipe if you feel like sharing! Thanks1
  2. Michael Pollan seems to piss a lot of people off.
  3. Discovered that the turkey thighs were too freezer burned to be edible, after I cooked them. The 2.5 year old had leftover pasta with salmon and artichoke hearts last night along with milk, cauliflower and clementines. I ended up with cauliflower and mini veal burgers. I think my husband had chocolate--he didn't get home from work until after 10. Today-- 2.5 year old had the last frozen waffle for breakfast along with milk, O's and cheese. He takes his lunch to school and asked for a sunflower seed butter and jam sandwich. I added a peach yogurt, sauteed mushrooms and clementines. The cle
  4. I am going to try. I'm going to have to bend a bit with a tyrannical 2 year old in the house--fortunately we have a full box of O's in the house but I'm in deep trouble if we run out of bananas! I need to get stuff cleared out of the freezer--there isn't room to freeze extra soup or chili right now. To that end, I took out boneless turkey thighs to defrost last night. I will bake them tonight in a ginger soy sauce with brown rice and serve with roasted purple and orange cauliflower. Wondering about alternatives to olive oil if I run out. Looking forward to this!
  5. Has anyone dined in Stratford this season? We are going at the end of August, with toddler in tow, and are starting to wonder what are options are going to be this year. Thanks!
  6. Saw online that the Globe has closed!!! So very sad, especially since I'm not making a Stratford run this year as we have a 4 month old at home.
  7. I use my kitchen shears to cut up pizza.
  8. TSA did search every bag again at the gate for my flight from Buffalo to BWI. I assumed it was because we were flying to DC.
  9. I'm sorry we missed Zee's for lunch. While our dinner was very good, the lunch menu looks so much better! We had dinner before theater there last week and it was lovely. They have wonderfully whimisal presentations. The mushroom and goat cheese app is terrific and the duck entree was very nice. My friends tried the quail, the pork and the sirloin and all were happy with their choices. The night before was less successful with a decision to "wing it" once we got to the Falls. After seeing LOTR-the Musical and driving back from Toronto we were in no condition to make good choices. We en
  10. Another visit to Stratford has come and gone. The food scene has some wonderful highlights but the overall impression is that service continues to go downhill. The decent, but nothing special to write home about spots: We had breakfast at Madelyn's and it was disappointing for the first time. The fruit cup was canned and the eggs were way overcooked. Breakfast at Feature's was the same as ever. Worth a visit once during the trip... Dinner at the Boar's Head--we were there over 2 hours. They ran out of shepherd's pie and didn't mention to us that they were making them from scratch until w
  11. I flew last week and food was allowed--we brought back scones, Timbits and a ton of candy. We checked the wine we bought--mine was in mini-bottles (Canadian ice wine) and got through fine. Not sure if the big bottles made it safely to California. I also had nuts and dried fruit with me and it wasn't an issue.
  12. I totally love the new non-dog policy and made a point of telling the management. I also mentioned that I had come to prefer Takoma and Arlington which are dog-free and I was glad to see Dupont was finally on the band wagon.
  13. Though French Fries are back on the menu at the House cafeterias. ← Doesn't make them edible!!!!
  14. Breakfasts at the Court itself aren't bad--Angie makes a mean eggs and cheese sandwich. Plus employees get a discount. Don't eat at the Senate (or the House.) Cheap eats for breakfast and lunch can be had at Jimmy T's--East Capitol and 5th Street SE. There isn't a lot of good grocery shopping right near the Court--Eastern Market can be pricey. Sonoma on Pennsylvania Avenue can be done for a reasonable price if you order carefully. Good luck!
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