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  1. Lumiere just never seemed to regain its' cache after Feenie left. The Bistro side seemed still busy but signs were present, last time we were there was a Sunday Brunch and they had an "All you can Drink Bloody Caesar" promo.
  2. 2roost


    I guess taste is very subjective. I want nothing buttery or flaky about my pizza crust, I want it thin and crispy with a small bit of yeasty chewiness but certainly no butter and no flake, I'll leave that to my crust for quiche.
  3. Since poultry thighs are among the easiest things in the world to extract the bone, and skin, from why would you need to buy them boneless/skinless ?
  4. Wow, thanks for all the time you put into this Greg. Just found out the 2nd business dinner is at Watershed, which was recommended above. May have to go to DaddyDZ just to try the Que Wraps, sounds like Q meets Pork buns and that's a good thing.
  5. Greg, thanks for the info. I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency, I don't know where the 2nd business dinner is but the first one is at Bones. I am not planning on renting a vehicle.
  6. I'm visiting Atlanta on business in October, two nights are taken with business dinners but I'd like some recommendations for dinner for the other three nights. Ideally I'm looking for regional cuisine. I look forward to hearing from the locals. Also are there any places, regional or otherwise, that are "Can't Miss".
  7. Re: Brisket Stong's Market in Kerrisdale has Certified Angus Brisket on special this week (April 27 - May 3) for $4.50 a pound.
  8. It's an interesting scenario, what with Whole Foods owning Capers and the Safeway at 12th and Cambie being maybe the worst Safeway in existence. I fear for Choices.
  9. 2roost

    Smoking chefs

    Same applies to front of house, I'm asked "can you watch my section while I grab a smoke ?" so often that I've now started asking neighbouring servers "Can you watch my section while I stand outside and do nothing productive for 5 minutes ?" just to see their reaction. On topic I know many cooks who smoke but very few chef/sous chefs who do.
  10. So ShoreClub is open, Goldfish is open and Metro is, apparently, open. Just a couple of thoughts: 1) Aren't the people going to ShoreClub just going to be the ones who were already going to Gotham ? 2) Does Metro need a bit of PR ? I had a table in last night who had tried to go to Metro but couldn't find it !! 3) Who is going to fill all these seats, plus Player's, Italian Kitchen and a new Keg in Yaletown, come November ? Just wondering.
  11. Uruguayan Rib Eyes are on sale at Stong's this week - $6.98 a pound. Had them last night and they were excellent.
  12. It is a bleak wasteland Derek - at least as of 2 summers ago (2005). Please advise if you find any gems, or even attractive rocks.
  13. Always best to use your credit card, your bank will convert at a much more reasonable rate than individual merchants, currently our restaurant is giving 5%, which given the "posted exchange rates" of 12% is pretty fair. Banks and Government Liquor stores will offer better rates. Still 1:1 seems a bit lame, except for at the smokie cart.
  14. Too many is when not all of them sell, not enough is when your customers ask for more.
  15. Stong's have carried Free Range Grass Fed Uruguayan Beef for at least two years. I personally enjoy the flavour of grass fed beef and have always enjoyed the Uruguayan beef from Stong's. I prefer the rib eyes to tenderloin and in the summer this product is often available at $7-$8 a pound. As for the local argument I have to side with KT on this one, Alberta is not local, and if anyone can provide me with available "local BC free range grass fed beef" at a comparable (up to 20% premium) I'll happily buy it.
  16. Good to see the small local businesses being supported. Rumour has it that Tomato may walk away from their Cambie location (lease expires at the end of May). They are geared up to open another Tomato Fresh Cafe in the old Mark's Taphouse spot on Broadway in early June.
  17. I always thought the "Festival of Mendacity" was held on Saltspring in July.
  18. As previously stated a "cover" is an ass in a seat. Some restaurants only track "entrees" but that is rare these days in the age of small plates and tapas blurring the lines of "entree". As a server I am much more concerned with "covers" than "tables". I've had horrible 15 table nights ( 12 deuces, a 3 and 2 X 4 tops = 35 seats @ $35 a head) and brilliant 2 table nights (flipped a party of 16 at Christmas Season = 32 seats @$150 a head).
  19. 2roost


    Here's part of the negative review from "Dinehere" Given that "The vegetarian" was ordering chicken I am a little leery, and would it have been okay without "strong" bacon. This is the same website that published a negative review about a restaurant where the reviewer spoke of sitting beside a fireplace in a restaurant that has no fireplace Honestly I think reviewing any new restaurant in the first week of operation is poor policy.
  20. What about the Turkey Place on Granville Island, across from Armando's ?
  21. Armando's on Granville Island sells rabbit, don't know about "cut up" I always buy the whole thing.
  22. Hugel Gentil, CSPC#367284 $16.95, not the exact same cuvee but similar style and philosophy.
  23. Name change, as with Moonshine, was required by Liquor Licensing not City of Vancouver. Apparently they were worried that people might be "confused" by the names.
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