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  1. Good point, C. Lil told me she thought you might take this as a personal mission on your next trip
  2. Hi all, I'm posting for a friend whose living in Rome. Anyone know where to find fresh lemongrass? Thanks!
  3. Hey Y'all! C, I love your Gumbo Z'herbe blog entry. I actually had my first Gumbo Z last weekend in Richmond -- of all places (at the Black Sheep, whose owners used to work at Palace Cafe). And I couldn't remember from my cookbook reading if it had a roux. I think I'll add it to the repertoire. The restaurant offered smoked turkey, crab, and shrimp as add ons, all of which should go well, I'd think.
  4. Hi there everyone, just a couple to add to the list: Cynthia's in Severna Park. I went there recently for lunch, had the house salad and steak and blue cheese sandwich. It was excellent. The fries were really frites, and the bread on the sandwich was homemade. I tasted the chicken pot pie also which the waitress reported to be quite popular. The atmosphere is pretty staid (it is Severna Park after all), but the food is a huge consolation after Metropolitan closingCan't wait to go back for my birthday dinner. Next is Punk's Backyard Grill at the Annapolis Mall. They are situating themselves for
  5. Hi there everyone. Hubby and I will be bringing our 6yo and 3yo to visit our niece at Randolph Macon this weekend. Any suggestions for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch for us all?
  6. I had my first MD ham at a party last week, and it was pretty good, imho. I'll ask my hostess where she got it and post the info here.
  7. One must not fear dark roux. It is a good thing.
  8. Bumpity! Hey y'all. Looking for a fabulous idea for a crawfish canape for my contribution to a Christmas Eve seven fishes soiree. I could fall back on etoufee in pastry shells, but I'd like to do something different. Any ideas?
  9. Looking for places to eat/see in Cape Cod in September. I'm going for an informal writers' retreat at a friend's house. We fly into Providence on Friday morning and will drive to the Cape, returning late Sunday evening. I've never been to Cape Cod, so of course I'm excited. Tell me what to eat!
  10. Hello there, my DelMarVa friends. I am delinquent in delivering an update for Annapolis area farmers' markets. I've been training for a triathlon early on Saturdays when I haven't been travelling, so my FM trips have been limited compared to my religious attendance last year. But, while I might be grousing about missing out on $4/dozen eggs because I get to the market so late, I am quite happy to report on the growth of FMs in town over the last few years. First, my favorite, the Anne Arundel County FM on Riva Rd. (Saturday and Tuesday mornings right now). The market extended its roof this yea
  11. Polyface in Virginia makes deliveries throughout the region. And Joel Salatin is a hoot.
  12. Grits and grillades -- dammit, Brooks, you always make me homesick. I am not a "brunch" person. I wake up at 6, 7 at the latest. I eat freakin' breakfast every day. By 11 or later, I don't want to look at eggs again.(Though I do like a make-your-own-bloody-mary-bar just fine, thank you.) Of course, maybe that's because I'm a Cajun. Or maybe it's because no one around here is going to cook up any of those crazy ass Brennan's egg dishes -- the photocopied recipes for which I've got skulking about my cookbooks. And don't get me started on buffets. Blech. My 5yo daughter was asking me what "bru
  13. Hey Y'all, We'll be heading to Nags Head in a few weeks for a vacation with the extended family. I'm thinking that will be a good time to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary since we won't all be together again this year as we're spread out in Louisiana, Virginia and Maryland. Since we'll have a group ranging in ages from 2 to 81, I thought having a celebratory meal at our cottage would be preferable to a restaurant adventure. Any recommendations for a personal chef or caterer in the area to help us out? Thanks, Bridget PS non-food related -- PM me with photographer recs if you have any
  14. Chris, thanks for your thoughtful post. Insights like yours on what's gone right and what's gone wrong are most helpful. To be honest though, I'm not even sure that working with the schools will be the first undertaking. And remember, education isn't just a school's endeavor, right? There could be programs for the general public, CSA members, intern farmers, etc. In my mind, really, the first step is developing a mission statement out of which programming can grow. The farmer I'm working with has certain things she'd like to see funded from a nonprofit entity, but I hope to work with her to wo
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