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  1. Perhaps it was so the tea would keep longer? When I worked at a diner in Chapel Hill, we'd brew a batch of sweet and unsweet in the morning. Then at closing, we'd have to sweeten the unsweet to keep it for the next day. I'm not really sure why we did it, but maybe the sugar preserves it? Or is that just crazy talk?
  2. If you can make it down just south of Oistins try the restaurant at Little Arches. We stayed there last winter and I thought the food was some of the best we had. From my previous post in this thread: Cafe Luna (on the roof of Little Arches) proved to be a great food spot though it's currently closed to the public (something about liquor license problems). They bring in Caribbean lobster on Saturday night and serve it either grilled with herbs and butter (my choice), Chinese style in a sauce (my hub's choice) or as thermidor. They also did a very nice tuna tartar with capers and great smoked marlin. Also ate at Josef's (which I suspect is a tourist trap we fell into) and South Seas which was much better, both in St. Lawrence Gap.
  3. I posted about it here (with pictures) and here, but alas, I was only speculating about the Peruvian part. Would make sense though. I'd love to know who's behind it. Looks like a big space.
  4. Must give credit where credit is due. Sandra Lee matches her outfit AND kitchen decor to each show's theme. What a woman...
  5. With our own restaurant week returning the first week in August, I was surprised to read in today's NYT Dining Out section that restaurants actually pay $2,500 to be included and that they are selected by a panel. It always seemed to me like DC restaurants were "happy" to participate but secretly curse it under their breath. Do DC restaurants have to pay and/or be selected? Or is it more of a free for all? I guess it's great publicity even if your staff is miserable.
  6. I'm mentioning this even though I've heard mixed things about the 'cue because the place has table cloths and is metro accessible: Riedel's Now if I were the date in question, I'd consider an act of confidence for someone to take me to a divey spot. So I'm seconding V.H.'s suggestion for a meal at Capital Q with cocktails, dessert, etc at one of the more upscale spots. Hell, with the money he saves eating at Cap Q, he might be able to buy his date one of those $15 drinks at Oya.
  7. Wow, you hit the nail on the head! The giant fringed lampshade that was low enough to bump my dining companion's head was definitely a distraction. But back to Corduroy - I finally went for the first time last week and I was expecting a brightly lit, gray-upholstered, airport lounge monstrosity from all I've heard, so I was actually pleasantly surprised. Nice lighting, a few glass vases here and there, and you have to give them credit for frosting the glass so you can't see the Sheraton gym. The scallops and the chocolate sabayon were phenomenal, as reported here.
  8. I'm embarassed to say I've seen a Sandra Lee cookbook (my mother-in-law's, not mine!) and it reads just like that: 1 package fettuccine, De Cecco® 1 1/2 sticks butter, Land O’Lakes® 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese, Kraft® scary...
  9. At a recent brunch at 15 ria, we had a basket of nicely sweetened cornbread that was crunchy on top and crumbly in the middle...very good. You can also order a basket of sticky buns, scones, muffins, etc. Also enjoyed the banana french toast. Even though they'll be looking for a new chef, I imagine the menu will stay the same for a while.
  10. ... Matchbox, Poste, Kanlaya, Ella's, IndeBleu... But back to Oya. The place is quite a looker. Fire in the walls, water running down the walls, white leather everywhere.... Can't wait for some preliminary reports from the field on the food. Press release mentions braised short ribs with vanilla pear puree, and grilled green curry lobster. Press release fails to mention $30 price tags.
  11. I've been meaning to check out Levi's (as a former North Carolinian missing NC bbq) but haven't made it down there. Anyone know anything about their Oxon Hill operation? Their Web site.
  12. I ate there shortly after it first opened...and like previous posts, I can't seem to remember what I ate. Maybe a sausage tapas, some grilled shrimp. It was fine, but I never thought about it again, and would definitely never seek it out. Just overall unmemorable. Not to sound "snobbish" but the upstairs lounge was decked out in Ikea furnishings. How did I know? I'd been to Ikea about a month before. So Jenny, did you end up going? Any reports?
  13. I would agree with the previous sentiments on Citronelle. It's definitely on a different level than Palena or CityZen. That said, if you can't get a reservation, your future in-laws would probably greatly enjoy both CityZen and Palena. If you end up at CityZen, ask for a table near the kitchen or in the nook with all the wines (for lack of a better description). It's a little warmer feeling than the rest of the dining room. Good luck!
  14. Regarding ethnic lunches: Jaleo may work for an easy lunch off the Mall, though depending on the crowds it may not be quick. Teaism would also be a good option for a quick lunch after sightseeing. And though I haven't been yet, I've heard that the new American Indian Museum's state-of-the-art cafeteria has some good options, reflecting indigenous American foods. Have a great time.
  15. I think star ratings as we know them in the U.S. are overly simple. There's not enough room to distinguish the nuances of each rated place. I'd vote for a 100 scale, a la sanitation grade. (Not very appetizing I realize.)
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