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  1. you've been to hvar and you have'nt been to Palmizana???? big mistake!!!! ThereMeneghello family made a little botanical paradise and now thaey have some apartmants and rooms to rent, but their first love is traditional cuisine. They live on the island where there is no electricity so you eat what the son has fished the night before, the cheese they maked from goat milk... if you return there you have to have afish soup they do in a witch like pot with all kind of fish, sea food, and even aragoste which they fish and let live in sort of enormous wooden boxes in the sea. marvolous!
  2. pasta with cream, speck and saffran (eag pasta-papardelle or tagliatelle) risotto milanese risotto monzese (same as milanese but with sausages with finocchieto) arancini sweet pea creamy soup with lardo and saffran
  3. well i was talking about my experience i came in italy to study, so i was in tuch with students in privete and with others only professionaly (i worked as cook for years) all of this in perugia , umbria i was cook of primi (home made pasta too) and i can say that 70 % of how came to the restoraunt ate pasta too 4 years ago i came to torino i've married a southern man (born in basilicata, lived 18 years in puglia and from 18 till now in torino) who ates pasta all the time and so do most of our friends, even though i can see some difference from who was born south and who on north my percentige is not lower than 50% all of this in my experience :-) kisses
  4. it depends where you go to lunch but i can assour you that the prices are not so high if you eat in good traditional osteria (any of the one in a slow food books)
  5. i'm sorry but i desigree when you talk about joia so well i dinned 3 times there, all tree times i was not sudisfaid with food but happy about wine i drank it can seam so fancy and good cuisine but i found it just bad food and lack of immagination a real cook knows better than that a good cook cooks its not just a show but italians that go to joia go for teatro :-D and i'm sorry to say but quality/price at joia is not that good!!!!
  6. well i live in italy last 13 years of my life and i like most eat pasta twice a day i buy dececco when i'm in torino but every time i go south i buy the local factory pasta for south i mean puglia, campania, calabria and sicily i dont even no the names of them but they are all better than mass producted pasta it's like buying parmigiano in busana (on apenino regiano) or balsamic viniagre in modena most of types (names of pasta productors) i never heard about next to dececco i put del verde and i dont spent ever more than 1 € for 1/2 kg
  7. Palombini will have an e-shop here http://www.palombinishop.com/ for suggestion for coffee is really difficult, it depends how you really want your coffee to taste like... i never had palombini so if you could tell us how it tastes like maybe i could find some brand similar :-) kisses
  8. same thing in piedmont as in puglia if you want snails you for a walk in the country and find them.. or just buy it on side of the state street (called like this statale seems really a big one!!!)
  9. i live in turin so if you have any questions just pm me if we talk about exclusive restoraunts i can't help you my restoraunt buget is not so high if you want to eat an excelent piedmont meal go to Sotto la Mole Torino- 9, v. Montebello Tel: 0118179398 - fax: 0118179398 they have a menu for 35 € which includes row meat al albese,agnoloti, secondo they change it really offten, 4 types of cheese and a dessert it could be o good thing to order one menu and the other orders on card the cheese trey is wonderfull (usully not les than 25/30 types of regional cheese) good vine list if you're interested in romantic B&B i have few good ones, in the center it coud be a good idea though to rent a car and visit Langhe for a day (Barolo, Dogliani, Cherasco are just 40 min drive from Turin)
  10. I'm not really a snail fan but i know that in sardinia "lumache" are the sunday meal the recipe that i prefer you can find here
  11. I dont really know what you're reffering at but i use a sardinian dressing for carasau bread, also called musical paper becose its fragility i just put in a mixer cherry tomatoes, olive oil, origano and sardinian sheep cheese i love pecorino cheese and I put 1 part of tomato and 1 part of cheese, but you can change that ps. sorry my terrible english
  12. in est coast sicily they use two different shapes to distinguish the red filled ones with white filled ones i just thought that i could say mine experiance of it i'm not sicilian but i have worked a long in a sicilian restourant here in italy even in the publicity of a local fair of the arancino in Acicastello they design it in a cone mode Acicastello is near Taormina if I misunderstood the forum I'm sorry and I wont post more of my expiriance
  13. well if you go to Trani make a visit to enoteca Dell'Olio, Via Piano Pozzo 52 he has everything at really good prices, speaks english and french (french wife) and he can arange visits at small but good wineries for a supper go to BACCOSTERIA a Barletta (BA) via San Giorgio 5 Tel. 0883/534000 fax 0883/533100 beautiful place with cristal pavement so you can see the wine cave, just 5 tables, and realy good cuisine a Must is Spaghetti con i ricci di mare
  14. round for "white" filling (mozzarela), cone for "red" filling(ragu') saffron - yes just for cone one and in the east coast sicily :-) no for the rest kisses
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