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  1. Yep, I'm an invert sugar guy myself. It'll definetely prevent hard-freezing, but it's not like it ensures smoothness. Soft /= smooth. I have a hunch that perfecting texture has alot to do with the kinds of fats and sugars you use, not just the fat-to-sugar ratio. More on that when I actually know what I'm talking about... (I mean it's not like my frozen stuff SUCKS, its just not perfect. Very good is achievable, but perfect is tricky.)
  2. Sethro

    Blue Smoke

    The dessert menu was bigger when they first opened. They had an awesome Grape Fizz, but I guess it either wasn't selling or was a bitch for service. That was the only place I knew of in NYC to get a real Fizz.
  3. We used a pacojet for all our ice creams at Spice Market, but they weren't nearly as consistant as what I had tonight. Maybe its just the wine pairing speaking, but I was really impressed by the smooth uniformity of texture in all the ice creams and sorbets at WD. As for the foam, what was cool about it was the fact that it was quenelled around a quenelle of sorbet. Not sure how that happens...maybe the quenell of sorbet is just dragged through the foam? Anyways, it's a very cool effect, not unlike a cadbury egg.
  4. Well, I'm back. The signature dishes are still the best (Nori Foie, Calves tongue mayo...), and some of the new quarter's need a little fine tuning. BTW, does anyone know what Sam Mason uses to spin his ice creams and sorbets? All of their texturs were literally perfect. The grapefruit foam in the "Grapefruit in Grapefruit" dessert was phenomonal too--I have no idea how it's achieved...
  5. If you're in the mood for some real "Momma" style Italion tratoria, you can't beat La Mandas (on Mamaroneck Ave). I'll stick to my claim that they have THE best pizza pie in NY, and an unbeatable Chicken Scarapielo to boot.
  6. I finally got around to trying Rocking Horse, and it was one of my worst dining experiences in recent memory. The food was fine I suppose, nothing especially great or terrible, but the service was HORENDOUS. Literally the worst service I've ever recieved in a restaurant with a tab higher than $6 a head. We were a two top. We orderd six items. Four aps and two entres. They all hit the table at the exact...same...time. They didn't fit. Plates wereliterally hanging 60% or more off of the table. After asking for our waiter for about 10 minutes, and never seeing him return, I got up and found the floor manager. He couldn't understand what the problem was. So yeah, I won't be going back there. I've never tried the Rosa on the East side, but the Lincon Center sister does indeed have horrible, rude service (at least the two times I've been there). I also find the food to be largel under-seasoned and of intimidating portion size. I find Maya to be similarly unexciting, and not worth the price tag. My favorites are: Suenos. The chilli tasting IS awesome, and so is the tequila list. Mexican Radio. Best place to eat at the bar. It can feel a little hectic, but I've never had a bad dish. It can't be that hard to find either, because its cranking every time I go there. Cafe Frida. Hit and miss quality, but a pretty "foward" menu for mid-priced Mexican. They actually have a pretty exciting and cuisine-appropriate dessert menu too. The 96th&B'way taco truck. It's probably one of the coolest things in my otherwise extremely lame (for food) UWS hood. I'm definately looking foward to trying some of the other 100st and up recomendations from this very helpfull thread. FYI I lived in SF for a year, and boy-oh-boy does that spoil you for taquerias. I want my Zona Rosa!!!
  7. I'm going tonight. My first and only other time was at the opening, so I assume alot has changed. Needless to say I'm looking foward to it tremendously. I'll report back anything exciting...
  8. Funny story: I added a little cornstarch to the mix to adjust the firmness, and behold--NO SKIN!!! Now I can just wrap over the mold till it's cut, and then just pack it in a plastic case. YAY!!!
  9. It sets enough that I can cut it and have clean layers. Those are some interesting ideas. I'm not sure I understand the spray bottle suggestion though--I'd be misting it with water and then covering it? I need to make another batch tommorow, so I'm going to make some exrta and try some of your suggestions. I'll be back to let you know what turns out.
  10. Well I wanted to try to avoid a glaze or napage, because frankly I just don't like them (not a huge fan of fruit tarts as you can imagine). Eventually I'll sucumb if nothing else works. I know curds aren't usually used as a top layer, but it looks so damn pretty. The whole way I'm doing it this dessert is kinda convoluted, but I'm really happy with the finished product except for a couple servings I have to put out for familly meal due to patches of skin. Thanks to everyone for the response so far, btw.
  11. I'd substitiute glucose, 1-1, especially for a ganache. If it's just for keeping ice cream pliable or something like that, use invert because its cheaper and you'll need less of it. Not sure on the exact ratio.
  12. That's not a bad idea, but unfortunately it's a layered dessert, and the bottom two layers are baked (shortbread and yuzu mascarpone cheesecake). I actually bake it again briefly with the curd layer too, so it sets a little firmer. I guess I could do it right side up, freeze it, and then invert it out of the frame onto a acetate to store it. Then I could invert and cut what I need for service from that... I may try it, thank you!
  13. I'm sure I'm having a brain fart and there's a simple solution to this. Basically I'm doing a layered dessert, and the top layer is a yuzu curd. I'm making half sheet size batches with a rectangle mold, so I have to pour the curd before it's too cool, and then set it in the walk in. Of course its forming a skin (which I wish I had though of before) and I can't wrap the surface because it's the top layer of the dessert and the glossy surface is what I want. Pulling off plastic wrap would obviously ruin that. If I wrap over the rectangle mold (not touching the surface) I'm afraid I'll get alot of condensation that will drop onto the surface and leave those discoloration spots. I'm at a mental roadblock and I'm about to say F it and just give it a clear napage next time, but I'd rather not. Any ideas?
  14. I'm officially addicted to the sauteed string beans with minced pork at the 50th st location. If I don't have them at least one a week ( a WHOLE order) I just don't feel complete. Best string beans ever. I also tried the pork belly recently, before re-checking this thread (unfortunately), and found it completely inedible. Maybe it was off that night, but I'll certainly never order that again. Tried the dry aged tofu and beef, and that actually rocked. The Auhzou(sp?) chicken is still the marquee dish for me though.
  15. Sethro

    Jewel Bako

    I Basically hinted at wanting the $100 Omakase (mostly due to reading this thread), and was told "we only have one level, and you'll get all of our best". So I think to have pushed to spend more would have just seemed...ignorant. Besides, I got an amuse, soup, 4pcs cold ap, 2 hot aps, 7pcs sashimi, 14pcs sushi, and 2 desserts. I guess for the extra $15 maybe they would have let me gnaw off a couple of the chefs fingers?
  16. Sethro

    Jewel Bako

    I'm a litttle confused... You guys keep mentioning the $100 Omakase, but JB only offers one level, and it's $85. At least that's what I was told by Jack on my visit... Any clues?
  17. Admittedly, I do tend to like things a little on the salty side, but this was the first Chinese food experience I've ever had where I was even concious of the salt's contribution. I'd still say that the Ma Po Tofu was perfectly spiced in general though. As for ordering Cantonese dishes at a Sichuan joint...yeah I guess you're right. I just wanted to see how they handled some dishes I had a high level of familiarity with. Next trime I'll try the beef fillets and some of your other recomendations--thanks or that. My specific problem with the wontons was the fact that they were very soggy. As soon as you plucked one from the bowl it's skin would tear and slide right off. They hadn't been sitting around long either, as they arrived from the kitchen at apprx 500ºf an almost melted a hole through the table.
  18. Well, I tried the 50th st location, and must agree that it is leaps and bounds above the Chelea one. The Fresh chicken (Ahzou style) was clearly the star of the meal. Soft and striation free, just like the name would suggest, and the sauce was milder than I expectected which suited the great quality of the chicken well. Also noteworthy was the Ma Po Tofu, which might just have been THE spiciest Chinese dish I've ever had. Insanely spicey in fact. I love that, but I imagine it's not for everyone. What really impressed me though, was how well the salt was controlled. I find in alot of Chinese cooking that salinity seems to altogether vanish, but here it was present and in perfect balance. The Cantonese style fried lobster was also superb in flavor, but was way too greasy for my taste (especially considering that I had to use my hands to eat it...even though the tail had been thoughtfully bashed into akward chunks). The flavor was right on but otherwise it was a pretty clumsy preperation. For appetizers I tried the Pork Wontons in Chilli Oil, Dan Dan Noodles and Spare Ribs. The Dan Dan was delicious, but once again overly greasy. The Wontons and Ribs were flat out bad. The ribs in particular were virtually inedible due to their fat content--think "gristle lolipop". Overall it was a very good meal, with a couple of sore spots. For one thing, there was no soap or toilet paper in the bathroom. I mean, I know where I was...I'm not one of those guys who asks about the single malt selection at a diner, but c'mon. A man needs to wash his hands. I'll be back for sure though...at that price, who wouldn't go back? I'm dying to try their "Special Thanksgiving and Halloween Menu" as well! Heh.
  19. Sethro

    V Steakhouse

    Who is the Pastry Chef? I heard it wasn't going to be Pichet Ong before V opened, but that dessert sounds distinctively his.
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