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  1. Didn't see that one coming....I am very sorry because my one meal there was a stellar experience. Look forward to the next project of Jarad & Co. [NeckedHer? I hardly know her....]
  2. Red Sage? While the afternoon away sipping margaritas and watching the world go by? If this grows old, cross the street to Filene's and buy some shoes
  3. If Morgantown is near Shepherdstown, you can try Yellow Brick Bank.
  4. Boo, hiss, you rain-fearing men you. Not only there was no line at noon, but I snagged a parking spot right next to it, and enjoyed a leisurely chat with Roberto. Back in office, pork shoulder and cannolli put away, feeling v. happy and proud of self. :))
  5. Me too, around noon - it's addictive! PS: I think the patio is closed by now...so there's nowhere to sit, right? Methinks soon street police will have to post "no loitering" signs near Galileo...
  6. Wow, that's a shocker...I was under the impression he was the owner...guess not. Wonder what will happen to the place now. And these little burger-beauties (Double B's), I will miss them.
  7. I did like Komi doughnuts that one time I had them...my only gripe is that it's way, way, way too much food. We had them as "something to munch on while you wait for your brunch entree" once, and by the time our orders came out, we were plenty full on 'nuts. That's nitpicking, though.
  8. Sette's pizza is good, by the way, much closer to the genuIne fare one gets in Italy. But my favorite dish at Sette remains their gnocchi plate - so mommy-comfort-food-like. They also get two opposable thumbs up for staying open so late, because it's not easy to find a place to sit your bottom down after a closing shift.
  9. Hmm... this IS an interesting subject...but after racking my brain, I am just not prepared to embrace any really sweeping statements on the differences in taste and presentation by male vs. female chefs. Honestly, I think it is all a matter of individual experience, talent and mood of whoever is commanding the kitchen. It all comes from how knowledgeable, how playful, how creative, how traditionalist and however else they are - not from whether their chef jackets bulge out in the chest area or not.
  10. Personally, I think that nothing is more fascinating (in a hilarious way) than the new ideas for eating utensils in Alinea...they look like a cross between minor medical contraptions and exercise machines for really tiny people..
  11. I second the opinion that Tom must have a pool of patience the size of Cleveland. I think everyone here realizes that egulletfolk have a level of knowledge, or in some cases, desire to have knowledge, about food and dining far above that with which Tom has to deal in his chats, so using the benchmark of what y'all know and understand isn't really fair to him. He's not writing for Saveur, for creme brulee's sake. To my mind, he has been doing an admirable job of walking a fine line between 1) providing obvious answers to obvious simpleton questions that would have me yelling "read the goddamn dining guide already!!!" (i.e. "what's the best romantic dinner place?"), and 2) raising awareness of what dining is and should be by commenting on less-than-obvious elements of dining that he feels need to be noticed and appreciated by a truly sophisticated diner.
  12. That would be wonderful! Today I got two of my coworkers to come to the Grill with me despite a hike from Courthose and bad parking situation. (That was my Honda parked cheekily in front of entrance with emergency flashers on.) Pork shoulder was excellent as always.
  13. I'll be there between noon and 12.15, but I think we'll do takeaway this time as I'm bringing two coworkers with me. Swayed by "don't go to stupid Subway...let's do Galileo today!"
  14. Lead me not to temptation...I can find my own way ;)
  15. A'right, y'all. Fess up. Who is Dumfries, VA????? It sure ain't me. (I would have picked Bumpass, Va, actual place near Lake Anna.)
  16. Hmmm...are you referring to the book or the TV series episode? I feel embarrassed I don't recall that...
  17. And don't forget the perennial favorite: "Tom, my six girlfriends along with three babies, two cats and one handicapped canary want to go out tonight to a place that's stylish, fun and not too expensive, reachable by metro, frequented by beautiful people, is vegetarian-friendly, has live music and doesn't require reservations. We like all kinds of food except Italian, French, Japanese, Mexican, anything spicy is out as is anything that once swam in the sea. Any ideas for us???"
  18. Hi Cesare, thank you for visiting! I really, really enjoy your food, and your pastas are just outstanding. The last time I had duck ravioli with foie gras it felt like such comfort food. This may sound funny, but next time I have it, I want to be very cold and hungry right before I walk in, I think it would hit the spot! I would be interested in your take on the differences between Italian food in America, and Italian food in Italy. Do Italian chefs who come here and start restaurants move their food in a different direction than their colleagues back home? Do you keep track of the restaurant biz in the Old World, and how would you describe the differences in the fine dining scene here and there? Do you think there is such a thing as "American cuisine", and how would you describe it? Thank you!
  19. My friend works around the corner, so we used to go there a lot after work at some point. I was quite underwhelmed with cupcakes, and the frosting tastes rather...basic, as in butter mixed with sugar. I think people are taken more with the concept of a quaint bakery doing business in the "right" neighborhood than with the quality of its product.
  20. I have two suggestions: for Cleveland Park Indian, check out Indique, I like it much better than Spices. (Although every time I went, I let my Indian buddies order, and that might account for my superior experience.) If you like grandiose buffet-style brunches, consider TOny & Joe's at Georgetown waterfront, it's quite opulent food-wise. Lots and lots and lots of stuff.
  21. I think that's true. The guide is certainly bare-bones guidance for those who are not proclaimed foodies, and nothing's wrong with that. Perhaps it's a nice idea to put together our own "The eGullet Guide to Eating Out in DC". With ratings, best quotes, amusing stories and compromising pictures.
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