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  1. Any sense what percentage of merchants at RTM this represents? 10 Percent? 90 Percent?
  2. cwdonald

    Quebec province beers

    Anyone know if Unibroue is still making Quelque Chose, a seasonal beer of a glukriek variety? I had a bottle or two a few years ago but haven't seen it lately.
  3. I didn't order it, but the soup of the day last Tuesday at Shanachie pub in Ambler was Vichysoisse. Of course I settled for true Irish pub fare with an ulters fry up complete with bangers, rashers, beans grilled tomatoes, and black and white pudding. The best part was the toasted brown bread... washed down with a pint of Guinness and a pint of Magners. Food up at Shanachie is quite good btw. Brian Duffy does some very imaginitive dishes. Try his salmon dumplings sometime.
  4. Tir Na Nog is a great bar... ask for Rich, he is one of the bar managers there, (and a great quizmaster at the Candlewyck on Wednesdays to boot). Dark Horse pub on Headhouse Square has a nice selection of smaller to larger rooms that could be used to accomodate people.
  5. A high class problem. I need to get there for the whole belly fried clams. A rarity hereabouts. I checked out the menu on their website. All looks good, but... They serve their lobster roll on a brioche bun!!! ← I have not been to the KoP LS, but I have spent many a lunch/dinner at LS in terminal B in Logan Airport. The Lobster Roll there is served with the standard "hot dog" style roll one is accustomed to find in Maine and Boston. However, if you look at the menu for several of the LS (Baltimore, Warwich, KoP and even Braintree outside of Boston) you will see the same reference to a brioche bun... Not sure why they do things differently other than to offer a different or upscale experience.
  6. Interesting they got best hot chocolate considering the publicity that Naked Chocolate is getting.. anyone done a taste comparison?
  7. 610) 828-7395 2656 Narcissa Rd Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania 19462 From CC however long it takes you to take the Schuykill to the Blue Route, so twenty to thirty minutes, depending on traffic ... essentially its about a mile from the Plymouth Meeting Mall. Exit at the end of the Blue Route, Go West on Germantown Pike, Right onto Hickory Rd (its the Road at the end of the Plymouth Meeting Mall, go about a mile, Right onto Narcissa Rd. About a quarter mile down the road.
  8. Anyone know if the other stores (NJ and DE) have been reviewed or rated by Zagat's in the past?
  9. Because, if given a choice, a newspaper would rather have an outside party, presumed unbiased, write the piece? ← Not to mention they are party to the suit in addition to LeBan. But the issue of how to cover stories about media and how they are covered is an interesting one. For a current example of this outside of the dining world you might look at how the Wall Street Journal has covered how Newscorp is trying to buy the WSJ (and all of the Dow Jones media companies.) They are relying on outside coverage and are making sure they are not the first one to break a story for fear of looking like they are in possession of some non public information.
  10. If you don't mind traveling Manon in Lambertville does a nice calves liver in a sherry reduction.
  11. Wegmans in Warminster had a huge sign outside proclaiming Copper River Salmon (though they ommitted whether it was king or Sockeye ... ) Sounds like everyone is on the marketing schtick for this.
  12. Friday varied my routine and stopped at Iron Hill's North Wales branch for the first time in about half a year. Beer engine is still out, (booo). Had a wonderful Saison, balanced with the spiceness without being cloying. Second pint was a Biere de Mars, described as a french farmhouse ale, which had a hint of orange in the finish. Both were very refreshing beer.
  13. I went to James two weeks ago, on a Tuesday evening. I had reservations, arrived early checked in and informed the hostess that my dining companion was running late, due to negotiating the Schuykill at rush hour. He arrived five minutes after our reservation, but we were not seated until 30 minutes later, while they seated other parties that came in AFTER me. Our table was in the back side room with the dark wooded paneling. Noise level was less there than in the main room. It is interesting to note the restaurant was completely full on a Tuesday evening. Such is the life of a restaurant after a review. We chose the seven course tasting menu, and I asked to have the wine pairing with it, though my dining companion was not drinking that evening. The initial response was, we don't do wine pairings unless both people at the table were having it. I found that rather odd, since its not as if a new bottle is being opened. Eventually they relented. They were kind enough to ask if we had any food allergies or dining preferences. My dining companion is Jewish and ask for there to be no pork in any of the dishes. The amuse bouche was a delightful spread make with boccolla. The pace of the dishes was a bit uneven, though I dont know how easy it is to pace a meal like that given the variety on the menu. We had a wonderful variation on the halibut dish on the menu done with turbot, the runny egg and the fava beans were delightful. We also had the langostino tails, the rissotto, the poullard, and a veal with chanterrelles that was heavenly. Once again the service/kitchen didn't quite add up when the rissotto was brought out. It is topped with a single piece of bacon (see request for no pork.) The response was to bring a new dish, the duck ragout, and the server neglected to bring the chocolate to shave over the dish. A small cheese course followed, (a blue which I forget) with a quince jam. Very good. Dessert followed, as did coffee. A good but not great meal, slightly marred by the service challenges probably partially due to the larger than normal capacity on a Tuesday night (election night.)
  14. Osteria had it on the menu as a special a week ago Thursday. I do not remember how it was being served.
  15. So after a positive review in the Inky, how long should one avoid a restaurant until it gets back to normal?
  16. Was the Red Hook a distribution agreement or an investment? I remember that as a result Red Hook did start brewing on the East Coast too (New Hampshire?). My impression was distribution of the brand went up, but variety of beers went down. My fear with an OD acquisition would be that they look to use this to increase their marketshare in Micro market by pushing it through distribution channels but cutting back on smaller boutique brands like the Oak stout.
  17. When I toured the Stone brewery in Escondido a few weeks ago, they were in the midst of a major expansion including new tanks and a much for efficient bottling line. I expect they are expanding their distribution as well. I still have a general issue with what I would call the West Coast super hopped beers. I had a Stone's IPA the other night at my local, and while the initial aromas of the hops were great, in that wonderful floral citrusy way, overall the beers seemed thin.. Mind you this was after having just finished a Flying Fish Farmhouse Ale, a very smooth mellow subtle beer.
  18. How would you compare it to La Trinacria? (202, just south of 73.) Chris
  19. A bit late but had two wonderful beers when I got a tour of Stone's Brewery in Escondido at the end of a business trip to SD. Stone Levitation on Cask at the Stone World Bistro was wonderfully complex, lower carbonation really brought out the hop flavors. After the tour had the delicious Stone Smoked Porter. Not anything at all like the Alaskan Smoked (Salmon) Porter. A delicous beer. (Also tasted Ruination, Arrogant Bastard etc.. ). Last night was Yard's Saison paired with wonderful Tapas at Amada in Philadelphia.
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