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  1. Not really surprised, I never saw anyone in there, and parking is not easy, trying to cross PVW and Eagle Rock Ave, can be difficult as well. Sorry to see them go.
  2. MsSumida


    I go to the East Hanover one alot... hit or miss sometimes now that Henry (the manger/owner) is running the Lodi location. I alternate between: roti canei-quick griddle fried dough with a bowl of chicken/potatoe curry tofu satay-fried tofu with a pocket cut out with cucumber filling topped iwth peanut sauce honey fried calamari amazing wonton soup tofu nyona-tofu in a spicy sauce with pork and basil seafood chow fun-braod noodlews with seafood Penang tofu-cantonese style homemade (unreal!!) tofu in a light white/egg sauce. kang kung in garlic sauce-chinese spinach plus to many more to mention always have leftovers BYO
  3. Ah, and it came to an end too soon!!! Viejo ← While your answer is a cute one, for those of us who would consider doing the same type of event, a ballpark dollar amount of what was spent would be appreciated.
  4. I would stay away from Mieles in Verona, lat time there service was good, food was awful. This sauce, cold food, just not what it used to be
  5. MsSumida

    Wine Auctions?

    I have a rare verticle I would like to auction off... What auction either brick and mortar or online houses do you recommend or stay away form? Thanks in Advance
  6. [quote name='I thought jimmy buff's used a Best's Frank? ←
  7. Jimmy Buff's uses the same Schickhaus frank, but in addition to griddle frying it like Max's, they finish it off on the charcoal grill. I thought jimmy buff's used a Best's Frank?
  8. Penanag, even though it is Malayasian, has special Chinese New Years Dishes, as well as an appetizer that is a lot of fun. The restaurant sets up a big altar in the corner, and on the many levels are different dishes with different foods/spices/flavors. The wait person gets the cold part of the app. from the kitchen, goes to the altar and takes a little from every plate. It is then brought to your table, where all the flavors are mixed together by everyone at the table. As you use your chopsticks to mix all the ingredients you say out loud your wishes for the New Year.... Great fun...
  9. As a professional courtesy, the reasons remain private. ← That's too bad... Johnny..see postings under Syd's, Seymour's in Livingston now carry large Best's Hotdogs, I have been there and even though they may not have all the fun toppings, they got the dog
  10. Dang..the major reason I went to AHD was the oversized Best Hotdog... now i will have to find another place
  11. I just saw Shop Rite WO had Dartagnan for 3.49lb...fresh and frozen, but just a few
  12. If you have the time, I highly recommend going to Port Monmouth (on the way to sandy hook, about an hours drive) and go to Shoal Lobster Co. They supply lobster to A&P, King's etc... Thier prices are always lower and the difference in flavor is unreal. THey are also the nicest people to talk to. 909 port momouth road 732-787-5119
  13. I think Kings had them on sale last week, you may want to give them a try
  14. Also noticed Nemo's Seafood is hiring..sign in window of strorefront on the NE corner of Eagle Rock and Pleasant Valley Way. Anyone know anything about Nemos?
  15. It's posts like this that make me wish Bravo would put the complete rules of each challenge on the web site so I had a better understanding of what was really happening.
  16. Just happened to catch this 'new' show on one of the more obscure cable channels... Kylie owns and operates billy Kwong, a Chinese restaurant with updated cooking techniques and incredibly fresh ingredients in Sydney, Australia. I saw only a couple of segments and am incredibly impressed. Great photography, simple Chinese preparations (!), great looking show. I'm hooked. Some of the dishes looked so good, I bought her book Simple Chinese Cooking also filled with great pictures, actually amazing ones, simple recipes, and simply mouthwatering ideas.
  17. Does Chef ANdrew own more than a yellow shrt and a blue shirt? Was watching a marathon of his shows today..and just wondered.... Also, completely bored by this series
  18. Soory to disagree..would NOT reccomend Bahrs except for drinks...there are a lot of other great places within a mile or 2 in the Atlantic Highlands. Bhars has frozen refried food, mediocre fresh stuff, and very hefty tab for what it serves check out this thread http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=101795&hl=
  19. <<<And making the ladies cook in high heels and blouses is not only insulting but probably dangerous.>>> As someone who cooked professionally I can say this.. I have seen those women chefs inrestaurants who cooked in FM shoes..good for them. However, with fryers at 375 degrees, ovens at least 400 degrees, griddles on high, fat and knives flying so to speak, jewelry on ones hands, fingers, or neck getting heated up to god knows how hot (then burning your skin as it heats), KITCHEN BURNS ARE NO FUN AND CAN HURT LIKE HELL! Burning your chest or feet takes a loong time to heel. Sheesh....Top Chef weas VERY lucky with this one and for the ice cream challange..does anyone realy think Stone Cold Creamery is going to want to (or be able to) sell an ice cream with any flavors of balsamic vinegar, salt, or vegatable flavors in East Podunk USA?? LOLOL...
  20. I'd like to hear of the dining experiences with Dr F when she hits menopause full time... Going out to eat with someone like that is asking for trouble.. I just hope the poster doesn't forget-if they decide to go back, the waitperson is going to remember big time, and as the restuarant gossip vine grows.. so will everyone who works there. Not a pretty evening ahead.
  21. Originaly (40-50 years ago) this was a counter top/diner place with newpapers and local gossip. The police let you park on Eagle Rock and pleasant Valley way to the corners, where there is no parking now. When some of the stores changed, the back entrance was blocked by a locked gate and people could not (and still can't) get easy access. There are 2 problems here, complete lack of parking on the street. #2 si the fact that many commuters use the lot behind those stores to park, taking up space so the stores lose out big time. The landlord does not care about that situation, has never cared and really just wasnt to cash rent checks. No improvemnets were ever made without the tennents doing it or the town coming down on them. I really wish this place well, but honestly, I don't think it has a prayer.
  22. I have to agree...When Yoshi Sono lost it's great Sushi Chef WIlliam, the spark also left the restaurant. For take out sushi I recomend the new Whole Foods..not a great selection, but fresh. I find Yoshi Sono to be tired, the place needs a major cleaning and painting, the food/sushi boring and run of the mill. The entrance to the restaurant is a cluttered mess. Too bad, this was a favorite of mine for a long time, but not anymore.
  23. Seems to me you need a place with as much foot traffic as possible.... Have you thought about one of the big malls? Ms Sumida
  24. I drove by today around 4:00pm. The Eagle Rock Ave. intersection was impassable and impossible. If West Orange (or Whole Foods) don't have any police to direct traffic, there are going to be some big time problems.
  25. You can't get me to Las Vegas no way The restaurants are just play So I search high and low And wouldn’t you know I find a place with Bobby Flay I must of had to much wine before this...it's awful! LOL
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