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    The best rabbit dish I've ever cooked was from "Frank Stitt's Southern Table" - Red Wine-Braised Rabbit with Wild Mushrooms - and served with his recipe for Spoonbread. It's not the easiest or faster - but man oh man how very good. If you don't know what spoonbread is, think of it as a bit of a cross between creamy polenta, cornbread and custard. - I haven't ever made creamy polenta since I discovered this Spoonbread recipe because it's better and easier to make (and sits awesomely under any braised meat). I must say the Zuni Cafe Cookbook has some interesting ideas for rabbit, but I haven't tried them yet. I hope you have a library with good cookbooks so you can check these great books out. But since Italian recipes will almost always permit you to use a chicken in place of the rabbit in some braised dish - I guess you could try any chicken braise recipe as well. Though it'll taste a little different. I'm not saying you must braise it - Zuni has a treatment for sitting it on rock salt for a while, then frying it. I just haven't tried it yet. Nancy
  2. I ordered a Sumeet Multi Grind from their web site in July, and never heard anything. I finally called and talked to a woman there. She expects them to ship from India late in October, to be available in mid-November. They are totally out of stock right now. I have no idea if Williams Sonoma will ever carry them, but they do look like awesome spice grinders. Been grinding with a coffee grinder for years now and it's driving me mad. Gotta get something better. Nancy
  3. Chris or anyone: For Chicago, please visit: LTHForum.com This is the best Chicago-specific forum for foodie discussions - so you can get up-to-date advice on places to check out, whenver you (or anyone else) visits. Nancy
  4. Hi, Just came out of lurking... I have the Kitchen Food Mill attachment, the one that works with the Food Grinder. It only has one screen, a fine one. A good thing about it is that I doubt you could break it. The bad thing about it is that it might throw out too much "waste" and you can't squeeze things out as much as you'd like. It's design is to dump out all the stuff that doesn't fairly easily make it through. This is the "waste". I like it for processing tomatoes, I put the waste back through 3-4 times and it ends up fine. Recently I was wanting to squish up some sour cherries and it just gave too much waste back, I ended resorting to my Moulinex to process them. I'd say if your main application is tomatoes or another very soft thing, you would probably think this is worth the money. If you're trying to process something tougher, I doubt it would make you happy. Nancy Sexton
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