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  1. I will drop Ginger from my list. as well as Lemeac, I go there often, I like the place, but I'd like to try something else ( that I haven't tried before ) so the the of the list looks like ( in no order ) Raza Il Sole Pintxo Le Chou also, since I/we are not decided yet; I don't have a reservation yet; a bad thing on a friday night, even with bad weather. Thanks.
  2. for tomorrow night, I can't decide between "Le Chou" or "Bleu Raisin", or maybe "Jolifou" ? Are they in the same category ? Or something not "french oriented" ? we will be on st-laurent ( near l'avenue des pins ); Ginger gets a good report from "Voir", or maybe "il sole" ? Thanks Max.
  3. which new fish place ? "Jun I" or Pesce ?
  4. AFAIK, there is no alcool, bar and restaurant at the hotel even if they say so on their web site. ( see this story ( 2 months old ): http://montreal.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/Vi...=qc-bar20050302 )
  5. I went there today ( well, just got back from there )... for a speedy diner since I was alone. up front, I like the place ... The menu has 2 tasting menus ( $40 and $50 ), a couple of soups and salads, and a dozen or so of appetizers, and half a dozen of main entrees ( duck, beef, shrimps, ... ) and the usual selection of suchis ( and rolls ). I'm not good at remembering every items on the menu, I will leave that as an exercise to others ... But I know what I had ... and it's a first in a long time that I did not have fish in a sushi/japanese restaurant. execpt for the appetizer. I had the 5 sashimi plate with 5 different sauces, nice, and well prepared and tasty, the highlight was the "Omble" served with what I was told real wasabi and soy ( or it might simply be horseradish, since I would not know the difference ). As the main course, I had the duck; marinated grilled duck served with grilled mushrooms and fried japanese potatoes ( orange in colour ). that was really good; particulary the mushrooms. and that was it, as I left, the restaurant was getting more crowded, and more lively. Let's hope they last, I want to go back with some friends and try the tasting menus.
  6. I just read on cyberpresse.ca that there will be a ban on cigarettes in bars and restaurants starting january 2006 ... that's in 6 months .folks ... Cyberpresse.ca article
  7. It's about time ... the ball is rolling ...
  8. Indeed, Roasted potatoes, parsnip, carrots, onions, garlic, salt, black pepper, EVOO, all around a roasting chicken ... and when in season, I add other root veggies, mostly parsley root.
  9. Another one ?!! Another sushi/asian mix'n'match replaced Ginza ...
  10. Out of the ashes of the "Club Des Pins" location ... I just passed in front of it ... without warning, a new restaurant is nearly openned as far as I could see. any more info ? 3 new restaurant nearly on the same corner, Raza, Pesce and this new one ...
  11. Me think it's bad business. Especially if they don't tell you before you order or make a reservation.
  12. this is a question that is nearly impossible to answer. I don't know much about Toronto, so I will not directly answer; but maybe one discussion lead is to look at the full spectrum of restaurants, not only high-end restaurants.
  13. AFAIK, she was one of the first real TV chef, and one of the first to really introduce classical french cuisine to the american audience.
  14. You don't really "Dine" at Pullman, you go there have a drink, a few tapas, and enjoy yourself. I've been there a couple of times, once alone, I sat at the bar near the entrance, I had a couple of glasses of wine, with 2 set of tapas, one was dried meat with truffle oil on bread, and the other was their version of "paté chinois", with duck confit instead of ordinary meat. the other I was there with some friends for an "apéro", we each ordered different glasses of wine, and split some tapas, I don't remenber the exact details, but there was some fishes, some thai-ish things, and a couple of other different things. The wine selection was ok; a bit short for the "glass" selection, but ok for the whole bottle; but the small selection was very adequate, and the staff very friendly and in the know.
  15. are there other Soto restaurant in Montreal ?
  16. I read in "La Presse" this week ( yesterday ? ) that they still don't have their alcool permit, so the bars are still closed... any news ? what about the restaurant ?
  17. simple, EVOO, roasted almonds slices, garlic and cheese, tossed with spaggettini.
  18. Try the chocolates of Geneviève Grandbois, they are very good and innovative. http://www.chocolatsgg.com/
  19. (bumping the old topic ... ) Just comming home from what I can tell was one of my greatest dining moment in my short life ... From A to Z ... from the gorgeous-ness of the waiting staff to the excellent cheese platter ( I had a Tome and a chevre ( duh ) ) to the small mise-en-bouche ( a "potage" of something with vanilla and parsnip mousse ( I can't recall ) to the small sweet bites with the wonderfull red tea. I had the "Champignons" as the first course ( crispy poached egg with trompe-la-mort mushrooms ) and the "Noix the Cerfs" ( with parlsey roots and a nice and surprising chocolat mousse ); the desert was the honey cake with carrot ice-cream and coconut ice cream with pineapple ... ( wine was by the glass ... and was selected by the staff ... very good ) EXCELLENT .... next time will try the Chou, which looks more like my kind of ambience ...
  20. (offtopic) Are you the same moose1111 that is on the RM forum ? funny ! I'll try to go to Leméac, or take the occasion to go to Verses or the Cube.
  21. Size doesn't always matter. go for the fresh wings; me think they will taste better, cook better; you will be able to marinate/spice them up easily. Have a great wings party ...
  22. Went there for the first time earlier this evening ... quite pleasant ... good food, and the ambience is nice; while it looks like an ordinary bar, the food makes it something else !! :-)
  23. well, well, well ... I think there's going to be a big lineup at the Beaubien Store tomorrow ... people will stockpile .
  24. Thesorus

    Popcorn at home

    Huh ? what's nutritional yeast ? I clueless ... I have to look for it/some. best to look at a vegetarian/natural store ? I'm traditional with my popcorn, oil in the pan and a bit a fine salt.
  25. indeed ... worth it ... went there early evening yesterday, just before the big rush, had a great time. Their list of "vins au verre" was very fine, I had the espagnol trio and the méditéranéen trio with l'assiette BU ( dried and cured meat, with various antipasti ).
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