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  1. I was there yesterday afternoon and tried the lemon and the Luna Rossa. Both flavors was really good. A bit on the expensive side but I think its worth it. I have to try Il' labortorio again to compare it against GROM.
  2. The only thing I found wrong was the perceived value of going from the 4 course to the farmers feast. When I was there in Dec'06 the 4 course was $75 and the farmers feast was $95. Since I'm not in that area often, my dining partner and I decided to opt for the farmers feast since it is thier signature menu. The waitstaff explained to me that the farmers feast would contain items/dishes that was not on the main menu. They also asked if we had any food dislikes (None, we like EVERYTHING! ) such as offal, foie gras, or if we had any food allergies (NONE!).. It sounded like the farmers feast would be a more ambitious, adventurous menu than the 4 course and that made our decision on the farmers feast that much easier. From what I could remember, we had similar amuses. You had the fresh carrots and bok choy, we had fresh carrots and turnips. We both had the beet burgers and the beet chips. The vegetables presented in different styles was great and we thought this was a perfect way to present their greenhouse grown vegetables. But this is where our similarities end. From your report you also had the pork liver sandwich, salsify, coppa, oyster/caviar and another beet dish. We had no other amuses besides the vegetables I mentioned above. I saw another table served the salsify but I didn't know what it was until your report. For the 1st course we had the green house salad similar to your salad but with 3X the greens,winter root vegetables (beets again), apples but NO egg. It was presented on the same type of slate board but my board was smaller and rectangular. I forgot the order of the next 3 courses but there was a cured salmon dish, trout dish, and arborio rice dish. The arborio rice dish was cooked in the style of a borscht so more beets AGAIN!!! :wacko: After the salad course, we've already had beets 3 different ways. I didn't want another beet dish. With the rice dish, we had beets 4 different ways. I swore I ordered a farmers feast and not a beet tasting menu. The 5th and last course was the pork. Mine was presented differently than yours as mine was served in slices without the crispy skin you had on yours. But I have to say, it was the best tasting pork I've ever had in my life. I've might have had a pre-dessert but I don't recall. If we did it was not as lovely as the one you had. For dessert we had apple beignets (sp?) with apple sorbet. We finished the meal with mignardises. When I got home I compared what I had to what was on their menu. Basically, we paid an extra $20 pp for the cured salmon. If I had known we would be served what was on the menu, I would have opted for the 4 course menu. That way we could have ordered 8 different dishes. Overall the food was great, but I was disappointed with the farmers feast. There was nothing different than the regular menu. I would probably go the BH@SB again but probably not order the farmers feast unless I'm wearing a mask with docsconz face on it.
  3. I agree. I went in late Dec, 06 and was underwelmed by the farmers feast. After the meal, I thought it was the most overrated, overvalued tasting menu I've ever had.
  4. I too haven't heard about the term "Grower Champagne" until the Varietal review. For a lot of ppl like me, I don't need to know that much detail of what I'm drinking. This is the same type of criticism the craftsteak menu got when they first opened. Remember when the biography of each "cow" was on the menu.
  5. anchor bar might have been the birthplace of buffalo wings, but DUFF's is the place to go.
  6. I can't believe I'm rooting for Marcel now.
  7. from http://newyorkmetro.com/restaurants/openin...323/index1.html
  8. as others have already stated, Cafe Zaiya (41st bet Mad. and 5th Ave) sells it. I saw the melon pan when I was there on Sunday.
  9. I've been to Nobu57 and its a huge restaurant. Even though tribeca branch is in a hipper area,it is a lot smaller it might be next to impossible to get reservations there. Of all your other reservations, I would also forget about Spice Market for the exact reasons as sneakeater stated. If you're in the mood for Italian, how about Babbo?
  10. I went last night and tried the burger ($2) and hotdog ($1). The burger was actually good. I really enjoyed it. The hotdog is a typical boiled hotdog wrapped in bun/bread/roll that you find in a chinese bakery. Only good part of the hotdog was that the bun was warm. Otherwise try something else.
  11. Walk into a Japanese grocery store like JASMart and notice the rather large bags of MSG they sell (often from Ajinomoto, who invented the modern manufacturing process). Please repeat with Chinese and Korean grocery stores, you'll also see rather large bags of MSG. Please repeat with your standard US grocery store, say Food Emporium for those of us in NYC. See any big bags of pure MSG for sale? I don't think so. Only a little bottle of Accent. Asian cuisine as made at home or in a restaurant often has pure MSG added by the cook, that's not something regulary done in any "western" cuisine that I know of, in "western" cusine if pure MSG is added, it's done in a factory setting. ← Why does it matter when MSG is added? MSG added in a factory setting has less of an effect to create those phantom headaches?
  12. IIRC, at Au Pied De Cochon in Montreal they serve a tart with raw salted foie gras or something similar.
  13. The reason I tend not to believe anyone who suffers from "MSG related symptoms" because MSG is in almost every processed/ canned food.
  14. Everyone seems to know that CB produces great dimsum (I'm going to try it soon) but why is the other half of the restaurant so crappy? Why put so much effort and creativity in 1/2 of the menu and serve Ruby Foo'ish junk in the other half? Is it that hard to come up with a good menu not modeled after your local takeout joint?
  15. I agree with the 1 *. I don't care if you have are using the best possible ingredients in the world if you are serving up dishes such as beef/broccoli and general tsos.
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