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  1. I think EMP is on the very short list of top places in NYC....like in the top 5. Maybe top 3. Cabbies want a cross street; car services require an address for liability/legal reasons.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Shake Shack, the humble little place in Madison Square Park, runs rings around it. Tourondel is greatly diluting his name and brand by such a place. People still remember his accomplishments from Cello. After a while, they will forget what he can do (like at Cello) but remember places like BLT burger and some of the other places that fall far short or assume his expertise is cooking a steak. I've always thought this was a real shame.
  3. They have an issue with too much salt. I was there Saturday night and the onion rings were so salty we could not finish them. When we left, Shane--the chef--was at the bar and I mentioned it to him. My sense is that on the whole, the food has improved since Shane has arrived but they still have that problem with the salt. I've had very good experiences with the wine staff--they are quite good IMHO. You should phone or jot a note to the GM.
  4. Agree that Telepan or Town will not be remarkable; in fact, yes, Town is quite tired. The last time I went there the crown roast of pork we had was so salty we could not eat it. You're much better of either going to The Modern or Eleven Madison Park (actually, in reverse order).
  5. Of course Ducasse is concerned about stars, both Michelin and NYTimes. Don't forget--Delouvrier got the axe because of NY Times stars. Ducasse has cultivated the Michelin group more than about any other chef. Now, he has again a luxury setting (St. Regis) and the same basic team that got them 3 Michelin stars in the past (chef, etc). The Michelin slight of Eleven Madison was certainly noticed--they certainly cared, and still do. Not trying to be argumentative--but anyone who asserts that a gastronomic restaurant by chefs such as Ducasse or Humm don't care about Michelin stars, isn't being realistic. In any event, chefboy is going by job interviews; I'm going by knowledge of the Ducasse organization in France. But we're all speculating. Let's wait and see what happens.
  6. I can assure you they are going for 3 Michelin ***.
  7. I prefer the front lounge--quieter and more spacious.
  8. DutchMuse


    Yes, its just down the street from where I live. I've been twice and both times, left feeling the food was at best mediocre. The reviewers have liked it better than I, but I can't recall a single thing there that impressed me.
  9. Another vote for Blue Ribbon Sushi; they're open 'till 2 or even later. I've also had good luck with them.
  10. I had dinner at Craftsteak last night and everything but the meat was too salty! Onion rings--too salty. Ceasar salad? Too salty. Hen of the woods roasted mushrooms? Too salty. We spoke with the chef who was very receptive. Please, chefs--stop with all the salt!
  11. Not 100% sure but you might try Bowery Kitchen Supplies at the Chelsea Market (15th and 9th Avenue). They have just about everything.
  12. Question: 8 of us are going to Ssam bar this coming week. Some want to order the Bo Ssam (whole pork shoulder)......but others have said it is so much food we won't be able to explore the rest of the menu if we order the Bo Ssam. Thoughts from those of you who have ordered it?
  13. I wish he'd re-review Spice Market and get it off the *** list. That's embarassing! (Legacy of Amanda Hesser).
  14. But isn't Liebrandt going to open his new restaurant in that space? Saw it on eater.com.
  15. BYOB is $35/bottle up to 4 bottles. After that, you need to arrange it in advance with the sommelier (and pay a fee to have a special sommelier for the night) but no problem up to 4 bottles.
  16. Several thoughts.....I think the best may be at Pegu Club on W. Houston. Trendy, chic, upscale. Very (and I do mean VERY) traditional and upper crust is Bemelman's Bar at the Carlyle Hotel; the best for a classic martini and classic ambiance. If you want a vibe and a good martini (but not quite in the league of the two above), I'd try Milk & Honey or one or two of the other 'speakeasy's' in town. Hope that helps! Bottom line: go to Pegu Club.
  17. There's also a wine store on W. 23rd that has a HUGE selection of sake's....I went in and was amazed. They told me, when I commented, that they had the largest selection in NYC. Landmarc, 167 W. 23rd....on the north side of the street between 6/7 avenues.
  18. I agree; EMP should be in the mix with at least 1. Some of their rankings are just so far off base based on my own experience that I just don't view them, as a whole, credible. As an example, I was telling a friend of mine who's well known in food/wine writing a story about poor service at Spotted Pig, and how it was well below what one should expect for a Michelin * restaurant. He replied, "Oh, its not a 1 star." (By that he meant 'everyone knows it doesn't deserve a star;' of course, in reality he knew it had a star). I just don't get some of their rankings.
  19. I would recommend you email or phone and speak with one of the managers. Explain you're coming from France and are seeking some special dinners that reflect classic American food, and GT was resoundly recommended on eG. They may open up a table for you.
  20. Agree about Gramercy Tavern over Union Square Cafe. USC had its day, and now lives on both its reputation and its excellent service, but its food is no longer exciting. GT is exciting right now with Michael Anthony in the kitchen. I also agree about Tabla AND EMP on different nights. You won't go wrong with that!
  21. Never had a problem and I find their products of excellent quality, to my delight.
  22. Excellent summary of Quality Meats! I agree wholeheartedly with this. In fact, I'm going there tonight!
  23. Sorry you had a mixed experience. I think I (and others) said that BLT Prime/Steak wasn't that great other than the sides. Much better places out there, including Keene's, PL, etc. From my earlier post: "*BLT is a scene but not great food. It is living on Laurent Tourondel's reputation though he is a phantom presence at his places. Again, high prices...but indistinguished food." That said, doesn't do a lot of good now. But you really should get over to Keene's to try a REAL NY steak experience. I think Wolfgang's is pretty good, too, btw.
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