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  1. I will take them up on it; not sure when but why not, eh?
  2. Got a very nice and polite response today. They indicated they have addressed the problem and offered me a complimentary dinner. I thought that was very kind, but mostly I appreciated the prompt response.
  3. What a great thread! I just discovered this thread, and very much enjoyed reading it. I have enjoyed Tabla, but love even more the Bread Bar downstairs. One of my favorite things in the summer is to sit outside and order various items, sort of exploring the chef's morsels. The last two times I've taken a Turley (minor note--the initial post calls it 'Helen Turley'...it's actually owned/made by Larry Turley, Helen's brother). The staff have told me that Larry Turley's daughter is working there this summer. :-) I agree that Tabla and Bread Bar are at the cutting edge of what we're calling 'New Indian' in America. I also note that Floyd has participated in bringing several cutting-edge chefs from India who are doing new things there, to the Beard House for dinners. Bravo!
  4. To correct any misunderstanding, the broth was hot when it was delivered. I was just concerned if it was hot enough to 'book' raw beef. Went to O Mai last night for dinner (up to now, had just had delivery from them) and the food was terrific. They are outstanding.
  5. Thanks for the input folks. I suspected this might be the case. My only concern was that, with delivery, the broth may have cooled a bit much. But thanks for the answer.
  6. I ordered Pho last night from O Mai on Ninth Avenue. Always great food; always high quality. As usual, the broth was in one container, the noodles and meat were in another. What was weird was the meat (beef) was completely (and I do mean completely) raw. Not just seared lightely, I mean raw as in uncooked. I thought this was weird, but maybe its the way Pho is to be served? I just couldn't eat it this way. I sauteed the beef myself and put it in the broth. Did the restaurant make a mistake? Just thought it was odd.
  7. Great idea. I emailed them tonight; let's see what they say.
  8. Anyone else think JG is branching out a bit too broadly to maintain quality (e.g., '66?').
  9. Let me preface my remarks by saying I love the food at this place, and I'm TRYING to love the restaurant. A few weeks ago, I posted a 'rant' about poor service. Well, I live in the 'hood, and went back a few days ago for another lunch (around 2PM). Ordered the food, some items came, some never came. I noticed our waiter (Miguel) walking down the sidewalk outside the restaurant as we were waiting for our other items (he and I made eye contact, but no acknowledgement from him; he did not let us know he was leaving work). I motioned for another waiter to come over, he nodded, but never came. Remaining food never came. Finally, I asked for the manager. She came over, and I politely explained what had happened, and the best she could do was offer complimentary dessert (which we didn't really want anyway). Despite enjoying the food, I just don't believe I'll be returning any time soon.
  10. The review, which I enjoyed and thought was fair, certainly demonstrates that the sycophant-type fawning over JG of Amanda Hessser is long gone. The review seemed fair to me.
  11. DutchMuse


    To me, it read like a three star review. Bruni clearly liked many of the dishes very much. As one poster said (who apparently works at Bouley) the major criticisms were 'front of the house' types of things, with some also being food, but I thought the comments regarding the food were pretty positive.
  12. I've always enjoyed the food and don't have a problem with the food. That's why I kept going back. But this type of bad service? Man.
  13. Dined with my partner tonight at Spice Market. I've loved this place; have eaten here approximately 10 times in the past. Food has always been ok to good to very good; service has been spotty. Listen to this. Tonight we went without a reservation: the desk person said a 90 minute wait. OK, we said, and ordered drinks at the bar. My Tanqueray Ten didn't taste quite right...tasted watered down to diluted. I slowly drank it, then asked a bartender who I know (not the one who prepared it for me)..."could you fix me a tanq ten the right way; not too much time on the ice so its not diluted?" He came back about a half minute later, confessing they had been out of Tanqueray Ten. "He (pointing to another bartender) gave you a Sapphire Martini...sorry." (The other bartender confirmed this). After confirming they did not have Tanqueray Ten, or Old Raj, or Hendriks, or Junipero, I said a Sapphire would be ok. Had it, and thankfully, it was on the house. Also, we asked for bar snacks (the wasabi peanuts; they were out of all bar snacks "We had a lot of people here the last few days" the waiter said.") We waited about 2 1/2 hours and finally sat downstaris where we could have apps as the dinner as it seemed the wait would be long long long. Just as soon as we had ordered the apps, the hostess came and told us we could sit at the communal table. We cancelled the apps order and sat at the communal table. We ordered our food. I ordered my food and a glass of the Paul Blank Pinot Blanc. It never came. My partner ordered a soft drink, which never came. After the food had arrived and had been there about 10 minutes, the waiter walked by, and I (admittedly with some irritation) said, "I presume the glass of wine was comped has its never arrived." Oh, he said, and it was soon delivered. I barely drank any of it. My partner's soft drink never arrived, and he had to ask for it again. Foood arrived hit or miss, but we understood, as it supposedly "arrives as its ready." We had waited and waited for a spot at the communal table, though we noticed that a party of 4 had arrived at the restaurant after us, and had been seated at the communal table for some time before we were seated (palm trick?). Anyway, good food and terrible service. I -- for the first time in my adult life (and I'm nearing 50) --- left without giving a tip. Terrible, and I repeat, TERRIBLE, service. This is 3 star dining? I enjoy good food, but only if I don't have an elevated heart rate trying to get it. This place deserves, at best, one star given the service problems. They substitute a premium cocktail for another without telling the guest? No bar snacks ("we ran out.") Two hours + wait when 1 1/2 hour was promised? Drinks with dinner not delivered until reminded by the guest? Thanks but no thanks. BYE Spice Market.
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    Per Se

    Can anyone confirm what I have heard that Per Se allows diners to bring a bottle of wine for a $75 corkage fee if its not on their winelist?
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