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  1. Thanks Ted.. hope all is well on your end.
  2. I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for their support and kind words, but it's no surprise for me to say that I (sam mason) am no longer a part of Tailor restaurant. I left about 3 months ago, and tried to let them get a game plan together before I announced my departure. I really loved my restaurant and pour my everything into it, but sadly it was not meant to be. It was great to have a venue to show how I was trying to bridge the gap of sweet and savory dishes, and I think with the help of a great staff we succeeded. I am currently working hard on my T.V. series , and by no means plan on it being my only creative outlet. I do plan to start a new venture soon. I hope to see you under another topic then as well. Thankfully, sam mason
  3. I am currently updating my website. I am also working on pics from my test kitchen at the moment. I appriciate everyones enthusiasm, and will try my best to keep you updated..............................
  4. The name is indeed "TAILOR" We are scheduled to be open early Feburary. I plan to start posting pictures and some philosophy from our test kitchen soon........I'm very excited and I really believe that the savory menu is pretty spectacular.... More to come..............................................
  5. DE is short for dextrose equivalence.
  6. This is a photo of the creme brulee beads. It was a combination of agar and locust bean gum dropped into a cold oil bath...
  7. Two questions for will......... Boxers or Briefs, and How is the new breakfast service going?
  8. The "evolution" part might be where you are coming up short.
  9. You know, being that Wd~50 is such an industry oriented restaurant, I get to cook for some of the greatest chefs in the world. Herme has been in several times, Jordi Butron as well. One night alone we had Heston Blumenthal on one table, and Ferran Adria with Jose Andres on another. (NO PRESSURE!!!) As far as who is doing really interesting things in desserts,,,,. I would have to say Jordi Roca, Jordi Butron, Paco Torreblanco, and of course Albert Adria.. They all have a style that is there own, and inspiring on many levels. Ultimately I think its important to be known or recognized for a unique style.
  10. Im not really sure what that means. Cellulose is a quite a broad topic. Cellulose is in everthing from Beets to cotton. At WD~50 we use methylcellulose, which is a hydracolloid that has a reverse gelling capability. But I would be interested to see what Ferran has in store for"cellulose deconstruction"
  11. This will eventually be the Miso creme brulee. How it will be plated remains to be seen. Or it could never see the menu at all.............
  12. These came out really well.. Red Bell Pepper Madelines.
  13. Sorry it took so long guys, but heres the process for the cocoa cotton truffles.............
  14. The caviar concept came from the technique that wylie was using for the oyster "pearls" on New Years Eve. It was no longer around so I started brainstoming for a replacement. The chocolate was just a perfect fit. As far as equipment, I love my digital refractometer, it really makes for no errors in sugar systems. Poly-science immersion circulator, a must!. The black olives are rinsed several times and cooked with sherry, long peppercorns, orange zest, and sugar slowly for three hours. They are then cooled and left in the syrup for one week. They slightly mimic cherries at this point with obvious olive flavor... ← Sam, are you doing the olives sous vide or in a pot? Also, IS there any chance of a book? Thanks! ← I think about a book all the time, I just want to come up with a concept that has a bit of originality. They really seem to take quite a while and a great amount of man hours. Both are in short supply around here.
  15. I know this one! What is "lecithin", Alec? Thanks for answering my questions! Here's one more. Just out of curiosity, what are some ideas you've fooled around with but weren't able to perfect (yet)? Also, I'd love to see more pics, preferably ones that haven't made it up on sammasonnyc.com or wd-50.com. ← Tonight Im trying to put the final technique together for my miso brulee tube, which is just a cylinder of custard which is bruleed. It looks pretty fantastic, but I need it to be a bit more of an efficient process. I ll get some pics up tonight after service....
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