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  1. My favs are: NYC Eats (does a lot of published review round-up & some original reviews as well) Chocolate and Zucchini (Paris based food obsessed, written in english) Walker New York Eats (very frank from an amateur, more of a recipe blog) And a shameless plug for my own Adventures of a Gastronome in Training Jennie aka "git"
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    Landmarc was more casual than I anticipated, although patron’s dress ranged from shorts to sport coats. We sat downstairs, so I can’t comment on the second floor. The main floor is anchored with a small bar in the back that overlooks the flame flickering grill. The exposed brick walls, mild lighting, and simple metallic artwork give it a softened industrial look. Initially, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I wanted, arguably, the two heaviest items on the menu, roasted marrow bones ($12) and sautéed calf's liver ($21). (Marty, my husband, rolled his eyes because this is not an uncommon mistake for me) Luckily, it took some time for our wine to come (a very tasty Bordeaux at an extremely low markup). I stayed with the roasted marrow bones and went with the grilled quail sautéed mushrooms, bacon and cherry tomatoes ($22). Marrow was essentially new to me. It tastes like the fat from the edge of a rib roast, but with a much smoother, strangely delicate texture. I loved it. I first piled my grilled bread with only marrow. Later bites included the delicious onion marmalade and sea salt. Everyone tried it and enjoyed. Although, Marty said he had enjoyed marrow more elsewhere. Marty had the cucumber soup special and liked it, but wanted more flavor. I tried a spoonful of the French onion soup ($7) and was impressed. A gooey glob of gruyere with a rich beef broth that wasn’t too salty for a change. By the time I got to the grilled quail, I knew I had ate too much marrow. I forced myself to down the dish, which was excellent. The flavors are still dancing in my mouth. Next time, I will order this on a much emptier stomach. Marty got the rib eye with the shallot bordelaise ($28), and was pleased with his choice. Far too full for dessert, we all passed. By the time I got home, I knew I had eaten way too much. The marrow, the presumed culprit, did not sit well. In fact, it did not sit at all (need I say more). Unless you have a huge appetite or stomach of steel, I would recommend sharing the roasted marrow bones with several people. I had no issues with service, as some have mentioned. Overall, I can’t wait to head back to my new neighborhood spot…
  3. Just got back from the BABBP, and am wishing I had the patience to wait in line in the hot sun to try more outstanding BBQ treats. Reminiscing about my 4 years in Texas, I headed straight to the Salt Lick stand that was serving sausage and brisket. I've got to say I was pleased, next best thing to actually being in longhorn country. The brisket was tender and laced with chewy fat. The sweet sauce had a nice tang that would not dare to overpower the meaty mouthfuls I'm looking for in BBQ. The sausage was tops, juicy with a tight casing topped with the same sauce that came on the brisket. It came wrapped in a wonderesque slice of white bread (it came in handy in cleaning up any remaining sauce). The word is definitely out on this party. Lines are long, but move relatively quickly (mainly because you have to first wait in line to get your 'cue pons). My biggest gripe is that beer is not allowed outside the central stage area of Madison Park. Therefore, you can't sip on your beer as you wait for your poke. As my mom always says, "beggars can't be choosers." I think I will try to go back tomorrow...
  4. This topic's a bit old, but I have to sing the praises of the lemon tart at Ceci Cela in Soho. Not only does is achieve the balance of sweetness with the right amount of lemon zing, but it's reasonably priced! The other place that wasn't mentioned is the Duane Park Patisserie in TriBeCa. They are known for their cakes and cookies (but the cookies I've had there are good, not great and tres chere). However, the handful of pastries they prepare daily are delightful. I love the lemon or currant scone and the cheese danish. One big plus about the place is the awesome coffee.
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