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  1. My husband managed to get us a reservation next week at the Basement Bistro in Earlton. Has anyone here been? What to expect? All I've read has been rave reviews from some very prominent sources. I am very excited! And, on a lesser note, how do people dress?
  2. We are renting a house near Cambridge, MD next week and are looking for family friendly places with good food in the surrounding areas (Cambridge, St Michaels, Easton, etc.). Thanks for your help! Jennie
  3. Tribeca - wish I had more options...but alas here are our usuals Bubby's for decent Mac n' cheese, good veggie bean chili, & tasty fried okra Sosa Borella for Numero Uno Pizza & pasta specials Landmarc for a ton of wonderful food like cod, steak, pork chops (by far our best option but $$$) Nam for Bun Cha and lemongrass chicken we order about 2-3x per week
  4. Where do you go for your baked ziti, eggplant parmesan, and lasagna? I'm getting really hungry and need some suggestions! Thanks!
  5. jauster


    Went to Babbo for the first time last night and ordered the pasta tasting menu. I agree with all who say Babbo offers an excellent value for your fine dining $$$$. Followed recent advice and substituted the beef cheek ravioli for the pyramids. The dinner was wonderful, but I must admit my husband and I got a little pasta-ed out and started coveting other tables entrees. Overall, I don't think I would actually recommend the pasta tasting menu approach. We would have preferred to order a couple antipasti, a couple pastas, and a meat entree to share. Still, I must say it was an outstanding meal, every dish was very enjoyable. Our favorite was the black tagliatelle with peas with the garganelli with funghi trifolati a close second.
  6. jauster

    Shake Shack

    They are pretty darn good. Plus, the weather was warm for the first time this spring. I don't think folks really minded hanging out in the park in line. I'm sure this is the initial rush - people are excited for spring and excited that their favorite burger is back. Once we're in the middle of summer, lines will be much more manageable like last year.
  7. jauster

    Shake Shack

    Went for lunch today. Got there around 12:45. Wait was about 45-55 minutes. When we left at 2:15, the line was still as long as when I got there. Am happy to report that nothing has been lost during the off season. My cheeseburger was the best!
  8. My husband is heading to a conference for a few days in Valencia in April. I am looking for some recommendations in the area. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Matt for the suggestions. I guess I would say what I would most love and would liek to find are: 1) a traditional breakfast burito (eggs, beans, salsa, chorizo) 2) a good taqueria - would love one that makes great tortillas with beans and cheese, etc or carnitas. If they had solid chips and queso to boot - I'd be in heaven. Jennie
  10. Heading to Denver and Colorado Springs, would LOVE to get my hands on some solids mexican. I used to live in Texas and miss the tasty mexican I could score there - any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. The best fries I've had in NYC are at Landmarc, especially if they're dripping in juice from a nice cut of beef - salty, crisp, tender inside - just how I like 'em.
  12. I am heading to Maine Oct 1-4 for a weekend getaway. We are staying on Moose Lake which is near Hartland, ME off of 95. One day, we're going to drive over to Acadia. On another other we may drive south on Route 1. I have picked up quite a few places to check out based on this discussion - Thanks! I was wondering if anyone knew places a little more central to 95? Thanks!! Jennie
  13. jauster


    I live in the neighborhood and Nam is one of the only places from which I can get delivery. It is over-priced without a doubt, but I do like a couple of things there - the Bun Cha, lemon grass chicken, and ribs. These are not knock out dishes, but they are fine for when I want some convenient Vietnamese. The rolls fried and spring are both below average for such basic dishes. Once you get over the $2-4 per item extra you pay there versus other places, it’s fine, but not some place I would recommend.
  14. I tried out Jacques-Imo's NYC a few weeks back basically because of the raves for the fried chicken (Amanda Hesser's review, here, etc.). We got there around 7:30 pm on Tuesday and had almost no wait. The decor does not bother me. It's pretty silly and over the top, but so is the original (which I have only been to once several years ago). Well, all four of us ordered the fried chicken, and I had the macque choux as the side. We were all pretty disappointed, concluding that Popeye's does it considerably better. I also was not pleased with the macque choux, and I love that dish or almost any dish featuring corn. The best part of the meal was my $6 Abita Amber. It's hard to reproduce a restaurant so entrenched in its surroundings like Jacques-Imo's outside of the region. I'd say save your $$$ for a trip to the original.
  15. I know this is an out of date request, but I thought I woud record my recent DF experience here (since I came here to research places to eat before my trip). Please see the following links for my write-up... http://gitnyc.blogspot.com/2004/08/distrit...ligaya-los.html http://gitnyc.blogspot.com/2004/08/distrit...t-1-huevos.html Jennie
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