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  1. Thanks a lot, Kew!! Yes these are the kueh sagu recipes i have been looking for!
  2. Hello!! I'm looking for a sago cake (Kuih/Kueh Sagu) recipe. I hope someone can share one. Also, whatever other kuih/kueh recipes you may have, I'd be most delighted if these can be posted too!! Thanks!!!
  3. Can anyone share a Black Chocolate Cookie recipe that's made from scratch. I have seen clone recipes for the Oreo cookie but they use cake mixes ... I prefer to do mine at home from scratch. I came across a Black Choco Cookie recipe in Gourmet or Bon Appetit but unfortunately I lost my copy of that magazine's particular issue. I hope someone can share a recipe as homemade cookie baking is now my interest. Thanks a lot!!
  4. Hello!!! Thanks for the brownie ice water tip. Would you also have a recipe of Alice Medrich's chocolate chip cookies?? Thanks!!
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