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  1. I found a crepe pan very similar to the one in the photo at a thrift store recently. From online research I can tell that I'm supposed to dip the hot pan in the batter before returning to the stove. However, this only works for the first crepe; successive ones will slide right off back into the bowl before I can turn the pan right side up, leaving a half-cooked glop of mixed into the batter. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

    crepe pan.jpg

  2. Any recommendations for a specific brand/model of French press? Our beloved Ikea one was recalled. We replaced it with a Bodum Brazil, but the plastic part that holds the filter assembly broke on our second use. A quick scan of other Bodum presses on Amazon showed similar problems with other models. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. Quartermaine's isn't too far, will travel for good coffee! I've also discovered that Cornucopia, a tiny store on Norfolk Ave. that stocks Italian gourmet foods, also serves decent espresso. Keep the suggestions coming if you think of any more!

  4. You might also want to watch out for foods that could cause heartburn.... pregnant women past a certain stage have enough trouble sleeping as it is. Else have a stack of Tums next to the after-dinner mints. :biggrin:

  5. This is Indian style hot coffee being served in Goa Portugesa in Mumbai. I just wrote about them for the WP. Let me know if you want to see the piece, I will send it on, or post it here. Great seafood and yes, nice coffee.  :biggrin:

    Yes, please - I'd love to see the article. At this moment I'm admiring your blog while drinking my poor excuse for South Indian filter coffee.

    Question about the onions you used last night - were they red onions? In Delhi the onions looked more like the shallots I see in the Asian store. Also, would you mind elaborating on your wok-like pan?

    Thanks for a very entertaining and informative blog. I will echo everyone else's comments on how adorable your son is!

  6. Where were you staying?

    I love the tea ritual we have at home. There is something about it that is very soothing. I think I did a piece on that a while ago for eGullet.. let me see if I can dig it up

    We stayed with a lovely family in New Delhi. Tea was very simple -- chai with ginger in the winter, with cardamom as the weather grew warmer. Served with biscuits or savory goodies depending on the time of day, and always with the most gracious hospitality.

  7. <...snip...>

    I find coffee too bitter/strong to drink but like this candy.

    Pan, have you tried South Indian filter coffee? It's got that smooth, creamy, almost chocolaty taste that the candies have.

    rjwong, browniebaker, and hzrt8w, I've never had preserved plums. Are they more sweet or savory?

  8. I have dark chocolate to thank for liking Earl Grey tea. Seems that I never really "got" what Earl Grey was about until I had an artisan chocolate with a creamy Earl Grey filling. Perhaps it was something about the contrast of the rich chocolate and the floral quality of the bergamot? The creaminess that brought everything together? Now I love Earl Grey tea.

  9. Thanks, Episure and da_coolestofall for the mithai suggestions.

    Episure, I did have the chance to try pani puri at a wedding. While I liked the combination of flavors, I think the texture will be an acquired thing for me. Haven't quite gotten used to the watery + crunchy combination yet.

  10. Gingerpeach,

    <snip> ....From your pics I can make out that you had a swell time in Delhi. :smile:  <snip>

    Still am, thanks :biggrin:. I had samples of both the milk-soaked kind and the plain kind; both were pan-shaped. My preference would have been to take home the milky one, but given the overindulgence at Haldiram's we "settled" for the plain. Any must-try sweets while I'm here in Delhi? I've already had all kinds of halwa, barfi, jalebis, gulab jamun and assorted relatives of cham cham, but there's always room for more!

  11. I am loving the beautiful pics! One place I visited recently in Delhi is Haldiram's, where there was an overwhelmingly large selection of mithai:



    I unfortunately didn't leave a lot of room for mithai after chowing down on chaat and other savory goodies, but we did take home some sweets. Don't know if this counts as mithai, but I really loved a sweet called gewar (spelling?!). Honeycomb-like in texture, it was crispy and creamy without being cloyingly sweet. That description will be reserved for something else I tried called chum chum. Boy did that shock my sweet tooth! Next time, I'll use some advice I received too late - to squeeze out some of the sugar syrup from those soaked desserts!

  12. For breakfast most mornings when I was a kid, my mom used to feed the kids an easy Dutch breakfast: buttered bread with hagelslag. I had no idea how unusual this was until one day in elementary school, when we took turns sharing what we had eaten for breakfast. Bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles was apparently not considered decent breakfast food! (Though I fail to see what makes donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles ok :raz: )

  13. Gingerpeach - Did I mention that you would need to bring some back for me if you followed my recommendations. Sigh....

    HAVE FUN -- while in Lajpat Nagar go to the middle area of the market - they sell some really great pakoras there (fritters). Also some wonderful mouth freshners as well

    I PM'd you a cybersnack for now, but if you'll be visiting the Pacific NW in the near future, I'd be happy to follow up with the real thing! Thanks for the market tips.

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