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  1. Thank you! I tried to keep the temperature consistent but for some reason the oiliness factor didn't occur to me. Will give it another shot soon.
  2. I found a crepe pan very similar to the one in the photo at a thrift store recently. From online research I can tell that I'm supposed to dip the hot pan in the batter before returning to the stove. However, this only works for the first crepe; successive ones will slide right off back into the bowl before I can turn the pan right side up, leaving a half-cooked glop of mixed into the batter. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  3. Any recommendations for a specific brand/model of French press? Our beloved Ikea one was recalled. We replaced it with a Bodum Brazil, but the plastic part that holds the filter assembly broke on our second use. A quick scan of other Bodum presses on Amazon showed similar problems with other models. Thanks!
  4. I take back the previous Cornucopia recommendation. Had a wonderful Americano there a couple of weeks ago, today had a latte that was just meh.
  5. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. Quartermaine's isn't too far, will travel for good coffee! I've also discovered that Cornucopia, a tiny store on Norfolk Ave. that stocks Italian gourmet foods, also serves decent espresso. Keep the suggestions coming if you think of any more!
  6. Yikes, maybe this doesn't bode well... I did sample some coffee from Quartermaine Coffee today at the Taste of Bethesda. Any opinions on this place?
  7. Just moved to town from the Pacific NW and am in search of an independent coffeeshop with strong coffee and free wifi. Bonus points for being close to NIH and/or family-friendly. Suggestions, please?
  8. Does anyone know what happened to Banh Mi 88, on the corner of 12th & Jackson? I loved their BBQ pork sandwich!
  9. The new HT Oak Tree market is open at 100th & Aurora. Nice selection of Asian goods & produce. Especially check out their sale aisle - they are clearing out old Larry's merchandise. Think boxes of gourmet teas, olives, spreads, etc. for super cheap!
  10. You might also want to watch out for foods that could cause heartburn.... pregnant women past a certain stage have enough trouble sleeping as it is. Else have a stack of Tums next to the after-dinner mints.
  11. no I haven't! where abouts on King is it or what is it near...I'll put it on my list!! ← It's right next to Kau Kau BBQ (which I believe is at 6th & King).
  12. little ms foodie, have you tried Phnom Penh on King St.? They have big bowls of seafood noodle soup that are perfect on cold, rainy days. Wish I could get there more often!
  13. gingerpeach

    Pork Belly

    Babi kecap, a traditional Indonesian dish.
  14. Yes, please - I'd love to see the article. At this moment I'm admiring your blog while drinking my poor excuse for South Indian filter coffee. Question about the onions you used last night - were they red onions? In Delhi the onions looked more like the shallots I see in the Asian store. Also, would you mind elaborating on your wok-like pan? Thanks for a very entertaining and informative blog. I will echo everyone else's comments on how adorable your son is!
  15. We stayed with a lovely family in New Delhi. Tea was very simple -- chai with ginger in the winter, with cardamom as the weather grew warmer. Served with biscuits or savory goodies depending on the time of day, and always with the most gracious hospitality.
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