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  1. I just paid $12.42 for 1.36 kg of kosher salt from Amazon. Diamond Kosher Salt
  2. patti

    Uses for fennel seeds

    When I roast cauliflower, I throw in some fennel seeds. I've also added them to tuna salad. Don't know if either of these applications would be considered showcasing them.
  3. Popcorn balls. The best popcorn balls are made with Steen's.
  4. All across south Louisiana are sandwich shops selling sandwiches called "po-boys." Shrimp, oyster, catfish, crawfish, and oh, those soft shell crabs! Besides po-boys, there are shrimp salad sandwiches, grilled shrimp sandwiches, and I've seen crab burgers, crawfish burgers and shrimp burgers. Don't forget obster rolls (not here, but in New England). We love our seafood here on the Gulf Coast. Having said that, my son won't touch the stuff. He crazy.
  5. The issue with melons is that as you slice into the melon through the rind you are pushing the bad stuff into the flesh you plan to eat. At least that is the explanation I was given. I guess I have just been lucky these 56 years. Any future melons will be thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Even when the disability is apparent, not everyone is respectful. My profoundly handicapped son was in a wheelchair and one of my friends questioned why I would take a handicapped spot since I was not disabled and I was the one pushing the chair. I pointed out that handicapped spaces often also include extra room for wheelchair lifts. If I chose another spot, there was no guaranty I wouldn't be blocked in and unable to open the lift when I was leaving. There were other times that I pulled into the handicapped spot, got out of my van, and before I could walk to the passenger side to open the lift, found myself being given the evil eye because I had no apparent handicap. The temptation to wheel the chair up to the evil eye giver and ask, "Is this handicapped enough for you?" was great. Never did it, though.
  7. patti

    Canned Meat

    I loved Vienna sausage when I was a kid, and when Mom fried slices of Spam, I thought it was a treat. One of my college roommates lived on potted meat and Ritz crackers. These days I can live without all of them, but I secretly still like pan fried Spam. I buy it in prep for every hurricane season, but my husband is of the opinion that even the Apocalypse wouldn't be enough to make him open that can. Would Dinty Moore's Beef Stew be considered canned meat (even though there are other ingredients)? I used to love it when Mom made biscuits (from the refrigerator case) and she would split them open and top them with Dinty Moore. Hey, a working mother of four had to occasionally have a back-up, easy meal!
  8. How about a cold left-over spaghetti sandwich? My mom would make a sandwich out of cold left-overs like spaghetti or navy beans or potato salad, but in these instances always one slice of bread folded over. Mmm, carbs and carbs.
  9. patti

    Salty Snacks

    Chili limon, not lemon!
  10. patti

    Salty Snacks

    For me, World Market's chili lemon peanuts, but I have to stop buying them. Can't have chips anymore, so I thought I'd have a "few" nuts for a snack. HA! Tried their chili lime cashews, but surprisingly love the peanuts more. Buttered, toasted rye with fleur de sel used to be one of my faves.
  11. patti

    Deviled Eggs

    Mayo, horseradish & sriracha have become my favorite combo for dipping sauce for boiled crawfish. I'm thinking it might also be good in deviled eggs.
  12. patti

    Root Beer Floats

    Do y'all drink them or do you use a spoon? I love the ice crystals, too. Barqs and Blue Bell, though neither was available to me as a kid. Probably A&W & Borden back in the day.
  13. I'm the only sriracha user in the house, so my bottle is probably three+ years old. Still tasty.
  14. Check to see if the manufacturer sells replacement cups? I ordered one online a few years ago.
  15. Funny, I was actually going to post that it's unlike the Thai crab paste, which is pulverised and grainy, and unlike the Vietnamese stuff for bun rieu..I literally typed that and deleted it, thinking "OK, shutup about the crab paste".. Ordering Japanese online..check out http://www.chefsarmoury.com/ It's a Sydney shop with not only Japanese food and kitchenware, but they also have a lot of the sciencey stuff you'd want to really get into Modernist Cuisine. I have enormous ingredient envy! I wonder how crab fat/paste would do in an etouffee? That would be a nice cultural mash-up. If only they sold crawfish fat like that! PS - I am a huge fan of your meals/photos in the dinner thread. Your meals are an education.
  16. Shrimp & Eggplant Dressing However, I am an eggplant lover, so I don't know if this will convert you.
  17. No. I made turkey & black bean chili earlier in the week. It was pretty damn tasty, too.
  18. Peanut butter, bologna, a slice of American and mayo on white bread. I have no idea how our mother allowed us to eat this, but occasionally we did.
  19. Love this blog, love your writing, love your attitude and I would love the profanity, but I understand that you have to show restraint. I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy 10 months ago, so I am also very interested in that aspect of your eating and cooking and LIVING.
  20. patti

    Dinner! 2011

    kayb, pickled green tomatoes that are sweet-sour-hot are also a great accompaniment to rice & gravy meals served here in south Louisiana. I can hardly eat rice & gravy without it. Actually, I am trying not to eat rice & gravy at all, but still.
  21. patti

    Corn season 2011

    I second the maque choux suggestion, but I won't give a recipe because mine has never come out as good as my grandmother's. I do know that when cutting the corn off the cob, cut half the kernel on the first cut, the second half on the second cut, and then go in for a third cut to get the corn "milk." Good maque choux should be a little sweet with a little heat.
  22. patti

    Dinner! 2011

    Oh dear! I just needed to see it all again. That looks PERFECT. I will have to just enjoy them vicariously through these pictures.
  23. You are living my dream, successfully eating carby food and then pulling back and dieting. I'm pretty sure I'm incapable of that. Last night's dinner looks awesome, really each dish looks like a winner! (And so have many of your other meals.) Really enjoying your blog.
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