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  1. Great Harvest Bread Company has soda bread in their rotation this time of year. It's perfectly fine, but I tend to think that almost all of their breads taste the same.
  2. Just saw a TV ad for the sale in Freelard this weekend. Does Albert Lee offer delivery/installation for sale items? What' the typical discount?
  3. A few minutes north of Seattle, but worth the drive: Pachanga Tortilleria & Deli 18132 Bothell Way NE # 1 Bothell, WA 98011 (425) 424-0570 Everything is fresh and extremely delicious, including house-made salsa, guacamole, and tamales. Also, it's (at least partially) employee-owned.
  4. Kitchen Mage's question about dinner North of Seattle got me thinking... ...What's a good spot for a celebratory dinner on Sunday evening in Sand Point/Laurelhurst/Wedgwood? Am coming up blank. Have been curious about Pair, but it's closed on Sunday. Jaks? Union Bay Cafe? One of the Italian places at 55th and 35th?
  5. Where's the downtown DQ? ← Just looked it up. Until now, I thought DQ was completely defunct in the city. Turns out that Dairy Queen shares the Orange Julius space at the Westlake Center and Northgate Mall foodcourts. It's a revelation! Peanut. Buster. Parfait. Mmmm.
  6. Here's an excerpt from a recent Seattle P-Patch email: June/July Sow outdoors: (summer veggies) Oriental Greens, Lettuces (fall and winter veggies) carrots, parsley, green onions, broccoli (overwintering), cabbage, cauliflower, kale, radish, turnips, radicchio, beets, and swiss chard
  7. It's difficult to believe that la Ray has been to Beth's. On our last visit, we were instructed to stand outside on Aurora at 2am, as they have a strict policy of not seating until the *entire* party is present, and have no waiting area. There were empty tables inside. The food was subDenny's--pallid, limp hashbrowns, cold white toast, greasy bacon. Beth's is a great institution, as long as you never actually eat there.
  8. Just noticed that Central Market in Shoreline has CR Sockeye fillet for 10.99/lb this week. Guess what's for dinner?
  9. Thank you for this, my comrade in pudding. I share the love of the Cozy Shack, (but please, no raisins). The TJ's house brand is a-ok. I'm a huge fan of the "Sweet Sticky Rice with Thai Custard " at Thai Siam on 15th NW in Ballard. The sticky rice w/mango, served only in season, is quite good too.
  10. Here's my idea for Ben and Jerry's (do they pay royalties?) Glamoretto: Amaretto ice cream with decadent dark chocolate swirl and crumbled amaretto cookies.
  11. This brings back memories. There was a girl in my 5th grade class who smelled like Fritos. Hated sitting by her on the bus. I do love me some stinky cheese, but have never developed a taste for kimchee. Smells like a locker room to me. I wish it were otherwise, but there it is.
  12. Doesn't require any cooking at all really, but Trader Joes' triple ginger cookies (with chunks of chrystalized ginger) make the most exquisite little smores when filled with mini marshmallows and squares of good quality dark chocolate. Tiny and delectable.
  13. Naw, no hurry! Although I suspect he'd be delighted to find some for New Years Day Hoppin' John. He's convinced that mail order is the only option (unless he can talk a relative into mailing him a couple of shrinkwrapped slices). I assured him that if a local source exists, someone on egullet would know about it...
  14. EDIT: Oops. Forgot to mention that we're in Seattle. My Carolinian boyfriend is on the brink of despair because he can't find southern-style salt cured ham. Apparently, nothing is the same without it. They have to sell this stuff *somewhere* in town.
  15. This afternoon, while headed to Third Place Books (a *great* place for painless last-minute Christmas shopping, btw), I spotted a sign at the Ballinger Thriftway: We have Buche de Noel. I'd actually trust them to do a fine job, as their resident baker is excellent.
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