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  1. If you were going to sushi restaurant for the first time, what would you order to explore their menu and try and figure out the quality of their fish? The obvious answer is "omakaze" which is great for some of the higher end places, but it is also expensive. Another obvious answer is "ask the sushi chef what's good/fresh" but I've done this and very often the response I get is "Everything's good/fresh" Usually I'll start with some sashimi, like maybe yellowtail and if they have any good toro. Then I'll move on to nigiri, and basically try to sample all the basics. Then if I've had good luck s
  2. Deep Fried Kimchee Basically a deep fried pickle with an exotic twist. The preparation of the dish greatly reduces the pungency of the kimchee making it a tasty way to introduce this Korean staple to reluctant adults or children alike. Easy to make by following the directions below, or check out the video <a href=" To Deep Fry Kimchee</a><br> 1 qt peanut oil* 2 c kimchee (most common variety - spicy<i> baechu</i>, or Napa cabbage) 1/2 c all-purpose flour (for <i>pre- egg wash</i>) Egg Wash 2 eggs 1/2 c milk 1/4 c buttermilk 1/4 c kimchee juic
  3. Morda - I use a recipe similar to worm@work's. It's a pretty standard recipe, if your book doesn't have it let me know and I will post a recipe with exact quantities. I think the amchoor is really important as it provides a nice tanginess. For other ideas besides potato pea, here's link to another thread. Good luck! P.S. if you haven't made samosas before, rolling out the dough can be a real pain . I know some people use pre-cut dough, but I find the process is not as bad if you find someone to make them with you!
  4. monikaaji - Welcome to eGullet! Thanks for the great descriptions of the meals you prepare. You got me thinking of trying a reindeer meat curry, hmmm...
  5. I made murgh do piazza once. I know there is some debate on the etymology of the words "do piazza" but I have heard it means double onions. Largish onion chunks are included in the dish in addition to the base being made with onions. It came out very tasty, and one of my guinea pigs even said it was the best "curry" he had ever eaten. As for the types of onions, because I enjoy the taste of the onions, I tend to use Vidalia onions which are readily available to me at the grocer and I find them both tasty and a little stronger than some of the sweeter ones. Richie
  6. jb - sounds like a great trip. On my recent trip to Philly (reported here), I liked Jim's and Pat's the best of the places I tried. I'll have to check out some of your other recommendations next time I'm down there seeing as how we share similar taste buds and all... Thanks for the great report! -Richie EDITED TO ADD: Welcome to eGullet!
  7. hillvalley - I should have been more attentive to the onions as that was one of the few ingredients in my steaks. Unfortunately, I didn't think of it when I first put the categories together. I do remember Jim's onions well, as there were a big pile of them carmelizing on the grill, and they were a tasty addition to the steak. I remember Pat's, Geno's, and D'Allessandro's onions similarly, not as browned as Jim's (more translucent) and offering more texture than flavor. I don't remember anything about Tony Luke Jr.'s, but maybe because I was distracted by the Roast Pork!
  8. Couldn't fit that one in ahr! If you say it beats out Jim's I will have to compare them on my next visit! So that's Amoroso, not Omarosa, right? YOU'RE FIRED! Haha. Seriously though, that makes a lot of sense that it's the same bread. Perhaps the difference I thought I tasted at Jim's had more to do with the freshness of the rolls (probably fresher at 3PM than at 3AM) or maybe it was completely imagined by me. Anyways, thanks again to everyone for all your suggestions (especially for guiding me towards the Roast Pork -- I have joined your crusade to try to convert the masses!!!!). We
  9. Just posted the results of my Cheese Steak testing here. As for Buddakan, we had a nice time. It was more about hanging out with friends than the dining experience. Did NOT enjoy the service, everyone working there that we dealt with seemed to think they were very important and that we, the customers, were lucky to be there. The food was decent although not very memorable. The crab and shrimp spring rolls were yummy and we ordered a second round (I was told they were crab/shrimp but looking at the menu and it describes them as just "shrimp" hmmm). My friend did most of the ordering and go
  10. Months ago I planned a trip to Philadelphia to see what all the hype is about on the "Big 3" of cheese steaks (Pats', Geno's, and Jim's). After posting my plans on eGullet, I received numerous replies urging me to expand my "research" to include other places not as well known to non-locals. Through some careful planning, I was able to include D'Allessandro's and Tony Luke's Jr in my 18-hour excursion. To add some objectivity to my tests, I developed a rating system based on categories: Appearance, Meat, Cheese, Bread, Texture, and Size. I assigned a numerical rating (1 to 10, 10 is best) f
  11. Today was awesome. The GF and I got there at 11:45, bought some 'cue-pons', and got in a couple lines. We started with Mitchell's. I'm sorry, but the cold meat mixed with the coleslaw juices and tasted like tuna salad (pretty good tuna salad though). We then went to Salt Lick for sausage and briscuit. The briscuit was tasty though probably could have been cooked a little longer, we liked the sauce, and the sausage was great. For dessert I tried some rhubarb cobbler from the Blue Smoke dessert booth. Although it was sort of tasty, I was a liitle annoyed to have waited in line and paid $4
  12. Well I'm sorry to dissapoint, but I am going to go to Buddakan. I'll just go there expecting the worst meal of my life, being surrounded by wannabe posers, and knowing that I would probably get more satisfaction eating a Big Mac as I threw $100 bills into the fireplace. Sometimes I don't mind making sacrifices for well-meaning, misled friends... As for the big Saturday, I will get a roast pork and I will try to hit a couple of the other places on top of Geno's, Pat's, Tony Luke's, and Jim's...
  13. OK. Well I spoke with my friend in Philly and, at this point, we've changed the schedule to include Tony Luke's. He said Dalessandro's was in "Northeast Philly"? and he hadn't heard of Steve's but said it was probably up there as well. So at this point our Saturday looks like it will be: Geno's and Pat's for breakfast, Luke's for lunch, and Jim's for dinner and for the road before we get back on the train. I hope Tony Luke's uses plenty of cheese whiz. As for Buddakan, my Philly friend is really excited to go there and I just didn't have the heart to give him your not-so-great reviews. H
  14. The GF and I are heading down to Philly this weekend to once and for all end our ongoing debate about the best cheese steaks in Philly. We will be hitting Jim's, Geno's, and Pat's all on this Saturday. Although I highly doubt it will come even close to the fine dining establishments mentioned above, we have dinner reservations at Buddakan on Friday night. I have searched this Penn forum and only found some mentions of Buddakan without any specifics. Can anyone offer suggestions on some dishes we must try there? The GF has a very delicate palette while I will eat anything I can fit in my
  15. Scott123 - As to the almond paste, I think I am wrong on this. I dug up all of my old recipes for this dish (about 30) and of them there were 11 references to cashew nut paste and only 1 reference to almond paste (interesting that's around 30% as you mentioned in your post and even more interesting that I found even one - this one - that uses almonds). Also I checked some menus and the only reference I found to almond was, as you said, in korma. I am pretty sure I know of one place that includes almonds in the description but that would just seem to be an exception. I think I may have c
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