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  1. i'm new to the area but was thinking of trying feenie's. how far in advance would you guys suggest making reservations for dinner? is there generally a wait at lunchtime?
  2. you know what, having grown up on good tex mex, i know what you are talking about. the first few times i went here i was very underwhelmed. I'm still not crazy about the novelty burritos. and their rice sucks. what got me was the "wall of flame." i'm a huge hot sauce freak - i have a minifridge full of them - and this placee gives the chance to try them before i buy them. i only really order the honey lime burrito now, which is a good canvas for hot sauce.
  3. oh yeah forgot about this place. i was a little more focused on the chainy type ones. ell charrito definitely rocks though! icould eat nothing but their tacos!
  4. I'm talking places like Chipotle, bajafresh, and California Tortilla. My favorite is california tortilla. The people who run it seem really nice and send out a great newsletter every month. They also have frequent specials, like a roulette wheel on monday night that determines if your burrito is free, or cheaper, or if you get free chips or something. Also they have like 50 different hot sauces to try. second would be baja fresh because they have that pepper and salsa bar. chipotle, to me, sucks ventworm nut.
  5. i can tell already, this is going to be an interesting chat. I'll admit it, I would have never discovered your place if it weren't for the pho shop a few doors down. ever try that place?
  6. Ray's is not far from the Rosslyn metro station. A lot of the information you seek can be found via google. or google + mapquest. or google + mapquest + the wmata site.
  7. thanks for the advice guys. looks like i will be going to kim phong!
  8. this thread is a little dated, but I was hoping for some pho reccomendations. I have a pho passion, and I just moved from northern virginia where pho shops are a dime a dozen and they are amazing. I'm living on the UBC campus so places close to there are preferred. But I will travel great distances for great pho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i dunno about that. i mean, who hasn't enjoyed the comforts of Crystal City Restaurant on a lonely evening?
  10. i moved to vancouver recently and the thing i miss most (besides family) is RAYS THE STEAKS!!!!!!! if you are reading this Ray/Michael, please send me steaks and get me out of this godforsaken salmon loving town!
  11. Ming Tsai's restaurant is called blue ginger.
  12. there was a little blurb in today's food section about Buck's tomato, corn, and beet summer soup. it sounds good.
  13. personally I prefer Saruman's, but then again, I am evil.
  14. I went here last Friday and was very happy with my meal. We started out with the aforementioned deep fried lamb kabobs with cheese in them. I was a bit disappointed, but this was probably just because I had built them up so much in my head. They were tasty though. My dining companion had some chicken kabob entree. It sounded kinda boring, and I wouldn't have ordered it but she seemed to like it after she had drenched it in their respectable raita. I had the butter chicken, at the reccomendation of one of the above posts. It was deliciously smooth and had a nice spicy background flavor. There was a lot of extra sauce so I used some naan to sop it up. This was a very good meal, and at just $30 it was quite a bargain.
  15. From watching the culinary school series on foodTV, and the restaurant on NBC, I had just assumed it was custom for subordinates to call the head chef, "chef." That said, Chef, Are there any knowledge, skills or attitudes that you gained through teaching English that have aided you in your culinary career?
  16. maybe bistro francais (open very late) or cafe la ruche in gtown
  17. I'm not crazy about McFaddens and Sequoia is one of those crappy waterfront restaurants. Well they aren't necessarily bad, as much as they are overpriced and uninspired. How about Firefly?
  18. everyone who didn't go is really jealous right now
  19. jmc8y


    Chef, I like dasto as a name, i think it's funny. and if i were a chef, i'd probably be very sensitive to people making requests that changed the way i had designed the dish, not to mention people ordering well-done meat. heck, it pisses me seeing people do that as a customer. i only meant to remark that your note came off as a bit agressive, and that probably doesn't help things.
  20. jmc8y


    i'm not white, but then again, i haven't replied to the thread until now. I have no problem with the name of the store, nor do i have a problem with her control over the way her dishes are prepared. Shit, dog, no one is forcing you to eat there. However, judging by the letter she wrote to Sietsema and the above message, she comes off as quite defensive and a little bitchy.
  21. this is in a good location for me. has anyone else tried this place?
  22. jmc8y


    where did you have the crappy mexican? The tacos you describe (2 unfried corn tortillas + choice of meat + spicy sauce, lime, cilantro) can be found at a restaurant on Washington Blvd in Arlington called El Charrito. They are amazing.
  23. i've been there. i thought that it was a joke because of the eggs. i thought chef michael wrote that post about eggs in jest, and i still think that. so why would he serve it to woodley girl? also how did he know you were from egullet? did you reserve with your egullet name? btw, i'm pretty stupid.
  24. i can't figure out if this is a joke, or if it really hapenned.
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