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  1. they opened a new one in falls church, but the old one is still there.
  2. i love cheese. the stinkier and the runner, the better.
  3. it's hard for me to say, because i usually go with my dad, who knows everyone in china town and the chef or owner usually cooks for us. actually, he used to have a restaurant in chinatown, which i'm sure none of you remember. it was in the same building as burma and was called "hunan pizza." it was an unmitigated disaster. holy crap you have no idea. see, my dad loves chinese food (he is chinese) and he loves italian food. so he though, why not combine the two? instead of partaking in the new wave of fusion cuisine, he just had separate sections of the menu for italian and chinese food. the pizzas were actually really good, and the northern chinese specialties were okay, but let's just say that no one was buying. i think it lasted less than a month. anyhow, we usually go to tai shan or eat first. we often get, but this varies, cantonese chicken chow mein, beef chow foon and usually one of those whole steamed fish with black bean sauce and green onions and stuff.
  4. Really? Why, it's Michael "His royal Arrogance" Landrumm, of Ray's the Steaks Fame. ← thanks, that's what i figured but i wasn't entirely sure. Looks like I will have to conduct a taste test when i get back into town, kinda like the pepsi challenge. except with rib eyes. and probably not blindfolded.
  5. who is the michael in the "michael's rib eye diablo..."?
  6. jmc8y


    i order a number 6 at pho 75. large. and it's usually not enough. is that weird. It's round-eye + well done flank + tendon. the tendon is my favorite, it is kinda like firm jello. yum! the round-eye is delicious as well.
  7. not to be confused with art vandalay, who is a well known importer/exporter
  8. I work in a psych lab at ubc. we have software than analyzes writing style so i compared the style of the two posts. it came out inconclusive - you really need more than a paragraph or so - but it was in the right direction, p<.20 yes, i'm a nerd. this software ws developed by the u of texas, if anyone is interested. http://homepage.psy.utexas.edu/homepage/de...ial/Writing.htm
  9. I call shenanigans too. and what are these "great filets" he speaks of?
  10. yeah because most salads I know are comprised of relish, pickles and tomatoes.
  11. bah, chicago dogs are where it's at
  12. this seems so strange and inconsistent with every experience i have had at ray's. i have never identified myself as an egulleter, so that can't be it either.
  13. okay, so i broke the rules. but let me just say, if your man can't handle a simple chipotle (dried jalepeno) then he has no business calling himself a man. real men suck these things down (the kind packed in adobo sauce), pound their chests, and then take a bite of a brick of cheese, as if it were an apple.
  14. Excuse me? Sorry. I wasn't aware that my choice of words offended your sensibilities. I apologize for using the same word (precisely) two times on this site, months apart, which you nonetheless obviously noticed. I'll take that kind of attention to detail as a compliment. Thanks! Eunny Jang edit: because i am sweet as pie. ← I'm sorry about getting your name wrong, stupid mistake on my part. When I say your name in my head I pronounce the last name like yang. just a little thing i do. regarding the wan comment, i have 2 explanations: 1. I was JOKING! I had just read your five guys post and i was poking fun at you, IN GOOD NATURE. learn to take a joke! if you can do that as well as you can make pho, then you would truly be the finest of us all. 2. I'm a huge douchebag. edit: i'd be curious to read your original post, pre-edit. please pm it to me.
  15. i went to the opening in courthouse a few months ago and was happy. the line was long, but it moved fast. plus, they brought us chips and queso in the line, which i thought was a nice touch. oh, and for fellow heat freaks, their wall of hot sauces must be experienced just make sure to get the honey lime burrito, or you could end up with an experience like eunny yang apparently did. you use the word "wan" in just about every review you write eunny.
  16. jmc8y


    unless you are .... the continental
  17. agreed. i used to go here a lot when i worked in gtown and i was never satisifed. my friends would go though, so i would come along. burnt crust to the point where it hurts to chew. shitty service: they got my order wrong twice in my first three visits. just not good.
  18. cool, please let us know what you think...of both
  19. i was surprised to see sweetwater tavern on there. but i guess it's good news for people who live far out in the suburbs.
  20. i noticed this too, and it's damn sad. isn't there still one in adams morgan though? and yes, their salsa verde was the bomb.
  21. So i'm disappointed. Michael has taken the gloves off. Where are the contraversial questions? by the way michael, my dad says that back when that pho shop first opened, there was a strip club where your restaurant is now. just fyi.
  22. the turkey on french with sprouts, cucumbers and house dressing at take it away in charlottesville is quite good
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