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  1. it's hard for me to say, because i usually go with my dad, who knows everyone in china town and the chef or owner usually cooks for us. actually, he used to have a restaurant in chinatown, which i'm sure none of you remember. it was in the same building as burma and was called "hunan pizza."

    it was an unmitigated disaster. holy crap you have no idea. see, my dad loves chinese food (he is chinese) and he loves italian food. so he though, why not combine the two? instead of partaking in the new wave of fusion cuisine, he just had separate sections of the menu for italian and chinese food. the pizzas were actually really good, and the northern chinese specialties were okay, but let's just say that no one was buying. i think it lasted less than a month.

    anyhow, we usually go to tai shan or eat first. we often get, but this varies, cantonese chicken chow mein, beef chow foon and usually one of those whole steamed fish with black bean sauce and green onions and stuff.

  2. who is the michael in the "michael's rib eye diablo..."?


    Why, it's Michael "His royal Arrogance" Landrumm, of Ray's the Steaks Fame.

    thanks, that's what i figured but i wasn't entirely sure. Looks like I will have to conduct a taste test when i get back into town, kinda like the pepsi challenge. except with rib eyes. and probably not blindfolded.

  3. i order a number 6 at pho 75. large. and it's usually not enough. is that weird.

    It's round-eye + well done flank + tendon.

    the tendon is my favorite, it is kinda like firm jello. yum! the round-eye is delicious as well.

  4. I have watched the NYC v. DC debate on this chat and there is no way the DC comes close to approximating the dining experience in the City.

    Simply put, consistency and customer service are light years ahead in NYC. While almost all restaurants do have customer service issues from time to time, in my experience when called on it in NYC, they would immediately apologize and offer to make up for the situation. In DC, that is almost unheard of, and I reference the Bistro maitre's response to the pregnant woman and her husband, my own experience at 2 Amy's and of course,the consistent arrogance of Ray's the Steaks.

    Consistency wise, is there one restaurant in DC aside from Seasons,Neyla or the Caucus Room that is consistently solid from meal to meal?By solid I mean polite,prompt and delicious.

    Sorry Mr. Sietsema, but DC needs some serious work.

    this seems so strange and inconsistent with every experience i have had at ray's. i have never identified myself as an egulleter, so that can't be it either.

  5. Ladies: If your male dining partner should mistake the chipotle floating on the willy wonka chicken soup for a morel, ingesting it whole and thereby claiming to see god every few minutes into the continuing conversation, I implore you to be gentle in your ensuing diplomacy.  Ask simply for a tortilla for yourself, for they are good enough--soft corn mashed and then sizzled--that your request won't seem abnormal.  Pass it, without comment, to your companion, who will devour it and shortly thereafter return to normal.  Do not explain the situation to your kind waiter, if he is male. Apparently, there is testosterone at stake in these things.

    okay, so i broke the rules.

    but let me just say, if your man can't handle a simple chipotle (dried jalepeno) then he has no business calling himself a man. real men suck these things down (the kind packed in adobo sauce), pound their chests, and then take a bite of a brick of cheese, as if it were an apple.

  6. just make sure to get the honey lime burrito, or you could end up with an experience like eunny jang apparently did.  you use the word "wan" in just about every review you write eunny.

    Excuse me?

    Sorry. I wasn't aware that my choice of words offended your sensibilities. I apologize for using the same word (precisely) two times on this site, months apart, which you nonetheless obviously noticed. I'll take that kind of attention to detail as a compliment.


    Eunny Jang

    edit: because i am sweet as pie.

    I'm sorry about getting your name wrong, stupid mistake on my part. When I say your name in my head I pronounce the last name like yang. just a little thing i do.

    regarding the wan comment, i have 2 explanations:

    1. I was JOKING! I had just read your five guys post and i was poking fun at you, IN GOOD NATURE. learn to take a joke! if you can do that as well as you can make pho, then you would truly be the finest of us all.

    2. I'm a huge douchebag.

    edit: i'd be curious to read your original post, pre-edit. please pm it to me.

  7. i went to the opening in courthouse a few months ago and was happy. the line was long, but it moved fast. plus, they brought us chips and queso in the line, which i thought was a nice touch. oh, and for fellow heat freaks, their wall of hot sauces must be experienced

    just make sure to get the honey lime burrito, or you could end up with an experience like eunny yang apparently did. you use the word "wan" in just about every review you write eunny.

  8. In casual conversation, anyone who pronounces "Champagne" the French way will be correctly dismissed as a douche (of course if you're talking with a French person, you may as well go for your best Charles Boyer accent).

    unless you are .... the continental

  9. I'm not a fan of the Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown.  I've eaten there twice many months apart and both times the crust came out burnt.  Not a little well done.  Big black patches.  The eggplant also had a tinny taste.  The Dupont one may be better but I'm not going to go back to the Georgetown location.

    agreed. i used to go here a lot when i worked in gtown and i was never satisifed. my friends would go though, so i would come along.

    burnt crust to the point where it hurts to chew. shitty service: they got my order wrong twice in my first three visits. just not good.

  10. I'm sad that no one's mentioned Burrito Brothers.  To me, the decline of BB is a local tragedy.  I'm shocked that they stumbled so badly.

    That said, I still love their salsa verde, tho.  Their steamed spinach burrito with that hot green sauce...yum.  I used to make the trip down from NYC (during my six year hiatus from the DC region) just to get a fix.  In fact, I'm jonesing for some of that sweet nectar now!

    To me, that BB makes their own hot sauces is a HUGE plus.  I think I'm in the minority, but I feel that I can get bottled sauces at a lot of different places.  The argument about trying different sauces is a good one, but I think the bottled sauces take away from the individuality of the places.

    i noticed this too, and it's damn sad. isn't there still one in adams morgan though?

    and yes, their salsa verde was the bomb.

  11. Our Flat Irons and Hanger are truly exceptional, but they sell sporadically and in groupings.  I don't mind, let people get what they want, but a lot of prep and aging goes into those cuts and it is hard to keep in production that way.  Like any steakhouse, though, I wish people wouldn't order filet because its safe.  Try the strip, get the rib.

    Surprisingly, I drink no coffee.  About two years ago I just felt like my next cup of coffee might just kill me (7 days a week, 14 hour days) and stopped.

    What you hear is that special kind of energy that comes from the insane.

    So i'm disappointed. Michael has taken the gloves off. Where are the contraversial questions?

    by the way michael, my dad says that back when that pho shop first opened, there was a strip club where your restaurant is now. just fyi.

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