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  1. Will be making my first trip to Ray's soon!  Snagged a Saturday night reservation for a few weeks from now.  I'm thinking to order the scallops and the key lime pie.  I really like the taste of a meaty, beefy steak so I hope I can order the hanger steak.  Does hanger steak have any fat along the edge, a la NY strip?  I love the taste of charred steak fat.  *sighs*

    I will get it "plain" - unless they do mushrooms and onions on the side? 

    Any other suggestions?  Thanks, y'all!

    Well I like to sacrfice a goat in the name of Landrumm2000 before I go, but other than that, it sounds like you've got a pretty decent game plan.

  2. But on a board like this or Chowhound where several hundred people might read comments like these (not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands as claimed elsewhere on another board) the success of this or another restaurant does not ride on my perspective or my "spin" to justify it.

    Wait a second, so you aren't the PR director for BlackSalt???!?

    Just razzing you of course.

    Seriously though, I'm curious about this reinvention of tiramisu. What makes this version different from the traditional?

  3. this is my favorite part:

    A private and luxurious VIP dining area called Cloud 9 will also be

    available. Upon descending into Cloud 9, guests can recline on a full-sized

    canopy bunk bed. Three sectional beds, another lounging option, are made of

    tuffeted, white faux leather, and accented with multi-colored throw

    cushions. Centered in the middle is a multi-tiered stand which will hold

    champagne, tapas and other food specialties.

  4. You might not, but plenty of other folks do, and there are enough groups named NoVA thisthatortheother that I wouldn't worry about confusing people.

    I'm 100% certain that no one born and raised in northern virginia calls it nova. I can't speak to places like Culpepper County or Manassas or other far out places because, well c'mon...Culpepper? If you want to fit in, don't call it nova. Who wants to sound like they are from Manassas anyway?

    Back on topic: I also like Whitlow's on Wilson and they have 1/2 price burgers on mondays. Northern Virginia is also good for korean food, especially Annandale.

  5. first, people from northern virginia don't call it nova. the community college here is called NOVA, so if someone asks us if we are from nova, we just look at him or her with a confused glance. it sounds like you are asking us if we are from this community college, which is not actually that bad, just confusing.

    i used to go to shirlington a lot for the indieish movie theater there. it's a nice little area: safe, friendly, and quite pretty at night.

    the reccomendations above are pretty much spot on. I would like to add that Bistro Bistro has a pretty good brunch and that my brother swears by the carintas fajitas at guapo's. I also think that Carlyle is overpriced and kinda crappy, unless you like menu design by comittee style places.

  6. hmmm, which one did you get?

    sometimes there is a little more well done brisket than i would like, and not enough of the rare stuff.

    overall i'm happy though. well i kinda wish they would establish an extra large, because sometimes a large just isn't enough pho.

  7. Rumor has it Michael Landrum is on the verge of introducing the Nebuchadnezzar - equivalent in size to 20 standard hamburgers and weighing in at over 10 pounds.  Offered only rare, medium-rare or medium, it requires an entire bottle of ketchup, a half-jar of dill pickles, a custom-baked bun, and is served with a whole bag of potato chips.

    Recommended wine pairing:  the 2002 Marquis Phillips Shiraz "Integrity," rated at 99 points by Robert Parker.

    it takes a sick mind to think up something like this.

    RE: miniburgers, i liked them better the first time i had them, when they were called sliders.

    seriously though, i don't get it. they are little burgers. what's the big deal? i guess if i'm in the mood for a burger, but not a whole one and had several dollars burning a hole in my pocket, i might buy some. it's a fad and it will fade away. the nebuchadnezzer on the other hand....

  8. The in-laws took us out to dinner at Corduroy on Friday.  A great evening -- everything was as wonderful as when Mr. mktye and I were there for the eG dinner.  Mr. mktye and I approach most meals out with his parents with a bit of trepidation because they have quite a knack for creating scenes in public, but no worries that night since the service was superb (thank you fero style!!!) and the food was without a single fault.

    Almost half the table ordered the salmon with lentils, but Chef Powers was not pleased with the quality of the salmon that night, so we were asked if rockfish could be subtstituted.  That turned out to be fortuitous.  The crisp skin really set off the cooked-to-perfection rockfish and the salmon was not missed in the least.

    The funniest part of the evening was when my ten-year-old nephew received his mozzarella porcupine first course.  When we noticed that he was scraping off the coating of fried potato strands, I told him what they were and that I though he would like the taste.  He said:  "Oh!  I thought they were the spines!"  :laugh:

    sounds like the kid is an adventurous eater. i like him!

  9. I was thinking of going swimming with the weather so mild.  Cocktails, swimming, good times.

    And I am thinking of going next door to the Indian fast food place, getting some chicken stew with potatoes and green beans, two million bottles of water...and THEN going swimming and getting some sun. Ain't life grand.

    and maybe a meat pie or two?

  10.   I ordered it medium spicy but might go for hot next time to try.  The medium spicy did not seem all that spicy to me. 

    i'm at the point where if given the option i order stuff as spicy as they make it. still, i've never gotten anything really spicy. maybe they are afraid someone complaining, or a lawsuit or something.

  11. wow, sorry about your horrible experience.

    even if you were wrong about the fish (which i'm sure you were not), isn't it the manager's job to make sure you have a good experience? and not argue with you? sounds like a shitty manager.

  12. My gripe with tripe - there is never enough!  My ideal bowl of pho would be the raw rib eye, fat brisket, metaballs, tripe & tendon (lots of tripe and tendon).  Yuuuum....

    I've always wondered about this. Isn't tripe cheaper than dirt? Why are they always so stingy with it?

    I know, right? Maybe too much of it affects the broth/taste? Maybe it's the labor cost of cleaning and preparing it? (Kinda like chittlins?)

    One thing about pho though - you eat pho, you smell like pho afterwards. One of these days, I'm going to be really bad and eat pho prior to a department meeting...muwahaha!

    this is why i have a designated pho shirt.

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